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You're gonna hunt with that?

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tradslinger 17-Jul-23
Jeff Durnell 17-Jul-23
Bob Rowlands 17-Jul-23
Adam Howard 17-Jul-23
Live2Hunt 18-Jul-23
Arvin 18-Jul-23
David Mitchell 18-Jul-23
Andy Man 18-Jul-23
Wapiti - - M. S. 27-Jul-23
From: tradslinger
Date: 17-Jul-23

I was out back shooting my Bendy Bow last September. My dad's dirt driveway runs about fifty yards behind my house for a ways and then starts making its way up towards his house.

My dad had a contractor out to re-gravel his road again after he had done some major road work. The man had seen me earlier shooting and stopped.

I looked over to him as he walked up to see what I was using. The look on his face was surprise as he looked at my bow.

We shook hands as he checked my bow out and then my wood arrows. Then he saw the ones with the broadheads on them and asked. You gonna hunt with that? Is it even legal?

I told him was 42# and only had to be 35# in Arkansas. I shot another arrow and then handed him the bow. I had already made sure that his arms were as short or shorter than mine and so told him he could try a shot if he wanted to.

He shook his head no but drew the bow a little ways and was surprised at the poundage. I explained that it was a self bow and similar to what the Indians used.

Then he told me, if he had more time, he would come see me about selfbows but he was pretty hooked up. I told him that I had made it and then showed him several more. He was blown away and told me that this was real hunting.

I grinned and shot another arrow. That looks like pure ole fun, he said as he headed back to his truck. He stopped and told me, A man would have something to be proud of taking a deer with that, heck, anything. I nodded yes as he got in and drove off.

From: Jeff Durnell
Date: 17-Jul-23

Their reactions are entertaining sometimes. To us it's just a bow.

From: Bob Rowlands
Date: 17-Jul-23

You definitely got talent dude. That actually reads like a movie script. I enjoyed your story . Thanks.

From: Adam Howard
Date: 17-Jul-23

I’ve run into this many times,,, I like it when I hand my buddy my bow when I gotta pee , as he’s holding his 4# compound , and he says, damn this things light, than I pull out my stumpin arrow and shoot it , his eyes just light up (lol)

From: Live2Hunt
Date: 18-Jul-23

LOL, I had kind of the same last year. At a trailhead a father and son were getting ready for the afternoon hunt. They had xguns strapped to there wheelers and I pulled up to eat lunch with my recurve setting in my wheeler. The one looked and said "is that what your hunting with?" I said, yes? He says, "you ever kill anything with it?" I said, yes, a few, it has not stopped me? They had been hunting the area awhile and it was my second time there. I went out, shot a 9 point and came back to unload and grab my sled. They were out and unloading and asked if I saw anything? I said, yes I did, I shot a 9 point and am going back to drag it out. The looks on there faces were priceless.

From: Arvin
Date: 18-Jul-23

Cool stories.

From: David Mitchell
Date: 18-Jul-23

I had a friend who bought a recurve from me after many years as a compound shooter. I took him out to shoot at a local range and I had a wood arrow with a steel blunt on it. I handed him the arrow and pointed to a knot on the side of an elm tree about 15 yards away and told him to hit that knot. He looked at me funny and asked if I was joking. So, he took the shot and was surprised that the arrow just bounced off the tree after impact intact very close to the knot. Then he commented how he never intentionally shot at a tree before and how much fun the stump shooting was. I guess compound shooters don't do much of it.

From: Andy Man
Date: 18-Jul-23

I once saw a particularly large deer. In a field and asked the farmer if I could bow hunt his place for the day

He was well known as being a grumpy and never letting anyone hunt

I got his your bothering me look and he said let’s see what you got (guess couriosity got him being no one bow hunted around here)

I pulled my longbow out and handed it to him

After looking at it for a while he said a tribe of Indians couldn’t kill one with that in a week

Said give me a piece of paper and pen

He wrote me a permission for any time I wanted to hunt

Never did see that big deer again

From: Wapiti - - M. S. Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 27-Jul-23

Cool stories!

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