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FIRST SHOT..........Wednesday, Sept 14th

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CD 14-Sep-22
EZ Archer 14-Sep-22
Snow Crow 14-Sep-22
Moleman 1 14-Sep-22
felipe 14-Sep-22
Blue Duck 14-Sep-22
Knifeguy 14-Sep-22
From: CD
Date: 14-Sep-22

Today's shot will be 14 yards from a sitting or kneeling position with a hard cant to your bow.

God bless,


From: EZ Archer
Date: 14-Sep-22

EZ Archer's embedded Photo

Thanks for the call CD- I was a little low but not bad, Eddings Trojan ll

From: Snow Crow
Date: 14-Sep-22

Snow Crow's embedded Photo

As called from a bear squat, limbs near horizontal.

Thanks CD!

55# Montana, 29" .400 carbon, 250 gr point, 600ish gr arrow weight, 21% FOC, 3x Heat vanes.

From: Moleman 1
Date: 14-Sep-22

Moleman 1's embedded Photo

As called with a heavy cant. A tad bit high. Stemmler TD 62" [email protected] and cedar shaft.

From: felipe
Date: 14-Sep-22

felipe's embedded Photo

New bear; he’s so dark I cannot pick a spot, just shoot at the shadow. I shot a few sitting and kneeling but I think this FS was kneeling. Same ole 68” Border Harrier and cedar arrow shafts from Siskiyou Forest.

From: Blue Duck
Date: 14-Sep-22

Blue Duck's embedded Photo

From: Knifeguy
Date: 14-Sep-22

Knifeguy's embedded Photo

Shot a called with one knee on the ground and the bow canted further than usual. The bow is the Tice and Watts, 60”-51# and a cedar arrow. It’s 6pm here on the west coast and I hope that you all had a nice day. Lance

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