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My hunting arrow, your opinion?

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Lonster 10-Aug-22
fdp 10-Aug-22
YH2268 10-Aug-22
Jarhead 10-Aug-22
Lonster 10-Aug-22
Pa Steve 10-Aug-22
Lonster 10-Aug-22
austin 10-Aug-22
Hot Hap 10-Aug-22
Corax_latrans 10-Aug-22
Supernaut 11-Aug-22
Altitude Sickness 11-Aug-22
2 bears 11-Aug-22
Ben Ahrens 11-Aug-22
Steve P 11-Aug-22
From: Lonster
Date: 10-Aug-22

I’m shooting a Black Hunter longbow #40 and I have a 30” draw length.

So I’m shooting a Black Eagle 400 spine, full length arrow with a 200 grain VPA single bevel broadhead.

Total arrow weight is 574 grains.

These arrows shoot really good with a 200 grain field point.

I’ll be limiting my shooting distance to 15 yards.

I’ll be hunting whitetails.

From: fdp
Date: 10-Aug-22

"These arrows shoot really good with a 200 grain field point."

Nothing else matters if they shoot as well with the broadhead and you can sharpen them.

From: YH2268 Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 10-Aug-22

Don't know if that is 40# @ 28" or at your 30" draw, but regardless it will work for deer with good arrow flight, sharp heads, and good shot placement.

From: Jarhead
Date: 10-Aug-22

FDP with the center mass comment.

Few things surpass "good arrow flight" in the penetration game.

Good luck. Expect some kill pics in a few months...


From: Lonster
Date: 10-Aug-22

#40 @ 28”

I can make the broadheads sharp as a razor blade.

I’ve been sharpening broadheads since around 1990 when I started buying broadheads from Jerry Simmons in Jasper, AL. I killed lots of deer with his Tree Sharks.


From: Pa Steve
Date: 10-Aug-22

Yep. That appears to be a very lethal arrow. Good luck, I think you'll be looking at some pass- thrus this season.

From: Lonster
Date: 10-Aug-22

Thanks for the comments guys.

From: austin
Date: 10-Aug-22

Sounds like a nice setup!

From: Hot Hap
Date: 10-Aug-22

Fire up the grill!

From: Corax_latrans
Date: 10-Aug-22

If they will group bare with fletched and BH with FP, I guess you’re where you wanna be. Just run a strip of tape down the middle of your target and see if a pattern develops- you’ll get either 1 group or 2, and you can adjust accordingly.

For my purposes, though, that is a pretty darn hefty arrow. I might go that heavy with my #62-ish (several inches shorter), but personal preference, and a preference is never wrong if it’s working reliably.

From: Supernaut
Date: 11-Aug-22

I'd guess you'll be finding that arrow on the other side of your deer after it blows through. Good luck this season, have fun and stay safe!

From: Altitude Sickness
Date: 11-Aug-22

That is a silent heavy arrow that will hit with a lot of momentum from 15 yards and less. If it has recovered from paradox and impacts straight you will blow through a whitetail.

From: 2 bears
Date: 11-Aug-22

400 is on the stiff side for 40 pounds. However if full length & 200 up front they are flying good you are good to go. >>>----> Ken

From: Ben Ahrens
Date: 11-Aug-22

Send it!

From: Steve P
Date: 11-Aug-22

Lonster, which model Black Eagle? Full length can be 32", or some are 34". Sounds like a good hunting arrow to me.


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