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Early deer movement Pa: why?

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scndwfstlhntng 09-Aug-22
DanaC 09-Aug-22
RonP 09-Aug-22
Wayne Hess 09-Aug-22
GMC 09-Aug-22
HEXX 09-Aug-22
Jeff Durnell 09-Aug-22
Trailsend 09-Aug-22
babysaph 09-Aug-22
bluesman 09-Aug-22
bluesman 09-Aug-22
Clydebow 10-Aug-22
Babysaph 10-Aug-22
Jeff Durnell 10-Aug-22
cut it out 10-Aug-22
From: scndwfstlhntng Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 09-Aug-22

I live in a fairly rural area of SE Pa. I know that it has been VERY hot, and that we have not had much rain for awhile. Things do still look fairly green although lawns are turning brown.

It seems to me that deer movement into fields, sides of roads and road crossing has increased noticeably in the last two weeks. I might be over interpreting what I am seeing, but I would appreciate any incites that you can offer me.

From: DanaC
Date: 09-Aug-22

DanaC's embedded Photo

Available foods change. Spotted these three ab out 6:30 this morning, central MA

From: RonP
Date: 09-Aug-22

i see deer movement pick up this time of year too. my theory is mainly because the fawns are large enough to travel and, the deer start mingling and forming herds again.

From: Wayne Hess
Date: 09-Aug-22

And bucks are getting their antlers harder to shed velvet and deer are starting to fatten up for the season change and breeding, yes it’s hot now, but their is a lot of good eats for the deer to get before winter

From: GMC
Date: 09-Aug-22

I'm probably wrong but I'd guess bug's. I took a hike a few days ago and the deer flies were literally bouncing off my head while in the woods but not bad in the fields.

From: HEXX
Date: 09-Aug-22

Hot weather equals bugs getting deer up and moving- my guess.

From: Jeff Durnell
Date: 09-Aug-22

Happens every year for reasons noted... fawns growing and moving more, food and water source shifts, crop harvesting, etc.

I think the fawn thing has a lot to do with it. From the time they drop, I rarely see a deer at all, for several weeks, until they really get their legs under them and start ranging out and then all of a sudden... deer again.

I saw a doe and then a nice buck this morning on the way to work.

From: Trailsend Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 09-Aug-22

It's been hot outside Just think about the bugs in the woods Deer don't like bugs in the woods They don't like being bit. Has a human don't Myself.

From: babysaph Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member
Date: 09-Aug-22

I walk a road across from my house that is lined with soybean fields. I see 20-30 in these fields and had 5 bucks cross the road in front of me and not one of them saw me. They were in their bachelor group. Was nice to see

From: bluesman
Date: 09-Aug-22

In very DRY hot weather , the plant life suffer , quality food harder to find ,so deer move more to eat . Usually moving in the cool of the day in hot weather. If your getting lots of moisture and the food sources are good there will be another reason you likely can figure out if you scout. Good luck

From: bluesman
Date: 09-Aug-22

I used to have a great farm to hunt back many years ago . The farmer leased her land out to a guy who grew the best Alfalfa I have ever seen and every deer in the county was coming to it, hunting was phenomenal. He stopped leasing the land and the farmer didn't have the equipment or same time to work the fields he did. The quality of the crop dropped significantly , less deer.... Always remember the three biggest things that are a key

Good food , good shelter, reproduction . Once you find deer figuring their movement in the area takes in other external factors

From: Clydebow
Date: 10-Aug-22

They do what they have to do.

From: Babysaph Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 10-Aug-22

The soybean field had 11 bucks in it yesterday. The most I have ever seen. They will disappear on the 25th of September

From: Jeff Durnell
Date: 10-Aug-22

Saw a dead fawn on the road on the way home from work just now that wasn't there at 4am. And about halfway home there was a big doe, same thing, wasn't there early this morning. First I've seen for a while.

From: cut it out
Date: 10-Aug-22

Seems bears and deer are all over these days

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