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Mr. STOUT offers THANKS!

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Batman 08-Aug-22
Woods Walker 08-Aug-22
Wayne Hess 08-Aug-22
bentstick54 08-Aug-22
Bugle up 08-Aug-22
Clydebow 08-Aug-22
Swampwalker 08-Aug-22
Lambow 08-Aug-22
Andy Man 08-Aug-22
Stix 08-Aug-22
Stick Hippie 08-Aug-22
Herbie 08-Aug-22
manybows 08-Aug-22
Keefers 08-Aug-22
Tethered Falcon 08-Aug-22
RD 08-Aug-22
kevinski 08-Aug-22
kevinski 08-Aug-22
bluesman 08-Aug-22
AK Pathfinder 08-Aug-22
Foggy Mountain 09-Aug-22
Shakey Jake 09-Aug-22
JusPassin 09-Aug-22
Steve Milbocker 09-Aug-22
tradmt 09-Aug-22
treetopper 09-Aug-22
vthunter 09-Aug-22
Dale Rohrbeck 09-Aug-22
Stoutstuff 09-Aug-22
Knifeguy 09-Aug-22
smrobertson 09-Aug-22
David A. 10-Aug-22
fullcircle 10-Aug-22
Bowlim 10-Aug-22
Bluegoose 10-Aug-22
Osr144 10-Aug-22
From: Batman
Date: 08-Aug-22

Hi FOLKS, I am the bull in the china shop and asked Mr. Stout How He is doing. His response below! Pls continue the Prayers and Good Thoughts! George D. Stout - Feeling like crap right now, had to get fluids Saturday at hospital, then yesterday had a setback, not able to eat hardly anything and trying to force fluids. Wife has it too now but it's not hitting her as hard thankfully. Makes me tired just typing this. Thanks for the note and thank the guys for the prayers.

From: Woods Walker
Date: 08-Aug-22

Thanks for the update Batman! I was thinking about George today and how he's doing. Prayers to keep coming!

From: Wayne Hess
Date: 08-Aug-22

I , We pray the Good Lord is giving George his healing hand and wife. Prayers sent

From: bentstick54
Date: 08-Aug-22

Thanks for the update. Will keep sending prayers.

From: Bugle up
Date: 08-Aug-22

Thanks for the update.

From: Clydebow
Date: 08-Aug-22


From: Swampwalker Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 08-Aug-22


From: Lambow
Date: 08-Aug-22

Will be praying for George and his wife

From: Andy Man
Date: 08-Aug-22

more prayers off George

just take it easy

From: Stix
Date: 08-Aug-22

Thanks for the update Batman.

George, hope you're feeling better soon. Danged virus, go away

From: Stick Hippie
Date: 08-Aug-22

Praying for y’all

From: Herbie
Date: 08-Aug-22

Prayers for the Stouts…

From: manybows
Date: 08-Aug-22

George, I had three friends who took Ivermectin and it really helped them.

From: Keefers
Date: 08-Aug-22

Prayers for you both George hang in there get plenty of rest .

From: Tethered Falcon
Date: 08-Aug-22

Still praying from SD, get some rest big guy!

From: RD
Date: 08-Aug-22

prayers from my house, get better soon!

From: kevinski
Date: 08-Aug-22

prayers sent for George and his wife, get well soon

From: kevinski
Date: 08-Aug-22

prayers sent for George and his wife, get well soon

From: bluesman
Date: 08-Aug-22

Hang in there George , think positve , it will help . You will get better and get over the hump and healing in a few more days.

From: AK Pathfinder
Date: 08-Aug-22

We're thinking of you both here in N Idaho, God heals!

From: Foggy Mountain
Date: 09-Aug-22

Thanks for the update hope he’s better quick

From: Shakey Jake
Date: 09-Aug-22

More prayers for George

From: JusPassin
Date: 09-Aug-22

God Bless George, hang in there.

From: Steve Milbocker
Date: 09-Aug-22

Continued prayers for George and his wife.

From: tradmt
Date: 09-Aug-22

God will see you through George, he knows I still need you to pick on;)

Prayers to your better half as well sir.

From: treetopper
Date: 09-Aug-22

Prayers up for George and his wife. Remain positive. May God continue to watch over you both and make you well again very soon.

From: vthunter
Date: 09-Aug-22

Hope you feel better SOON George.

From: Dale Rohrbeck
Date: 09-Aug-22

Will keep prayers up for George and his wife. Batman, thanks for the update, I have been wondering.

From: Stoutstuff
Date: 09-Aug-22

Prayers George and wife. Come back more stout and stronger...

From: Knifeguy
Date: 09-Aug-22

Thanks for the update. Still in my prayers!

From: smrobertson
Date: 09-Aug-22

I talked with George over the phone this morning. He is feeling better and is up walking around. Said he went outside and fed his chickens and ducks. Soaked up some early morning sunshine before going back inside. I placed him on my church prayer list and told him we were praying for his complete recovery.

From: David A.
Date: 10-Aug-22

Best wishes for a rapid recovery, George. About the sunshine +++ vitamin D helps recovery take it in pill and natural sunlight a plenty and over as many sq. inches of skin as possible!

From: fullcircle
Date: 10-Aug-22

prayers sent for you and your wife…wishing a speedy recovery…God bless!

From: Bowlim
Date: 10-Aug-22

Prayers for George and wife for an early recovery!

From: Bluegoose
Date: 10-Aug-22

Thanks for the updates. Prayers for you, George and your wife. Take good care.

From: Osr144
Date: 10-Aug-22

Prayers for The Stouts.My wife and me just got over it .It's not good .I hope you and your wife recover soon.There can be longer lasting effects and my wife and me are still having long Covid symptoms.Always tired residual sore throat with coughing.We also get puffed out easily.Its supposed to improve but when God bless you all Richard from Australia

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