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Star Bows

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zealotox 28-Dec-19
fdp 28-Dec-19
mangonboat 28-Dec-19
mangonboat 28-Dec-19
zealotox 29-Dec-19
soldiermedic 10-Aug-22
From: zealotox
Date: 28-Dec-19

Does anyone know anything about Star bows? I recently acquired one that has two attributes that liken it to Hit bows. The limbs are screwed into the fadeouts with a cap of wood on top. Typical of Hit bows. The riser is painted black (over maple or beech), also typical of some Hit "Sportsman" models. The bow is plain but very well made. It appears to be a mid 1960's. Did Bud Hitt make other branded bows? Where was it made? I cannot find any information anywhere. Please help me if you can. Thanx

From: fdp
Date: 28-Dec-19

Need to see some pictures of the bow.

It's virtually impossible to nail down and definitively identify a bow based on written descriptions.

Need to see the riser showing the sight window/shelf, the limb tips, a full side view profile as well as any markings, writing, or decals on the bow.

From: mangonboat
Date: 28-Dec-19

Shooting Star was a Hit Archery model made by Bud Hitt. Not as fancy as the Black Ace . One was listed on ebay recently.

From: mangonboat
Date: 28-Dec-19

There is one listed on ebay now.

From: zealotox
Date: 29-Dec-19

Two things to mention. The bow is not a Shooting Star which was the high end model made by Hit. This is a Star bow. The model is the Holiday Star. There is a silk screened label on the back of the upper limb: Star Bows, made in USA, Holiday Star. The riser is very long - 29 in. Aside from the way the limbs attach to the back of the fadeouts, with wood caps, is that the center core fadeout transition (between the maple laminations) is tapered down the limb about 12 inches. Again, this is typical construction for a Hit bow. Unfortunately I am unable to post pictures.One other thing. On the belly side of the recurves is a piece of mahoganny, 1/8 th. in. thick that runs from the nock tip down the limb toward the riser for about 4 in. At a glance you might liken it to a Damon Howatt lamination, however it does not taper into the limb, but rather is cut off bluntly. Strange.

From: soldiermedic
Date: 10-Aug-22

soldiermedic's embedded Photo

I have a 70" shooting star target bow from Hit Archery that Bud repaired and refinished in 2013 (have the email traffic). He signed the bow before the final coat of clear finish. We have fallen on hard times and I am selling off all of my Hit Archery bows in case anyone is looking for a SHooting start, Adonis, or others.

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