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Timber Creek Cottonmouth flatbow

Submitted: 18-Sep-17


Make: Timber Creek Cottonmouth
Price: $400.00
Category: FLATBOW
Condition: EXCELLENT
Contact Seller: Jeffer

Detailed Description and Photos:

Jeffer's embedded Photo

This is basically a brand new bow (only shot a few times). I have decided to sell off some of my bows which I don't use. One can only shoot one at a time anyway and I have my favorites. It is 65# @ 28". Grizzly Jim at Merlin Archery custom made it for me and it is a really beautiful shooting bow, but I just am not shooting the heavy weight bows anymore so I am thinning my ranks. Here is a good look at the bow in a video I made. It really is a nice bow but I am just not shooting heavy anymore since my shoulder problems.

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