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Topic Count Date Category
draw length 27 14-Apr-21 General
Kentucky TradFest pics 55 14-Apr-21 General
ASTB Children's Hospital Benefit Shoot 5 14-Apr-21 General
23rd Tennessee Classic 126 14-Apr-21 General
mountain muffler style puffs? 13 14-Apr-21 General
Calculating spine for a wooden arrow 31 14-Apr-21 Arrows
Recommend an Inexpensive Blind Chair 50 13-Apr-21 General
Coincidence ... I think not 24 13-Apr-21 General
Heaviest arrow used for deer hunting 52 13-Apr-21 General
BATMAN NEWS 45 13-Apr-21 General
FIRST SHOT...........Tuesday, Apr 13th 10 13-Apr-21 Shooting
Something u don’t see everyday! 5 13-Apr-21 Arrows
over twisting to untwist a limb 16 13-Apr-21 Lam bows
Will 600 spine work? 21 13-Apr-21 Arrows
stalker stick bows 17 13-Apr-21 General
It's true... 21 13-Apr-21 General
Bear arrows 4 13-Apr-21 Arrows
Bare hand 31 13-Apr-21 Shooting
Rainbow Bowmen Trad Shoot May 28-30 9 13-Apr-21 General
KYTradfest Scores 2021 1 12-Apr-21 General
Classified 6 12-Apr-21 General
FIRST SHOT...........Monday, April 12th 11 12-Apr-21 Shooting
Part of the puzzle 19 12-Apr-21 Lam bows
Turkey feather man 4 12-Apr-21 General
Thank you “Curve51” 2 12-Apr-21 General
Sunny afternoon on SGL 48. 34 12-Apr-21 General
Shrew CH.. 1 12-Apr-21 Lam bows
Another ELB gem from John Strunk 15 12-Apr-21 Selfbows
Bear razorhead in Vietnam 38 12-Apr-21 General
Pa Longbow Assoc shoot April 10&11 2021 54 12-Apr-21 General
Saturday at North Montour Traditional 67 12-Apr-21 General
Henry Bitzenburger: 2 12-Apr-21 General
Some highlights from April meeting PGC 2 12-Apr-21 General
A duel giveaway. 110 12-Apr-21 General
Let’s see those turkeys calls 45 12-Apr-21 Bowhunting
Strumming to a different tune 17 12-Apr-21 Bowhunting
KYTradfest 2021 96 12-Apr-21 Selfbows
A third and final super drawing . 100 12-Apr-21 General
What a year!!!??? 27 12-Apr-21 Bowhunting
Gun and Knife show Bark River Mi. 37 12-Apr-21 General

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