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Ramer vs Whisper vs Sprague

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strigif0rm3s 16-Feb-20
Thumper 16-Feb-20
B arthur 17-Feb-20
strigif0rm3s 23-Feb-20
Big-D 23-Feb-20
Jim 23-Feb-20
Rough Run 23-Feb-20
boatbuilder 23-Feb-20
From: strigif0rm3s
Date: 16-Feb-20

Hey all, Looking to get a reverse handle straight grip bow from Steve Turay at Northern Mist. If you had to choose ONE of these models for the rest of your life, which one would you pick and why? (Ramer vs Whisper vs Sprague)


From: Thumper
Date: 16-Feb-20

In a simple answer: Sprague

Take the extra performance of the backset limbs and run with it. It's so forgiving and quiet that I can't see a reason to not have the backset. It shoots so dead in the hand and stable that I think people who "hate Hill style bows" would still like it.

I had a Ramer as well and the only thing I gained with it was less speed and easier stringing.

Or split the difference and get a Whisper and it's a moot point.

I sold both because they looked funny and I enjoyed shooting my regular handled bows more. In case you were

From: B arthur
Date: 17-Feb-20


From: strigif0rm3s
Date: 23-Feb-20

Anyone else weigh in here?

From: Big-D
Date: 23-Feb-20

Get all three ?? ??

From: Jim Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 23-Feb-20

Yep, I agree with Big-D. You won't go wrong!

From: Rough Run
Date: 23-Feb-20

I can only speak about the Whisper. I have a straight-handle version. In my view, it is amazing. I don't know what I expected from the reverse handle but, whatever it was, this bow surpassed it. Outstanding zip, stable as in no tendency to torque in my hand, and absolutely still at the release with no "thump." It is throwing 9.8 gpp arrows into my new, compressed straw bales with 11" of penetration at 12 yards. My love could be another's dust collector or, vice-versa. Just adding my experience to the pool.

From: boatbuilder
Date: 23-Feb-20

I have a Whisper and a Ramar with a Sprague on the way. The Whisper was first and Probably will still have long after I can’t shoot it anymore. I doubt there is 10fps difference in the three.

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