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Who has had a bow break while shooting

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From: moosehunter Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 28-Jul-13

I have now had 4 new bows break while I was shooting since the mid 1970's.... I have a long draw length, 30.5", shoot 62 and 64" AMO bows..... 10 gr per bow pound arrow weight..... Luckily I have only had minor injuries...

From: Clydebow
Date: 28-Jul-13

After fifty years, nope.

From: short recurve
Date: 28-Jul-13

I had a 52" ben pearson hunter II blow up on me. The top limb let go at full draw,got cracked in the head by the top limb.

From: 55 zipper
Date: 28-Jul-13

Had one come apart on me. Lower limb splintered. Nock busted, creating a dry fire effect?

From: Red Trail
Date: 28-Jul-13

I've had three break, most recently a Zebra wood Samick Stingray that fetched me a nice clout on the head...


From: Drewster
Date: 28-Jul-13

I had a Herter's bow limb break on me back in the late 70s. Don't ever need to do that again.

From: Grouse11
Date: 28-Jul-13

3, two that the top limb just kind of collapsed slowly at full draw and didn't do much damage to me. The third one happened last week and was very violent. Takedown riser snapped and top limb cracked me in the head. Luckily no stitches, just glue.

From: grtdane Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 28-Jul-13

I was checking a small crack in a friends bow today. He was drawing it back and I was looking to see if the crack was separating and it blew apart and the lower limb smacked me in the face.

As for one blowing up while is was shooting no.

From: Pointer
Date: 28-Jul-13

twice...once a limb and once a riser that was joined with the bow-bolt system

From: swampangel57
Date: 28-Jul-13

I have had 2 to bust one the handle split the other the limb split

From: r-man
Date: 28-Jul-13

no , just ceder arrows at release.

From: yorktown5
Date: 29-Jul-13


Arrow slipped the nock...dry fire Kablooie*. Plus attempted repairs that didn't hold, plus a couple while stringing with a stringer, never with step through...really.


* split the riser...I buried a woodscrew along with the re-glue and still shoot the bow.

From: surfrat
Date: 29-Jul-13

This is worrisome...

From: Tradarcher771
Date: 29-Jul-13

I had a carbon arrow snap in half upon release which created a dry fire effect. It broke the bottom limb of my super kodiak. Luckily I was left injury free from the arrow and the bow. Got real lucky..........Austin

From: Gene L
Date: 29-Jul-13

I had a selfbow break at full draw. A pitch pocket in the upper limb. It was shooting a tremendous fps (172) when it did. Ah, regrets.

From: DanaC
Date: 29-Jul-13

Several, usually older bows but not all.

From: J-archer
Date: 29-Jul-13

Yorktown, how did the bow break while stringing with stringer? Which part break?

From: jaz5833
Date: 29-Jul-13

Yes, a 1957 Gordon Plastics recurve. The lower tip sheared off upon release of the arrow. The string whipped me across the face near the corner of my left eye and left a shallow cut about 1" long and a slight black eye.

Luckily, the bow was repaired; 3" shorter but still going strong.

From: firstlight
Date: 29-Jul-13

Yes, about 12 yrs ago or so a PSE Sierra Hunter Takedown Recurve - top limb cracked and came apart while at full draw.

Kinda happened slow so nothing major and as the bow was brand new the limbs were replaced, no charge.

From: Longbeard
Date: 29-Jul-13

Yep, PSE Blackhawk 65Lb takedown recurve. Bottom limb threaded anchor pulled out of the riser at full draw. Top limb smacked me in the face and gave me a black eye, bottom limp hit my leg and bruised it up about the size of a baseball.

From: talks with crow
Date: 29-Jul-13

I had a Hill Big 5 I bought at an estate sale delaminate at full draw, was kind of spooky, but just bent over easy.

From: Phil Magistro
Date: 29-Jul-13

In the mid-80s I had an Asbell Bighorn takedown riser come apart while at full draw. Broke right along the accent stripe that ran through the riser.

From: Jim Casto Jr Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member
Date: 29-Jul-13

I've had five go at full draw in one manner or another. Only one was catastrophic and it slapped me severely about the face and ears.

From: keepemsharp
Date: 29-Jul-13

I redid an old faded out 45# Ben Pearson and had it looking good. On the third shot it became 3 pieces, but it looked nice.

From: Harialombos
Date: 29-Jul-13

yep enough said

From: grady
Date: 29-Jul-13

I had a 60# samick sage let go at the riser where it joins the limb. I was pulling it on a scale. I was right at 60#s when it let go. It didnt hurt me but my wife was looking at the scale and the limb hit her in the arm and leg. Left 2 nasty bruises and she hasnt shot a bow since.

From: Wild Bill
Date: 29-Jul-13

Three have broken on me. Two were selfbows that snapped the top limb. Both were some time ago, and after the second, I will always decline to draw a selfbow. The other was an old commercial longbow with two halves joined with a glued spline joint under the grip. The top limb whacked me good in the forehead.

I've also had a couple of stings break, but aside from a strange noise and poor flight, I could tell it was a string problem because the brace height was either low or gone altogether. I've become better at checking the string at the loops, for frayed strands.

From: Jeff Durnell
Date: 29-Jul-13

Wow. I think I'll stay with these selfbows. Obviously they're more durable :)

From: RD
Date: 29-Jul-13

5, all at full draw, recurves-#55 Black widow,#88 Bear T/D. Longbow-#70 Zebra, #70 Maulding Bighorn,#74 Golden Eagle.

From: Cyrille
Date: 29-Jul-13

I've had a "TD" bow come apart once the bolt sheared and came out while I was at full draw, the top limb conked me on the forehead and down I went.

From: reddogge Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member
Date: 29-Jul-13

'65 Kodiak delaminated after a shot. 70s Hoyt Pro Hunter bottom limb folded up on the draw, no injury. '56 Kodiak bottom limb folded while using stringer, no injury.

From: Eric Krewson
Date: 29-Jul-13

What started me back into traditional archery was having two different wheel bows break while I was drawing on deer. The second one broke on what would have been my best buck ever. Never owned another of those stupid contaptions after that, that was 1989.

As for traditional bows, if you make selfbows one or more are going to blow on you. I have had two or three explode, one in my hand while shooting and several on the tillering tree.

From: Hat Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member
Date: 29-Jul-13

50# Dakota pro hunter bottom limb broke right below the fade out no injury.

From: George D. Stout Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 29-Jul-13

Jeff....for every laminated bow that breaks, there are thousands that are still working fine. But you already know that, don't you? 8^)).

You guys are an unlucky bunch. And Jim Casto...5????? You sure someone isn't trying to take you out? LOL.

I don't know anyone who has shot more bows than me in all these years....definitely hundreds. Had a 56" Browning Explorer break on the shot but that was it in near 50 years of stretching strings. And that counts many years in a bow shop weighing bows and shooting them in the side yard.

From: arrowchucker
Date: 29-Jul-13

In High school we had Bow-making in shop class. I think almost every one broke later. My top limb came loose and smacked me upside the head!

From: Chemsolder1
Date: 29-Jul-13

Only all wood bows I pushed too hard had a real sweet board bow take a violent turn trying to make one too short for my long but arms. The top limb put a large dent in th garage celing relieving it of a fair bit of energy before it hit my head.

From: Polar Bear
Date: 29-Jul-13

In 1974 while stationed in Alaska a cable on a compound broke striking me across the top of my head. Haven't shot a compound since. Just trad. As far as I know that bow is still in the river.

From: Bjorn Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 29-Jul-13

I have had 1 old Bear break while shooting, 1 selfbow and 2 brand new glass laminated bows break while shooting. No injuries other than a couple of fat lips and bruises. Had a recurve spin away on me while stringing once-tore my toenail off! That hurt the most!

From: kstout
Date: 29-Jul-13

I've had 2 break at full draw, both were made by very reputable bow makers. One was 13 years old at the time, and one was just about 3 weeks old. The newer bow was quickly replaced by the maker, and after looking at the broken bow, he gave me a reason he thought it broke, which I agreed with. The 13 year old bow was a BW LAG longbow, which I had hung on a set of moose antlers. The antlers fell off the wall, the brow tine hit the lower limb, which I suspect loosened the glue, although I couldn't see a mark on the bow. After about 25 shots, the belly lamination on the lower limb blew.

From: George Tsoukalas
Date: 29-Jul-13

Yes, I had 1 or selfies break at full draw but that is out of a lot of bows. Jawge

From: rd2
Date: 29-Jul-13

I had a td recurve split at the string groove at full draw/release,got switched pretty good by the string. I had zebra riser on a recurve break at the shelf,it's been awhile ago and as I recall I came out unscathed from that one somehow. The last one was an all wood laminated longbow that the ipe core failed and the top limb blew all to hell.That one gave me some warning as I was still building it and heard a crack as I was scaling it,so I was holding it at arms length drawing it rather than shooting it,when it blew,it still skinned my shin with the bottom limb.

From: dire wolf
Date: 29-Jul-13

In over 50 years of shooting heavier bows drawn 30"..never had a bow fail.Including self-bows I had made tillered.

Many vintage older bows..a few newer ones..As a bowyer and archer and string-arrow maker..I attend to the small details.. Bows that spontaneously disassemble or splinter will always give the discerning eye a clue..

Like anything else..Gotta keep 'em clean and waxed and handle them and look..Jim

From: moosenelson
Date: 29-Jul-13

Yup, custom made bow 60lbs. Broke the top limb and barely slapped myself. I see pics of other guys and realize how lucky i was.

From: MacIndust
Date: 29-Jul-13

My first self bows top limb snapped and whacked me in the face. Took me a second to realize what happened; definitely got my bell rung!

From: Dan Jones
Date: 29-Jul-13

A Bear recurve that cracked in the handle throat at full draw in the late 60's and the bottom limb on a Jennings Model T compound that peeled like a bananna at full draw in the 70's.

From: 01archer86
Date: 29-Jul-13

1 selfbow lower limb blew up. 2 Kodiak magnum lower limb cracked and folded later repaired. 3 unknown recurve 45# blew up after a dozen shots. 4 my own custom recurve lower limb split in 3 pieces no thanks to a fast flight string this bow was also repaired and still shooting. I seen a fair number break in others hands as well. Its a shame to watch them go especially if they can't be repaired.

From: 01archer86
Date: 29-Jul-13

1 selfbow lower limb blew up. 2 Kodiak magnum lower limb cracked and folded later repaired. 3 unknown recurve 45# blew up after a dozen shots. 4 my own custom recurve lower limb split in 3 pieces no thanks to a fast flight string this bow was also repaired and still shooting. I seen a fair number break in others hands as well. Its a shame to watch them go especially if they can't be repaired.

From: JRotten
Date: 29-Jul-13

Had a custom-made recurve (not from a big name bowyer) separate at the riser and upper limb while at full draw during a practice session several years ago. It got my attention when the upper limb made contact with the side of my head. No damage to my head, or resulting blood trail. Also had it happen with a new compound while at full draw, back in the early 90's.

From: osr144
Date: 30-Jul-13

Had YORK 50# Recurve let go after having been left in a car in 120 degree heat.They gave me a replacement though.I was lucky as the damage was all my fault but York still replaced it.My replacement had to be a 60# because there no 50# LH bows at the shop where I bought it.That was 37 years ago and I still shoot the replacement bow today.It just broke gently but I figure heat would have a lot to do with that. OSR

From: hvac tech
Date: 30-Jul-13

i did it was a self bow i had just built . then i had a new chastain wapiti recurve blow the bottom limb on the second shot .it was under warranty but keith said i twisted it while stringing i said ok then as soon as the new limbs showed i sold it .i read were others on here did the same .there is a problem here with those bows.

From: Jim
Date: 30-Jul-13

After shooting bows since 1970, I just had a 1969 Ben Pearson recurve bow snap in two at the arrow shelf. It cut my head and hit me so hard in the eye that it left me with a black eye and a blood clot in my eyeball.

From: GLF
Date: 30-Jul-13

I've only had 1 break while shooting over the last 47 years. I've had a 2 crack but only one break. The tip broke off of my first longbow , from a top named bowyer. My draw length you'd think it would be more, 32 recurve and 31 longbow. The bow was 2 weeks outa the 1 year warranty so I ended up eating the loss.

From: IaHawkeye
Date: 30-Jul-13

Had limbs break two different times. Had one riser break completely in to once while at full draw !

From: Silverback
Date: 30-Jul-13

Three,One PSE compound,a herters and a brand new Bob Lee dark archer I was trying out a Denton 2 yrs ago.

From: Sasquatch73
Date: 30-Jul-13

A couple of older lemonwood bows. One exploded into 5 pieces. Also had a string loop break causing bow limb to come down across eye. 3 stitches then. Look your bows(especially new to you) over for flaws a couple of test pumps of string short ones to full draw to make sure bow is working well(tracking etc, no strange sounds) then go shoot some arrows. Fun fun worth the level risk!

From: Bobby Ray Hart
Date: 27-Aug-13

Bobby Ray Hart's embedded Photo

One of my favorite bows, a green older Kodiak magnum that was in good shape that I had shot hundreds of times broke while strung when I put it down. It had a tiny scratch on the upper limb when I bought it. This scratch was barely noticeable, but it broke exactly where the scratch was. I am glad it didn't break while I was shooting it. From now on I will be aware that this kind of thing can happen.

From: Awishanew
Date: 27-Aug-13

I have had a few selfbows break at full draw. The last one I was having my wife take a picture to see the limbs. It blew and she got the picture. Probably a rare photo.

From: Hunt OH
Date: 27-Aug-13

Had one 56" Grizzly break, A grumley TD come apart to latch failure at about half draw; Thank god the bow is still ok., and a 57 Kodiak that cracked but didn't go full break . All, this year ;o) Not my year!

From: fisher2
Date: 27-Aug-13

i had a 130# selfbow break at 29" out of 32" draw

From: MikeW
Date: 27-Aug-13

Am 54 been shooting since I was 16 to 17, never had a bow break on me.

From: oldbow
Date: 27-Aug-13

First rule of Bow care...Don't leave them in a hot vehicle for hours....I learned that the hard way. Brand new Ben Pearson Knight. Blew up and the lower limb out ran the arrow to the target. Next one that blew was a Bear Takedown with those Toxinite limb cores. This one broke the bottom limb which somehow came up between my legs. That's why I still speak with a high pitched voice. Also had a Martin laminated limb wheel bow break in the limb. Stringing them can be dangerous. That's why I use the two kitchen chair stringing method. I figured this out after breaking a limb trying to string one.

From: Sipsey River
Date: 28-Aug-13

Been shooting since about 1958 or so. One bow broke. It was a Bear Super Mag and I was shooting arrows I knew were too light for it. I knew I was taking a chance especially at 29" draw. Bottom limb broke at fade. Did not blame Bear, I knew better.

From: KyPhil
Date: 28-Aug-13

I had a selfbow explode and the upper limb flew back with the string still on it and wrapped around my neck. It was hanging there like a necklace.

From: reddogge Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member
Date: 28-Aug-13

I've concluded it is a matter of good luck that people have never had one break and bad luck to have them break. There is no way you can determine how a bow was kept years before you owned it. Nor can you look inside of a glue joint or into a wood riser with xray vision. So there is no such thing as careful and skillful examination on the part of the owner to insure the bow will never break as some claim.

From: Larry247
Date: 28-Aug-13

I've had several break on me over the years,but nothing more than a bruise or two. grin

From: bownuts
Date: 28-Aug-13

Off hand I can think of 3 recurves that died in my hands....but considering how many I find, renovate and test in the field, 3 isn't a large number....had a few customers leave the house from an old Lemonwood longbow that rejected his 30" draw and one from a young local Marine stationed nearby who just refused to wear an arm guard. Paul

From: Linecutter
Date: 28-Aug-13

Nephew had one come apart at the fade outs while I was standing there. The only thing that kept it from truly exploding was the fact he had a selway quiver on it and it slowed the process way down when it seperated. DANNY

From: Stinkbait1
Date: 28-Aug-13

Back in 1993 I had a Browning Deluxe Nomad compound blow up on me. I'd had the bow about a year and shot it well. I was in the backyard practicing, drew back and when the wheels broke over the riser just split right down the middle with a load crack. Luckily, I wasn't hurt. But, it scared the crap out of me. A week later I ordered my 1st Bob Lee recurve and have been shooting it ever since.

From: junglehunter
Date: 28-Aug-13


From: Gaur
Date: 28-Aug-13

I had a bamboo backed osage break on full draw and a cherry self bow. Both were bows I made. Both were real load and scary but didn't hit me either time. A friend borrowed my 70# yew self bow and had it blow up on him. Hit him in the side of the head and he found a splinter in his hand later that day.

From: elkslayer4x5
Date: 28-Aug-13

I've had two full draw breaks. One bow and one string. The bow was a 67 1/2 Super Kodiac that I bought new, it was 4 years old at the time, lower limb slowly folded up at the fade. A couple of years before while shooting a Bear HC-30, the string broke at the lower loop, whipped me across the face, left a large welt from my chin to my forehead. Neither the string or the SK showed any warning signs.

From: Raven
Date: 28-Aug-13

Raven's embedded Photo

I've had three. two the same bow company, United States Archery and one bow Diamond by Murphy. It's been a shame because they all were very special (unique) bows. All were small manufacturers and all three it seems that the glues used were not so good after so many years (dried out). All three the fiberglass let go at the fadeouts. Here's a pic from the first(top limb).

From: Raven
Date: 28-Aug-13

Raven's embedded Photo

Second bow. Bottom limb.

From: Daddy Bear
Date: 28-Aug-13

I started out with selfbows, so that goes without question, I've had a couple or so eventually break. No injuries, nothing dramatic.

Had a custom Bob Lee break back in the 90s. Again, nothing dramatic and the bow was fixed free. No further problems and it still works fine today.

My last, and hopefully last one ever, was on the 4th of July, and that thing went off like an explosion. Very dramatic, but thankfully no injury other than some small fibers I needed to pick out my skin. After all the years I played with bows and arrows, this one taught me a lesson to wear shooting glasses. I was, and had I not been, odds are I would have caught some glass in the eyes. Again, bow quickly replaced and I'm up and running again. Kinda glad now it happened cause I learned how truly great a guy the bowyer, Craig Ekin, is to deal with when it comes to repair and/or replacement. Lots of people will sell you the world when you buy something, but it's a different story when you go back with problems. I ended up having a great experience.

Again, not to beat a dead horse, wear shooting glasses. If you're hard headed and it's not for you, at least insist your kids and/or grandkids wear shooting glasses to protect those valuable eyes.

Best :)

From: oldarcher
Date: 28-Aug-13

I had an arrow come off the string and dry fired it on three separate occasions. the bow was a 1968 Root Pendulus Supreme.The upper limb delaminated. I made new limbs for it, though, and it is doing fine.

From: pondscum2
Date: 29-Aug-13

had top limb on '63 Kodiak delam at full draw & dang near put my right eye out. anyone out there know how to re-limb one?

From: Carolinabob on iphon
Date: 29-Aug-13

My old Widow (Wood Bros.) "Black Death", flat black with rattler skins blew up at release, no one hurt but scared me and my friend.

From: foodtraveler
Date: 29-Aug-13

Only one time, three years ago, a 64" 32# Blackhawk recurve from mid-sixties. Like Raven's photo, five or so posts up. I was surprised how I didn't freak out when it happened and was just kind of like "Wow, that's something." So glad, too, that nothing came flying back to hit me.

From: NJWoodsman
Date: 29-Aug-13

I've had it happen to a board bow and several self bows. I quit making bows because I was discouraged to put all that work into them only to have them blow up.

I had a Quinn limb on a "quarf" bow delam. Dave Quinn heard about it through the grapevine, and sold me a new bow at a discount- he didn't have to do that.

I also had a no-name vintage bow, probably a Shakespeare, break when the backing gave way at the limb fade-out.

Having learned my lesson, when I noticed the glass was lifting on the belly of an old Martin compound, I dismantled it before any damage was done.

From: davesonic444
Date: 29-Aug-13

These are the reasons I wear safety glasses when shooting any weapon that includes firearms,bb guns, crossbows, compounds, stickbow and paintball guns. One in the eye is all it takes.

From: stagetek Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member
Date: 29-Aug-13

I had an early Bighorn blow up. The bottom of the handle along the accent stripe came apart at full draw, with a bang. The re-placement handle had a curved stripe, and I never had any more problems.

From: Elk_Slayer
Date: 29-Aug-13

The wife had an osage selfbow break on her and she was lucky to not get hurt. I had a compound blow up on me years ago and I just got my arm slapped.

From: StickBowManMI
Date: 08-Sep-13

I have had four top of the line bows break while shooting them. They all broke in the middle of the riser of the bow. One required 4 stitches in my scalp.

From: StickBowManMI
Date: 08-Sep-13

I have had four top of the line bows break while shooting them. They all broke in the middle of the riser of the bow. One required 4 stitches in my scalp.

From: SaskBushMan
Date: 08-Sep-13

Yes last night, first hunt of the 2013 season. had my lower limb de-laminate. Just sat down in my homemade blind drew back for a clearance check and heard a terrible sound. All of a sudden the bow kind of went limp. Hard to describe it was a first for me. Good thing my buddies house was only 10mins to borrow his recurve.

From: Jay B
Date: 08-Sep-13

I tried a friend's selfbow at a shoot, at his insistence. Got it back about 20", and craaaack, the top limb ripped right off. There was a pocket of sap right where limb met handle.

From: Jim Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 08-Sep-13

I have had one in the 41 years that I have been shooting bows. It was this spring and I had the same wounds that Raven has on the right side, plus some brusing to the inner eye. It was a so called"vintage bow" Ben Pearson recurve. It split in two at the arrow shelf.

From: sake3
Date: 08-Sep-13

2 recurves from the same bowyer came apart slowly as they were drawn.Same bowyer,new bows,bad glue.A 66" Colt delaminated and was broken by the time I let down ,but that bow probably had too vigorous a refinish.I draw 26".

From: rubby Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 08-Sep-13

I have had 4 break,bear grizzly,assenhemer recurve,st. charles take-down longbow & a stewart take-down longbow,they were all cover by warranty,got a pulled muscle from one of them only damage to me,it makes you think every time you pull the bow back.

From: Ranger
Date: 08-Sep-13

I had a compound blow a limb at full draw. No injuries, but I have never had a trad bow fail like that.

From: Frank V
Date: 08-Sep-13

I have had one break. It was a self bow made by a friend. I shot it for two years & one day I was shooting a 3D match & drew the bow for a shot & creeeaaaakk. I let down & looked at the bow. Sure enough, there was a crack in the upper limb. The bower tried to fix it, but it cracked again. It was a quiet fun bow too!

From: Byron
Date: 08-Sep-13

PLenty of them, that's why I now build all my own bows. If it blows up at least I know who to cuss.

From: Dan S
Date: 08-Sep-13

Had a new string break in the middle of the loop at full draw.upper limb split with the grain of the glass like little fingers.

From: barebow626
Date: 09-Sep-13

Ive had 3 explode on me........martin 64",lightweight 48# that snapped lower limb in half.......bear t/d had top of limb just break...and texas comanche recurve had chunk of wood just fall out at full draw...i was a bit lucky there!...ive owned 60+ bows and shoot loads so % wise a bow is always going to do something eventually

From: Ibex
Date: 09-Sep-13

Who hasn't? LOL

From: tonto59
Date: 09-Sep-13

yes, Only one. An all wood York long bow. It stung a lot. It sure makes a loud awful sound. Not even sure if I got to full draw or not. It happened so fast. Still leery about pulling back older all wood bows. Don

From: Avid Archer
Date: 09-Sep-13

I had my first last week. Lower limb blew at full draw, came damn close to losing my right eye. I'm seriously considering wearing safety glasses while shooting from now on.

[IMG] 4143-BB1C-7F77C4173F9D-2564- 0000017DA6E2EBAD_zps6a695532.jpg[/IMG]

[IMG] 49E5-AB24-919254AD7383-2564-0000017D34761C18_zpsef77f546.jpg[/IMG]

From: blue monday Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 10-Sep-13

Just had an old Pearson bow blow up.

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