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Best hunting bow under $350

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tqm96 28-Sep-10
joe vt 28-Sep-10
Tradbh 28-Sep-10
Okiak 28-Sep-10
NJWoodsman 28-Sep-10
IaHawkeye 28-Sep-10
manyletters 28-Sep-10
Abel 28-Sep-10
PaPa Doc 28-Sep-10
aknewarcher 28-Sep-10
Zebow 28-Sep-10
Painted sticks 28-Sep-10
wood shavins 28-Sep-10
4t5 28-Sep-10
Stikhunta 28-Sep-10
Jim Terrio 28-Sep-10
Frisky 28-Sep-10
goldentrout_one 28-Sep-10
Coldtrail 28-Sep-10
bigiron 28-Sep-10
scedvm 28-Sep-10
tqm96 28-Sep-10
thumper2 28-Sep-10
Aftershock 28-Sep-10
AZBEAR 28-Sep-10
Shifting Shadow 28-Sep-10
Breakfast Boy 28-Sep-10
James Wrenn 29-Sep-10
Shifting Shadow 29-Sep-10
Stickbow37 29-Sep-10
Okiak 29-Sep-10
northbow 29-Sep-10
Shifting Shadow 29-Sep-10
cdworks 29-Sep-10
acadianarcher 29-Sep-10
lad 29-Sep-10
John-Doc 29-Sep-10
Buzz 29-Sep-10
DannyBows 10-Oct-10
Kent Alan 10-Oct-10
GLF 10-Oct-10
Don 10-Oct-10
HighPockets 10-Oct-10
hammer08 10-Oct-10
muley 10-Oct-10
tqm96 10-Oct-10
Airborne 11-Oct-10
From: tqm96
Date: 28-Sep-10

I hunt elk and shoot a Bear Grizzly. I hear about these fast bows that shoot heavy arrows well and are very accurate.....but they are all too expensive for my budget. What is the best-shooting hunting bow for under $350. Thanks.

From: joe vt
Date: 28-Sep-10

My first thoughts are used bows. I have some $$$ bows. A year or so ago I bought a 1960 Shakespear recurve that shoots right along with my $$$ bows.....and that is with good ol B50 dacron. :)

From: Tradbh Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 28-Sep-10

You`ve already got one! Any of the old classic Bears fit that bill for me. Have killed about everything with them. Not the fastest by todays standards maybe, but its where you put the arrow that counts.

From: Okiak
Date: 28-Sep-10

I'd suggest you take a look at the TT Pinnacle II ILF riser ($250) and a set of Black Max limbs ($130). Not under $350, but close.

From: NJWoodsman
Date: 28-Sep-10

A warf bow would be a great low budget option, and a fun DIY project if you're so inclined. If you really want to optimize for speed and accuracy, good limbs and tuning are where it's at- if you already know how to do your part.

From: IaHawkeye
Date: 28-Sep-10

Quinn,- when they're up and running again.


From: manyletters
Date: 28-Sep-10

Chek-mate Falcon Samick Stingray Samick Volcano Mad Dog Recurve & Longbow

From: Abel
Date: 28-Sep-10

A used Super Kodiak from Michigan. Those are usually $250 or so.

From: PaPa Doc
Date: 28-Sep-10

I would go to the Maddog Archery web site and look at the photo Gallery and then give Mike a call!

From: aknewarcher
Date: 28-Sep-10

Older Howatt Hunters! You can find them from $175 up to $350 depending on year and condition. You cannot go wrong with one of these!


From: Zebow
Date: 28-Sep-10

Bear Montana

From: Painted sticks
Date: 28-Sep-10

Take a look at the lancaster archery site and build your own ILF or get one of their Samicks...PR

From: wood shavins
Date: 28-Sep-10

There is nothing wrong with the bow you've got, provided you are set up with the right arrows and bow weight.

From: 4t5
Date: 28-Sep-10

QUINN STALLION hands down.

From: Stikhunta
Date: 28-Sep-10

IMO, the best hunting bow is the one you feel comfortable with, set-up correctly, and can shoot consistantly. There are many great deals in the classifieds for less than $350. I have found several over the years (shoot them all) and have no regrets. Good luck!

From: Jim Terrio
Date: 28-Sep-10

I have seen a couple of Hoyt GameMaster II's go $325.00 +/-. A BombProof bow in MHO. Very quiet if worked on abit, and very very quick. Jim

From: Frisky
Date: 28-Sep-10

I too would go with a used Howatt Hunter. You can get a near mint Howatt Hunter for under $200 on the auction sites and classified ads. The ILF bows OSB talks about sound good too.


From: goldentrout_one
Date: 28-Sep-10

I've owned quite a few vintage bows and to tell you the truth just a regular Redwing Hunter is about the nicest, fastest shooting bow out there even by today's standards. You could probably pick one up on ebay for under $150, sometimes under $100. My 50lb redwing is probably my fastest bow - my 50lb grizzly is a bit slower (perhaps 10 fps slower) but in the real world the difference between 160 fps and 170 fps is negligible at 20 yards.

If you are talking NEW bows I can't help you there. I think the Samicks look real nice - haven't shot them though.

From: Coldtrail
Date: 28-Sep-10

Samick. No matter where they're made. Actually, I don't have one, but if I were looking for an inexpensive bow that would fling arrows with the best customs, I'd get a Samick.

From: bigiron
Date: 28-Sep-10

save your money & shoot what you got. good enough.

From: scedvm
Date: 28-Sep-10

I guess it depends on which shoots best for the individual but I bought a Bama Bows longbow from Nate last spring because I had never owned a D-shaped longbow before and always wanted one. I was shooting this bow so comfortably throughout the year that I somewhat reluctantly made it my primary bow for my elk hunt last week and brought my recurves as backups. Last Monday I killed a good 7x7 New Mexico bull with it for my first longbow elk. I got this bow shipped for around $200 and got some pretty good results.....Shawn

From: tqm96
Date: 28-Sep-10

Thanks folks. I love my bow and have a lot to do in the next couple months finding the right arrow/broadhead combo for next September. But I like the idea of a good shooter, faster, and reasonably priced. I am also concerned that one of my tips is coming apart. I can't tell if it's the wood grain or if it's coming apart. I never noticed it when I bought the bow so I don't really know for sure. I appreciate the recommendations.

Date: 28-Sep-10

Bear Kodiak Hunters are great values and shoot quite nice.

From: thumper2
Date: 28-Sep-10

Samick Sage...Nail driver, and it's their entry takedown rig.

Mine is supposed to be 45#. it's really about 48#.

Bottom line. It hits hard, it's a smooth draw, and it's a bargain. Mine likes a heavy arrow on top of that/

Cheat and buy this one, and save the rest of yer money for the one rig that you already got an eye on.

I readily admit, I ain't crazy about Bear. But a lot of folks swear by them Grizzly's. tells me there's something to em.

Again, you could just save a while longer, and watch ebay while you do it. BARGAINS galore.


From: Aftershock
Date: 28-Sep-10

new bow, under 350....simply cant beat a Quinn....

Date: 28-Sep-10

AZBEAR's embedded Photo

I shoot just about vintage bows only , i had a new one built a fews years back. About $750.00 worth , could not hit a thing with it !! Sold it to my buddy , best bow hes ever owned ..I would say you could buy a outstanding used bow right now for far less then $350.00 AZ

From: Shifting Shadow
Date: 28-Sep-10

The Red Stag take-down for $189.

From: Breakfast Boy
Date: 28-Sep-10

Breakfast Boy's embedded Photo

Best shooting longbow for the money in my opinion. And you can get one for under $300, brand new and built for you. Don's turn around time for building a new bow and getting it shipped out is AMAZING...just two weeks or so depending on the time of year. With Indiana's bow season opening October 1st, he might take a little longer and you can't blame him for that.

Here is my bow that I bought from Don over the summer. It's 62" long and 52# @ 28". Shoots a homemade cedar arrow tipped with a 145 grain Snuffer very nicely. I'll be taking it hunting for the first time in a few days. Can't wait!

From: James Wrenn
Date: 29-Sep-10

With $350 you are able to buy most any bow you desire on the used market if you take your time and wait for the right deal.It also gives you several options on new bows in the Samick or Checkmate lineup along with a few others I am sure.If you are the least bit handy for less than that you can build a super Warf bow or pick up a used ILF riser and buy new limbs the weight you want for it.

From: Shifting Shadow
Date: 29-Sep-10

From: Stickbow37 Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member
Date: 29-Sep-10

Any of the really nice Samick bows, either one piece or T/D can be had for your price. Lots of really good used bows on the market as well. The choices are all in your favor!

From: Okiak
Date: 29-Sep-10

Well guys! I see we narrowed down his list of options. LOL There's not a bad suggestion above including the continued use of your Grizzly. Let us know what you end up doing and if you get a new bow, post a picture.

From: northbow
Date: 29-Sep-10

Chekmate Falcon under $300

From: Shifting Shadow
Date: 29-Sep-10

Shifting Shadow's embedded Photo

Red Stag for $189.

I applied Tru-Oil.

From: cdworks
Date: 29-Sep-10

I think Gene Sanders Sells his "Classic" its a one piece LB for $350 not sure but it is a sweet shooter and extremely quiet. It on my list of bows to get....

From: acadianarcher
Date: 29-Sep-10

Chek Mate Kings Pawn, Samick Sage, some good old Bears

From: lad
Date: 29-Sep-10

I have a Greatree Archery Highlander XS 56 RH 55# 56" takedown recurve that I bought from Andover Archery as a second bow and it turned into my first bow. Easy to carry, grip is perfect (for me). Limbs produce great arrow flight and whole bow is very well made. The cost of $145.00 makes it even better.

From: John-Doc
Date: 29-Sep-10

Lots of good suggestions have been given, you have plenty of choices. I would consider a New Quinn, Samick, Check-mate, Mad-dog, Don-Dow or shop the ads for a used bow.

From: Buzz
Date: 29-Sep-10

Buzz's embedded Photo

Got this Ben Pearson BP-52 for $167.

From: DannyBows
Date: 10-Oct-10

I'm with Shifting Shadow on this one. I have a Samick Red Stag 3pc and it's just a sweet shooter. I was shocked and pleasantly surprised the first time I shot it. I certainly didn't expect the performance at that price. It's also as quiet as a Mouse fart, the quietest bow I own, and I have a Pronghorn 3pc and a 2pc Big Jim Buffalo to name a couple. The finish is not perfect, but is better than I expected. I also recently picked-up a Samick Nighthawk 3pc used. It's a higher end Samick, around $300 new. The finish on it is beautiful, and it is an awesome shooting bow. Fast, quiet, stable. I'm shooting it better than any of my other bows, including expensive customs. I'll be using it this season, and I just ordered a lighter set of limbs for when it gets colder. I'm sold on the Samicks as one of the best values for the money in bows.

From: Kent Alan
Date: 10-Oct-10

Either an old Howatt Hunter, a used Martin Hunter, a Sentman longbow (the Competition model is the best), a used Moosejaw Strikeforce, or a used Saxon American Traditional recurve. All should run you no more than $350 (the Martin Hunter or the Moosejaw Strikeforce MIGHT be a little more dependent on year/condition/seller quirks). Good Luck, God and Christ Bless!

From: GLF
Date: 10-Oct-10

You're gonna get all kinds of opinions. No one can call that one except you. One persons dream is anothers nightmare.Best thing is watch the classifieds. I have a Morrison with cocobolo/osage riser and english yew limbs with horn tips n overlays that woulda cost me well over 1000 new that I bought used for 300. Some guys try n get alot outa used bows but if you watch you can get great deals.

From: Don
Date: 10-Oct-10

A really expensive used one.

From: HighPockets
Date: 10-Oct-10

Just got a sweet Fox Breed recurve for $375. It looks like it just came from the maker! They're not hard to find!

From: hammer08
Date: 10-Oct-10

i've gotta think the grizzly is at the top of the list

From: muley
Date: 10-Oct-10

if i only had $350.00, i would be all over the classifieds. i started out with the cheapos and was never happy.

OSB, do you work for tradtech? everytime i read your posts it's like a commercial. MULEY

From: tqm96
Date: 10-Oct-10

Well guys thanks a bunch. I have lots to consider. First I will tune some arrows to my grizzly and go from there. thanks again

From: Airborne
Date: 11-Oct-10

The Bob Lee Hunter TD Recurve I am selling on the classifieds right now is the absolute best bow you can get for under $350!!!!

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