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traditionalman 04-Feb-09
dkard 04-Feb-09
jes 04-Feb-09
Leathercutter 04-Feb-09
Dan In MI 04-Feb-09
Eric Barnett 04-Feb-09
1445 20-Jul-09
fdp 20-Jul-09
Dan In MI 20-Jul-09
Magwah 20-Jul-09
gymratjim 22-Aug-10
Tex 08-Mar-14
tonto59 08-Mar-14
donald 17-Dec-17
TommyBoy 17-Dec-17
From: traditionalman
Date: 04-Feb-09

Does anyone out there know anything about the Grimes Archery Manufacturing Company. They made all aluminium bows back in the 1947 and 1948 period. I have one of their bows and wanted to know the value of the bow. It is in excellent shape but no information is on the bow. It is 60 inches long with static tips and and in excellent shape. I have to put it on the bow scale to find out what poundage it is.

From: dkard
Date: 04-Feb-09

I'm interested too. A friend of a friend has one he might want to sell and I would like to have one for my collection.

Thanks dave

From: jes
Date: 04-Feb-09

I have one, it is like new condition. I think I paid about $100 for it.

From: Leathercutter
Date: 04-Feb-09

DO NOT SHOOT IT !!! The reason they went out of business is that the bows BROKE and hurt people. I had one in about 1954 or so and when my Uncle found out about the problems he bought me a new Bear and replaced it. Then while using his own Grimes it broke and cut his head and arm and left scars for the rest of his life. A nice wall hanger and piece of archery history though. Value, hard to say.

From: Dan In MI
Date: 04-Feb-09

Grimes made bows up until the early 60's out of a hanger at Oakland-Pontiac Airport in Pontiac Mi (actually in Waterford, now called Oakland International) They all AL and AL risers with glass limbed bows. I have a friend that ran around with the owners son. There isn't a lot of info on Grimes.

The all AL can break without notice so do not shoot one if you have it. The AL fatigues and just suddenly gives way.

They seem to be getting a little more notice, but just a couple years ago they could be had for $40 or less if you payed attention.

From: Eric Barnett
Date: 04-Feb-09

Dan is correct. They were a distance relative on my Dad's side.I grew up about 30 miles from there. I have 2 of the recurves and one of there longbows.The one recurve was my dad's.He bought it new.I will cherish it forever.

From: 1445
Date: 20-Jul-09

1445's embedded Photo

I have a Grimes AL TD that belonged to my Uncle back in the 50's. I have had it since about 1965. Never had a string on it. I would like to find it a home that would appreshiate it.

Learned alot about Grimes from this site. I live 1/2 mile from the Airport where these were made. I have pic's and other data if anyone is interested. I don't know this site well enough to know where wnd how to "sell" somthing.

From: fdp
Date: 20-Jul-09

I've heard it advised not to shoot those bows. However, I've known people, particulalry in Ohio and Northern Kentucky who were still shooting the ones they bought in the 60's.

I've shot them, but never owned one.

From: Dan In MI
Date: 20-Jul-09


I would be very interested. I grew up in Waterford and still live in the area. I have taken an interest in Grimes bows since I bought mine at a garage sale. There doesn't seem to be much interest or knowledge of them outside of locals.

From: Magwah
Date: 20-Jul-09

I had an old grimes with laminated wood and glass limbs that fit into an aluminum riser. The limbs were very similar to a mid 50 Bear Kodiak (nicely made with reinforced limb tip overlays like the Kodiak). It was a nice shooter. The limbs were secured with an allen set screw and there was a black rubber grip.

From: gymratjim
Date: 22-Aug-10

I have a Grimes "SR" bow that I first used as a young boy in Pittsburgh,Pa. I believe it is approximatly 60 years old. It has an aluminum grip, with round Burgundy limbs. If anyone knows the value of this bow, I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks GymRatJim

From: Tex
Date: 08-Mar-14

Grimes was located southwest of the "Pontiac airport" on M-59 just East of Hospital rd. I went to school with the owners daughter, she was an acomplished Archer,! Donot shoot these bows,they are worthless when broken,but have collectors value for better examples if intact!

From: tonto59
Date: 08-Mar-14

tonto59's embedded Photo

I have one too. Not sure if it is a Grimes or not. Looks like it was painted black at one time. Most of the paint has worn off. I wonder how many they made? How many have broke? How many are still out there? They are only worth what a collector will pay for them. I heard they shot very well. To bad the aluminum just doesn't hold up. They are a unique part of archery history. If you get one. Just hang it on the wall.

From: donald
Date: 17-Dec-17

From: TommyBoy Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 17-Dec-17

I have 6 of them and I shoot them. They are great performers. They are fine to shoot unless you have a 30"+ draw lenght.

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