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jim stutesman 23-Jun-08
Bowinkle 23-Jun-08
Sipsey River 23-Jun-08
silverback 23-Jun-08
bostelbr 23-Jun-08
jeb 23-Jun-08
split finger 23-Jun-08
Weshood 23-Jun-08
NattyBumppo 23-Jun-08
Floxter 23-Jun-08
Let it fly 23-Jun-08
Stealth2 23-Jun-08
MStyles 23-Jun-08
Bowinkle 24-Jun-08
wahoo 24-Jun-08
stagetek 24-Jun-08
MStyles 24-Jun-08
From: jim stutesman Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 23-Jun-08

Can anyone advise if they have heard of American Archery? It seems like I have but cant remmember,Hell getten old. Jim

From: Bowinkle
Date: 23-Jun-08

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From: Sipsey River
Date: 23-Jun-08
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They made recurve bows back in the 60s or so. They were similar to Pearsons, Shakespeares etc. Most that I have seen were shorter bows. I have one in my used bow stock right now.

From: silverback
Date: 23-Jun-08

I ownwed a cheeta takedown made by american archery in the 70's , it shot good but was dog slow

From: bostelbr
Date: 23-Jun-08

Give this site a shot also:

Dave B

From: jeb
Date: 23-Jun-08

They made a compound with a nice looking wood riser. Wife still has hers but doesn't shoot it since I bought her three recurves. They were in Oconto Falls, Wisc.

From: split finger
Date: 23-Jun-08

I have seen a cheap arrow saw at bowhunter superstore of there's - I couldn't do it and purchased a different one. American archery needs a web site update

From: Weshood
Date: 23-Jun-08

Hello Jim, American Archery was owned by Larry Layer in the 70's. A great company making quality recurve bows. As I recall, it was located in Wisconsin. Larry and Oli his wife visited us when we lived in Miami. Bob

From: NattyBumppo
Date: 23-Jun-08

My wife just started shooting two weeks ago.I purchased her a American Archery Shark recurve off of Ebay.From the Archery archive site I found it was made around 1965.A beautiful bow in pristine condition 34#@28.She loves it.

From: Floxter
Date: 23-Jun-08

American Archery Company, (Amarco), made some quality bows in the 60s-70s. I had a 66" Amarco Special, 36# with a custom oversized palm swell. It shot beautifully. I gave it to a teenaged girl who has used it the last two years to win the IBO Indoor Worlds in Female Trad class.

From: Let it fly
Date: 23-Jun-08

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I've got an older American Archery Flash model. It's 30# and 60". It's right handed, (I'm a lefty) but I keep it around in case anyone wants to shoot it when they come over. It's a nice little bow for the $.


From: Stealth2 Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member
Date: 23-Jun-08

The made a recurve called the Nitro and Super Nitro..was one of the late Dan Quillians favorite bows back in the 60's.

From: MStyles
Date: 23-Jun-08

American Archery was in Clarendon Hills, Illinois from 1940 something until 1968. It was bought out by an investment group and moved to Oconto Falls, Wisc. I grew up in the town next to Clarendon Hills. When we were kids in the late 50's early 60's, we would make a bow from a tree limb, and ride our bicycles to the American Archery "factory" and buy a target arrow for a quarter. Then we'd ride home and shoot that arrow until we lost it or broke the point off. We entered American Archery from the side door and the smell of POC would make your head swim. A guy named Pinky ran the it. They sold all sorts of fun stuff for kids. Sling shots, boomerangs, and bows and arrows. A great time to be alive. I have had quite a few American Archery bows since 1998.

From: Bowinkle
Date: 24-Jun-08

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The link I posted above is in in operation today & is located in Illinois with a John Miller as President.

From: wahoo
Date: 24-Jun-08

ditto to all written above. I have one and it is a real nice shooter. Real nice tree stand or ground blind bow. Short bow nice shooter

From: stagetek
Date: 24-Jun-08

It was located in Oconto Falls WI. Whiffen Archery carried their line of bows for years. I can't remember if they made a compound, but know a few who owned and liked their recurves.

From: MStyles
Date: 24-Jun-08 is fairly new. I first saw his bows in his first website. He's not affiliated with the original and now defunct American Archery.

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