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What wax for 2 piece take down bows

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azhunter 07-Apr-21
fdp 07-Apr-21
pipcount 07-Apr-21
GLF 07-Apr-21
Live2Hunt 07-Apr-21
aromakr 07-Apr-21
Trad PA 07-Apr-21
Cameron Root 07-Apr-21
M60gunner 07-Apr-21
RymanCat 07-Apr-21
Pa Steve 08-Apr-21
Smokedinpa 08-Apr-21
1/4 away 08-Apr-21
Selden Slider 08-Apr-21
M60gunner 08-Apr-21
Rough Run 08-Apr-21
pipcount 08-Apr-21
Live2Hunt 08-Apr-21
Brad Lehmann 08-Apr-21
monkeyball 09-Apr-21
Ovilla Bill 09-Apr-21
From: azhunter
Date: 07-Apr-21

I have a Cari-bow Tuktu EX 2 piece and I was wondering what to put on the take down system. This model has the type that just pulls straight out and then you just match it up and push back in. I got it used a year or so ago and I just got to thinking I might want to put some type of wax on it but I was thinking bow string wax may be too sticky.

From: fdp
Date: 07-Apr-21

The danger with wax is that it can attract and hold grit, which can cause the joint to jam up.

I would just polish it up periodically.

From: pipcount
Date: 07-Apr-21

I am a hobbyist on woodworking and metalworking.. so have used wax here and there for stuff.

String wax would be a NO- it never hardens up. FDP nailed it.

I have used auto wax on stuff where I wanted a super light lube...carnuba wax or whatever, it seems to form a very hard and light coat + it polishes! I suspect maybe that was FDP's idea as well.

From: GLF
Date: 07-Apr-21

Hills come with toilet bowl wax.

From: Live2Hunt
Date: 07-Apr-21

Wes Wallace say's to put toilet joni ring wax on it. That's what I do, I bought a new one of coarse.

From: aromakr Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member
Date: 07-Apr-21

If its Cariboo's standard fiberglass socket sleeve it needs nothing. no lube of any kind.


From: Trad PA
Date: 07-Apr-21

Widow says just the basic bohning string wax, it’s in a red tube

From: Cameron Root
Date: 07-Apr-21

Nothing on fiberglass sleeve. Rooty

From: M60gunner
Date: 07-Apr-21

Got to save this thread. My Wes Wallace won’t be ready until October and by then I will forget what comments are .

From: RymanCat
Date: 07-Apr-21

Ear wax and rub it in and polish it in. Good protection. I use on strings sometimes too.

From: Pa Steve
Date: 08-Apr-21

Why not contact Abe and ask him? He'd probably give you the best advice.

From: Smokedinpa
Date: 08-Apr-21

Abe’s son said wax it. I just used string wax but toilet wax is probably better.

From: 1/4 away Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 08-Apr-21

Maybe just a small dab of white lithium grease rubbed on the sleeve connectors.

From: Selden Slider
Date: 08-Apr-21

I've always used bowstring wax with no issues. Juat don't over do it. Frank

From: M60gunner
Date: 08-Apr-21

What about something like silicone oil. I mean the super fine stuff like used in old race car carburetors. It’s super slick and a drop or two goes a long way. Of course keeping it away from the bows finish is understandable.

From: Rough Run
Date: 08-Apr-21

Would powdered graphite, like hobbyist model makers use, work for something like that? Virtually no scent, and a little goes a long way. Just thinking out loud.

From: pipcount
Date: 08-Apr-21

Guys, I hope you take this well.. just having fun:

Wow! Toilet wax. What will they think of next? I loved the idea so much I just pulled my toilet up and grabbed some today.

Benefits: The color matches the brown handle on my bow perfectly. I am pretty certain this will help mask my scent in the woods. Still sticky as s_ _ _


From: Live2Hunt
Date: 08-Apr-21

See pipcount, that is why I said I buy a new one!!!

From: Brad Lehmann
Date: 08-Apr-21

pipcount-that used wax has an odor that scares deer off. Women too

From: monkeyball
Date: 09-Apr-21

Simoniz makes a furniture wax. You rub it on, let it dry, then rub it off.

I think it would be just what you are looking for.

Good Shooting->->->->Craig

From: Ovilla Bill
Date: 09-Apr-21

Take a look at Abe's web site. Bee's wax worked great on both my Tuktu EX and my Slynx. Abe recommends lubricating annually.

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