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Gray Goose Shaft 13-Jan-21
Nevadabulls 13-Jan-21
Brassbandit 13-Jan-21
Jeff Durnell 14-Jan-21
Shootalot 14-Jan-21
Stoner 14-Jan-21
Stoner 14-Jan-21
DougInMN 14-Jan-21
Wayne Hess 14-Jan-21
Bowmanmatt 14-Jan-21
Wayne Hess 15-Jan-21
From: Gray Goose Shaft
Date: 13-Jan-21

Gray Goose Shaft's embedded Photo

I just ordered this seven pound book from at a great discount. I'm hoping to better understand laminated bow design. At 700 pages, I'm looking forward to this "gold mine of traditional archery how-to, bow theory, and general information."

I'll post when I receive the book, meanwhile I'll continue to practice engaging back tension and pulling through the shot.

From: Nevadabulls
Date: 13-Jan-21

If you read and understand the methodology and principles he so meticulously explains in the book you will know why these are some of the best shooting traditional longbows ever built.

From: Brassbandit
Date: 13-Jan-21

Very cool. I look forward to pictures of you putting the information to use.

From: Jeff Durnell
Date: 14-Jan-21

That's why I bought it too. But if you go deep into that mine take a canary with you, cuz I think he may have ran low on oxygen a time or two :) Lets just say there's a few things I'm glad I tested for myself. It does have plenty of good info in it. You'll like it.

From: Shootalot
Date: 14-Jan-21

It has a little more information than I can digest but for some, I'm sure it is interesting reading.

From: Stoner
Date: 14-Jan-21

I also found it to be overwhelming at times. Went back thru with a highlighter pen . John

From: Stoner
Date: 14-Jan-21

Been trying to understand the trapezoidal design of the early Grumley's and build an all wood static design. John

From: DougInMN
Date: 14-Jan-21

I have really enjoyed the book so far has a GREAT DEAL of good information in it. Got the book for Christmas from my son have skimmed through it and now am going back through reading and highlighting. An all wood bow with trapped limbs and static tips is what I am chasing as well.

From: Wayne Hess
Date: 14-Jan-21

Back when Jack first came out with book $80.00 now on close out sale $45.00, I always would have liked to have gotten one of his bows. Good luck Gray Goose

From: Bowmanmatt
Date: 14-Jan-21

Bowmanmatt's embedded Photo

That’s why I have been a huge fan of Jack B Harrison all these years. Here is my Siberian Wolf. A rare(ish) bow.

From: Wayne Hess
Date: 15-Jan-21

A leftie in a Siberian Wolf might be more rareish bow in 45# @ 28” and 66”-68” long. Nice looking

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