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Dumb arrow tuning question

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Matt 13-Jan-21
Orion 13-Jan-21
fdp 13-Jan-21
TB 13-Jan-21
TradToTheBone 13-Jan-21
The Whittler 13-Jan-21
BigStriper 13-Jan-21
GF 13-Jan-21
nock nock 13-Jan-21
Matt 14-Jan-21
deerhunt51 14-Jan-21
opr8r 14-Jan-21
Shakey Jake 14-Jan-21
Bowmania 14-Jan-21
NY Yankee 14-Jan-21
northerner 14-Jan-21
Steve P 14-Jan-21
marco 17-Jan-21
Car54 17-Jan-21
From: Matt
Date: 13-Jan-21

This seems so simple, but I don’t know the answer. When you’re tuning arrows and you’re in the process of gradually shortening the arrow to stiffen it’s dynamic spine, how do you do that with glue-in inserts on carbon shafts? If you’re bare-shafting, you can shorten from the nock end, but if you’re pairing with a fletched arrow of the same length, you have to cut the fletched arrow from the tip, lest you get too close to the fletchings. But the insert is glued in. If you don’t glue it, the tip stays in the target.

From: Orion Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 13-Jan-21

Yep. That's pretty much the case. Can use a hot melt glue for the inserts. A pain, but they are removable. Some folks take plumbers/thread tape and wrap that around the insert before pushing it into the shaft. That's sometimes enough to keep it from pulling out.

From: fdp
Date: 13-Jan-21

I go the plumbers tape or plastic wrap route.

From: TB Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 13-Jan-21

Use the blue low temp. melt glue. Just heat up the field point, put it in the insert, wait a few seconds and it will pull right out.

From: TradToTheBone
Date: 13-Jan-21

TB and I use same method.

From: The Whittler
Date: 13-Jan-21

Big Jim's hot melt. Easy to use and holds great and you can remove the insert easy with heat. He has a video on it also.

From: BigStriper
Date: 13-Jan-21

I use hot melt.


From: GF
Date: 13-Jan-21

I just used the blue hotmelt for the first time the other night, and BOY, is it easy to use.

From: nock nock
Date: 13-Jan-21

remove the knock cut the arrow put the knock back in.

From: Matt
Date: 14-Jan-21

Hot melt! It’s not just for sandwiches. I’ll give it a try. Thanks fellas.

From: deerhunt51
Date: 14-Jan-21

Blue glue stick and only heat insert hot enough to melt glue, then cool with water.

From: opr8r
Date: 14-Jan-21

Big Jim’s hot not put the heat directly on the shaft.

From: Shakey Jake
Date: 14-Jan-21

Blue glue Hot water to remove from arrow. Flame to put glue on insert. Heat only the inset

From: Bowmania Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 14-Jan-21

I don't like heating carbon more than once. Yea, you can tell me you've never had a problem, but you will before I do. ARROWS ARE EXPENSIVE.

I use cellophane and a bag target. One wrap of cellophane makes it snug enough for a bag target although I wouldn't shoot into excelsor.


From: NY Yankee
Date: 14-Jan-21

This is one reason I dislike carbon shafting.

From: northerner
Date: 14-Jan-21

I do the same as Bowmania. I have a bag target I made by stuffing a doubled up burlap bag with any plastic bags or sheet plastic I can get. I pack the burlap bag so it looks like a very thick pillow. The cost is under $2 for a burlap bag and the plastic is free. You can zig-zap a string through the open top with a yarn needle. Use cellophane or light tape to wrap around the insert to hold it on. If the tip pulls off in the bag, just pull out the string, reach inside and get it out.

From: Steve P
Date: 14-Jan-21

Plastic/cellophane works well with bag target. These days I don't cut a lot of shafting, but if I need to, hot melt glue and remove with hot water.

Bowmania, do you believe the hot water removal affects the integrity of the shaft?


From: marco
Date: 17-Jan-21

I have always used hot melt with an insert tool. To remove an insert easily, screw in the tool, put tension on between the tool handle and the arrow shaft with your hands and heat the tool shaft. Yhe insert will come out before the shaft is heated.

From: Car54 Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 17-Jan-21

Big Jim’s hot-melt.

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