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Weight reduction

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Sparky 13-Jan-21
Orion 13-Jan-21
Sparky 14-Jan-21
JRT51 14-Jan-21
deerhunt51 14-Jan-21
From: Sparky
Date: 13-Jan-21

I have gone down in weight over the years. Mostly due to injury. With my recent shoulder surgery I'm wondering if I'll be able to move back up some. Have any of you with repairs been able to move up after a year or two? I have a Kota Prairie Nomad longbow that I love. I had planned on sending it to Ken for a reduction and thinking I might hold off on that. It's 49# and I'm at the lower 40's for the most part now. Thanks, Greg.

From: Orion Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 13-Jan-21

Yes. You should be able to move backup in weight as your shoulder heals and gets stronger. It would help if you have a lighter bow to shoot now. Then, as your shoulder strengthens, you can incorporate your heavier bow into your shooting, at first just a few arrows per session. Move to more arrows per session as you feel comfortable dong so.

More difficult to do if you have only one bow. Need to be sure shouder is totally healed. Then start with just a few arrows per session, or maybe even partial drawing for several weeks until you feel you can draw to your draw length comfortably. Then start shooting a few arrows per session. Good luck.

From: Sparky
Date: 14-Jan-21

I have three lower weight bows I'll use to work back up. Still just kind of wondering after a couple major repairs if I can expect to get stronger. I have a long way to go but thinking about it makes me hesitant. I don't even want to think about injuring it again.

From: JRT51
Date: 14-Jan-21

I would take two or three months of steady work on strengthening before I would do the weight reduction on a bow you really enjoy shooting at the higher weight , especially a long bow which doesn't have the option of other limbs. I took the quick option on a bow I really liked and regretted the reduction. Two months of strengthening later I felt I had turned a stallion into a gelding.

From: deerhunt51
Date: 14-Jan-21

Hope you feel better and get stronger. I have killed all my trad deer with lower 40# at my draw. Even when I shot a 48# @ 27" modern longbow, I was only drawing 44# and shot a large northern doe that was 170 plus pounds arrow entering from front tight shoulder to off side hind breaking femur bone at 25 yards. I always have great results even down to 40# bows drawn less then 28". I think you will do fine with a 40# bow.

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