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4 fletch

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Sipsey River 08-Apr-20
ESP 08-Apr-20
MikeT 08-Apr-20
Lost arrow 08-Apr-20
GF 08-Apr-20
Steve P 08-Apr-20
sheepdogreno 08-Apr-20
Longcruise 08-Apr-20
fdp 08-Apr-20
Clydebow 08-Apr-20
Sipsey River 08-Apr-20
Gray Goose Shaft 08-Apr-20
raghorn 08-Apr-20
Smokedinpa 08-Apr-20
Scoop 09-Apr-20
Huntschool 09-Apr-20
Rough Run 09-Apr-20
GUTPILE PA 09-Apr-20
Supernaut 09-Apr-20
Bowmania 09-Apr-20
swampbowman 09-Apr-20
Babbling Bob 09-Apr-20
Supernaut 09-Apr-20
James 09-Apr-20
Nemophilist 09-Apr-20
fourfletch 09-Apr-20
GF 09-Apr-20
Wapiti - - M. S. 09-Apr-20
Bryce 09-Apr-20
GF 09-Apr-20
From: Sipsey River
Date: 08-Apr-20

Sipsey River's embedded Photo

I shot using 4 fletch for years and for some reason I changed to 3. Being a little bored this week and having a bunch of old feathers, I decided to re-fletch a few arrows using my person custom designed 4 fletch. I have not yet shot them. What do you think of these?

From: ESP
Date: 08-Apr-20

I like 4 fletch personally. My friends make fun of me for the amount of feathers. I answer that I am a whole lot of not perfect.

From: MikeT
Date: 08-Apr-20

My old multi fletcher does 4 fletch, I did some flu flus many years ago, but It put 2 closer together on each side, not equal spaced, not sure whats up with that

From: Lost arrow
Date: 08-Apr-20

MikeT, my old fletcher won’t do 4 - 90 degrees. I do 4 at 120 X 60 degrees . Do all my Flu-Flus and occasionally my 4” shields and I think they shoot just fine.

From: GF
Date: 08-Apr-20

I think your 4-fletch costs 33% more per shaft.

Other than that, I think you've got 3 more arrows in your quiver.

From: Steve P
Date: 08-Apr-20

Look nice. 4X90 ?


From: sheepdogreno
Date: 08-Apr-20

I have shooting the 2in rayzr feathers in 4 fletch for awhile. I like it but even 3 2in fly great. Doesn’t take a lot to stabilize a well tuned arrow and I feel like the 2in feathers are less effected by wind

From: Longcruise
Date: 08-Apr-20

I think your 4-fletch costs 33% more per shaft."

I use full length, a burner and fletch four 4". $$ saved 8^)

From: fdp
Date: 08-Apr-20

Those look good.

From: Clydebow
Date: 08-Apr-20

Look good John.

From: Sipsey River
Date: 08-Apr-20

Yes, 4 set at 90 degrees.

From: Gray Goose Shaft
Date: 08-Apr-20

Gray Goose Shaft's embedded Photo

"What do you think of these?"

I think that they look exciting because they remind me of the gray goose shafts that the English gave to the French.

From: raghorn
Date: 08-Apr-20

My old Bitz does 75x105, 90, and 120. I prefer the 75x105

From: Smokedinpa
Date: 08-Apr-20

I like 4 fletch and those arrows look nice.

From: Scoop Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 09-Apr-20

I’m a four fletch fan and like the shape of yours.

From: Huntschool
Date: 09-Apr-20

I just started fooling with 60x120 with 4 3" feathers. They shoot great so far and I picked up just a little bit of speed over my 5" 3 fletch.

I am playing around and want to try 4x120 3" low profile banana and see what happens. Good way to spend a day.

From: Rough Run
Date: 09-Apr-20

Yours look good. I prefer 4-fletch. Allows me to use shorter, lower profile feathers which I find are quieter, less affected by the elements, easier to manage in all quivers, and show wear & tear less.

Date: 09-Apr-20

Looking good

From: Supernaut
Date: 09-Apr-20

Look good, I like them. I shoot 4 fletch out of all of my bows in various lengths and feather shapes.

From: Bowmania Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 09-Apr-20

A bare shaft flys straight, the only reason for four fletch is if you like slower and louder.

Just experiment with 4 and 3 four in feathers. I did and now I shoot 3 two inch.

In archery change is slow, took me 20 years to change to carbon and I bought them when they first came out. The reason every one shoots 5 inch is because years ago and I mean Indian years ago, fletching was always long. That's because they didn't have a constant spine of an aluminum or carbon arrow. It was need to get different stiffness of arrows to fly straight.

A bare shaft on a tuned arrow will have the same paradox as a fletched shaft.


From: swampbowman
Date: 09-Apr-20

Big feathers do look nice and 16" of feathers will straighten out a less than perfectly tuned arrow / broadhead combination for sure. Seems like their are two camps when it comes to fletching preference here. One group likes the look of a quiver full of fluffy feathers and the other prefers smaller , quieter,cheaper, more efficient feathers or even waterproof vanes on their projectiles. I admit nobody ever tells me " Those 2 1/2" vanes sure look nice . "

From: Babbling Bob Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 09-Apr-20

Always liked four fletch. Don't care for the 90 degree fletcher set up as much as the offset four fletching. Used to see a lot of it at field archery events, and it was great way to get some feather area with those real short feathers or hard target vanes. Always seen it with the same color feathers, which makes common sense, and saves money buying different colors too.

Was thinking.......a fella could fletch with different colors too, and even mix-up real bright colors (red, yellow, white, and blue) to have'em all different. Sort of a rainbow affect. Just sitting round, drinking coffee.

From: Supernaut
Date: 09-Apr-20

"A bare shaft flys straight, the only reason for four fletch is if you like slower and louder."

Or, maybe guys like the way they look and shoot for them. Or maybe guys don't want to change and could care less about what you or anyone else shoots. Maybe guys like 5 inch fletching and not following a 37 step process for tying their shoes.

According to your logic Bowmania why aren't you just shooting bareshafts since fletching only makes arrows "slower and louder"?

From: James
Date: 09-Apr-20

I think the four feathers look good. I can understand being bored and just doing something like this to see how they look, and I can understand doing it simply because of being curious about how they will perform. Now that my curiosity has been arrowsed, I wonder how two 3" feathers will perform.

From: Nemophilist
Date: 09-Apr-20

I've been shooting recurves or longbows for 51 years. I've tried 3", 4", 5", and 5 1/2" fletching. I've tried parabolic, sheild, banana, pope and young, flu flu, indian, to name a few. I've also shot bare shafts, 2 fletch, 3 fletch, 4 fletch, and 6 fletch. And I've tried straight fletch, kicked fletch, and helical fletched. Also both left wing and right wing. Shoot what you like and what you shoot the best, and don't care what anyone else thinks.

From: fourfletch Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 09-Apr-20

My handle says it all!

Looks like we have a lot of folks sitting around, drinking coffee ( or ..... ) trying to find something to do.

From: GF
Date: 09-Apr-20

And what’s pretty funny (to me!) is that I have a few dozen feathers that are really just odds & ends acquired in trades or sent my way by guys who were no longer shooting that length, cut, or color and figured (quite rightly ) that I could put them to good use...

So now I’m debating between 2-fletch or three, because while I think I’m pretty well tuned, there’s always a chance that any arrow of mine will suffer some damage and find it’s way into a quiver belonging to one of my boys... in which case they’ll be much too stiff...

And it would be a false economy to go with 2 to save 1if I’d just end up stripping them down and re-fletching with 3.

I suppose I could upgrade a 2-fletch to 4-fletch later on down the road if need be. They won’t be winning any beauty contests either way....

Decisions, decisions.....

I’m still working on a template for a custom, 4” or 4 1/2” French Curve... might want to come up with an medium-high profile 3”- 3 1/2” variant as well, just to cut down on any waste... I do love the looks of 3, 5” helical shields, but now that I know how to make my arrows fly straight with nothing but shaft back there, it does seem a little nuts to add drag or noise to a hunting arrow or miss high or low any more often around the 3D course, where a lot of our targets are backed up to solid rock...

From: Wapiti - - M. S. Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 09-Apr-20

Like your 4 fletch Sipsey River,i use 4 fletch 4inch parabolic.

From: Bryce Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 09-Apr-20

I like 4 fletch and hunt with it. It’s nice to nock an arrow and not worry about lining up a cock feather!

From: GF
Date: 09-Apr-20

Don't have to worry about it no matter what your fletch job is ;)

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