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String silencer wear at top.

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Archer 14-Aug-19
Lefty38-55 14-Aug-19
bowfitz 14-Aug-19
fdp 14-Aug-19
George D. Stout 14-Aug-19
MCNSC 14-Aug-19
Rick Barbee 14-Aug-19
Smokedinpa 14-Aug-19
Archer 14-Aug-19
rraming 14-Aug-19
kginrick 14-Aug-19
M60gunner 15-Aug-19
r.grider 15-Aug-19
Wild Bill 15-Aug-19
From: Archer
Date: 14-Aug-19

It seems that my top yarn puff comes apart well before my lower one. Any clues on why that would happen? I don’t have that happen with beaver balls just the puffs. They are mounted on 8 strand strings from sbd so I feel I have good quality. It’s like they take more vibration. I just thought they should wear evenly. Just wondering.

From: Lefty38-55
Date: 14-Aug-19

I’d opine it’s rated to how the bow is tillered ...

From: bowfitz
Date: 14-Aug-19

I agree with lefty,also how you shoot 3nder or split.

From: fdp
Date: 14-Aug-19

I've never heard of that in life. I have wool puffs on strings that have been on there for years.

From: George D. Stout Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 14-Aug-19

I'm with fdp, I have no idea what would do that.

Date: 14-Aug-19

I have the same thing happen but with the bottom silencers.

From: Rick Barbee
Date: 14-Aug-19

It generally means the limbs are quite a bit out of time, and the silencer wearing the most is the end of the string vibrating the most.

Out of curiosity - what is the tiller of the bow?


From: Smokedinpa
Date: 14-Aug-19

My bottom one wears faster on the bow I shoot with a crawl.

From: Archer
Date: 14-Aug-19

I shoot split finger It’s a bear sk td. I wish I could tell you what the tiller is but I would need a lesson to do that. It also happens on a black widow I have also a recurve.

From: rraming Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 14-Aug-19

Stop chewing on it!

From: kginrick
Date: 14-Aug-19

Placement on the string may also lead to more vibration on one end or the other.Also would this be tied yarn puffs or just wrapping yarn around fingers and just placing it in between the string bundles? II have no wear on tied in puffs more so on those placed between the bundles

From: M60gunner
Date: 15-Aug-19

Now you have me wondering. I have a similar issue but with whiskers on one of my recurves. The top one “falls apart” after awhile. I thought at first I wasn’t tying it on tight enough. But after two sets, maybe I have a tiller issue? Have to check it when I get home.

From: r.grider
Date: 15-Aug-19

Never had an issue with any silencer wearing. Can you post pic of strung bow ? Im assuming you have them both located at same distance from end of string ?

From: Wild Bill
Date: 15-Aug-19

It may have something to do with how your store/take down the bow.

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