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Footed arrow shafts.

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24on48hunting 13-Aug-19
Jim Davis 13-Aug-19
KenWood 13-Aug-19
Sailor 14-Aug-19
Jon Stewart 14-Aug-19
M60gunner 14-Aug-19
mparker762 14-Aug-19
NY Yankee 14-Aug-19
George Tsoukalas 14-Aug-19
ohma2 14-Aug-19
From: 24on48hunting
Date: 13-Aug-19

How do you go about footing a wooden arrow shaft and what do I need to get to be able to do so on an 11/32 arrow? Thanks for any help.

From: Jim Davis
Date: 13-Aug-19

Traditional Bowyer's Bible Vol. III Has a good chapter on how to do it.

Or, you can buy Reparrows from 3Rivers.

From: KenWood
Date: 13-Aug-19

Clay Hayes has a good video on it. You can buy a jig from three rivers that will get you on your way. It’s a lot of work but always cool to try something new. Good luck!

From: Sailor
Date: 14-Aug-19

I posted a build along that you can find if you do a search under my handle. When I get home in a few days I can give you a link.

From: Jon Stewart
Date: 14-Aug-19

you talking about repairing an arrow or making a four point footed arrow shaft. Big difference.

From: M60gunner
Date: 14-Aug-19

The jig 3Rivers sells works good if you have access to a router and router table or a drill press. The ultimate setup is the jig and saw blade sold by Traditional Products Inc. There’s a YouTube video showing how it’s done. There are other ways to make the jig from wood blocks. I saw plans on Traditional Archery Society website under arrow making.

From: mparker762
Date: 14-Aug-19

I've got a bunch that I've footed with Reparrows after I changed my anchor point and extended my draw from 25 1/2" to 27 3/4". They don't look as pretty as four point footed shafts, but they have proven extremely stout and don't need any special equipment beyond your standard taper tool. 3Rivers sells them.

From: NY Yankee
Date: 14-Aug-19

Check this out

From: George Tsoukalas
Date: 14-Aug-19

Info on y site.


From: ohma2
Date: 14-Aug-19

Made a bunch of them years ago always called them my show off arrows cauce they are sure a pleasure to look at when you get the splices right and put some fancy fletch on them.

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