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Will tell 08-Aug-19
Clydebow 08-Aug-19
Muskyhunter 08-Aug-19
NY Yankee 08-Aug-19
Nemophilist 08-Aug-19
GF 08-Aug-19
oletrapper 08-Aug-19
Danny Pyle 08-Aug-19
Sawtooth (Original) 08-Aug-19
Buhbuh73 08-Aug-19
Uncle Lijiah 08-Aug-19
Sipsey River 08-Aug-19
Bootaka 08-Aug-19
Tom McCool 08-Aug-19
Andy Man 08-Aug-19
Jack 08-Aug-19
M60gunner 08-Aug-19
UpNorth 08-Aug-19
3D Archery 08-Aug-19
Pa Steve 08-Aug-19
hawkeye in PA 08-Aug-19
Big Mo 08-Aug-19
Babysaph 08-Aug-19
ButchMo 08-Aug-19
grizz 08-Aug-19
George D. Stout 08-Aug-19
papadeerhtr 08-Aug-19
Riverwolf 08-Aug-19
Wayne Hess 08-Aug-19
DarrinG 08-Aug-19
HerbP 08-Aug-19
bigdaddy 08-Aug-19
Witherstick 08-Aug-19
badgerman 08-Aug-19
sake3 08-Aug-19
Riverwolf 08-Aug-19
shade mt 08-Aug-19
DanaC 08-Aug-19
redbuffalo 08-Aug-19
grizz 08-Aug-19
song dog 08-Aug-19
Smokedinpa 08-Aug-19
justinammons 08-Aug-19
badger 08-Aug-19
FireChief Jeff 09-Aug-19
Nrthernrebel05 09-Aug-19
sammyg 09-Aug-19
Arkie 09-Aug-19
JusPassin 09-Aug-19
Leathercutter 10-Aug-19
Rutnomore 10-Aug-19
Dale Rohrbeck 10-Aug-19
Missouribreaks 10-Aug-19
4t5 10-Aug-19
longshot 10-Aug-19
cacciatore 10-Aug-19
Troy Frasier 10-Aug-19
nomo 10-Aug-19
Sarge 10-Aug-19
Shawn 10-Aug-19
Sarge 10-Aug-19
Will tell 10-Aug-19
Johnny Koester 10-Aug-19
Nimrod 10-Aug-19
GLF 10-Aug-19
zonic 10-Aug-19
Wild Bill 11-Aug-19
George Tsoukalas 11-Aug-19
Tradarcher4fun 11-Aug-19
newt 11-Aug-19
Jinkster 11-Aug-19
mangonboat 11-Aug-19
TradBrewSC 11-Aug-19
69 super kodiak 14-Aug-19
Eriebuck 14-Aug-19
algstick 14-Aug-19
Krag 14-Aug-19
Bowguy 14-Aug-19
SuperK 14-Aug-19
wingman 14-Aug-19
Live2hunt 14-Aug-19
trad47 14-Aug-19
Sasquatch73 15-Aug-19
Beginner 15-Aug-19
timex 15-Aug-19
Pappy 1952 16-Aug-19
RymanCat 16-Aug-19
woodsman 16-Aug-19
tecum-tha 16-Aug-19
Treeman 16-Aug-19
ARCOMAN 17-Aug-19
WV Mountaineer 17-Aug-19
Riverwolf 17-Aug-19
RJH1 17-Aug-19
wonderbowman 17-Aug-19
Will tell 17-Aug-19
MStyles 17-Aug-19
From: Will tell
Date: 08-Aug-19

There seems to be difference of opinion on a lot of things on here. I wonder how different we are. Here is a survey and put in what mostly describes you.

1. Mostly hunt and practice 20 yards and under mostly to be good enough to hunt

2. Hunter and 3D shooter who just shoots for fun. Practices once or twice a week and a fair shot out to 30 yards. Doesn't care about competing.

3. Hunter, 3D shooter, and Target archer who practices often and is serious about form and competing.

4. Target archer who competes seriously.

I'll go first, I used to be a number 2, hunter and 3D shooter but now I'm mostly a number 1, practice close and dont shoot 3D anymore.

From: Clydebow
Date: 08-Aug-19

Well, Combination of one and three, but they are all fun. Just because one thing isn't fun for one person, doesn't mean it's not for another. Hence the title of your post.

From: Muskyhunter
Date: 08-Aug-19


From: NY Yankee
Date: 08-Aug-19

#1. My shooting has been limited to a 20 yard range. Good enough for me. I never cared for bow shots 30 or more. Just the way I roll.

From: Nemophilist
Date: 08-Aug-19

1. Mostly bowhunter and practice mostly 30 yards and closer. I do shoot longer shots just for fun.

3. Hunter, 3D shooter, and Target archer who practices every day and is serious about form. As far as competing I was serious about it from 1988 to 2002. Since then I'll compete every now and then but not to often.

From: GF
Date: 08-Aug-19

None of the above, but all of them, too...

Non-competing 2.5 who shoots out to about a Fetrow whenever my arrow supply will permit.

From: oletrapper
Date: 08-Aug-19

#1. I dont shoot 3d targets, only 3d stumps and animals.

From: Danny Pyle
Date: 08-Aug-19

1 and 2

From: Sawtooth (Original) Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 08-Aug-19


From: Buhbuh73
Date: 08-Aug-19

I’m not ant of those I shoot as much as I can because I enjoy archery I’m a fair shot but rarely hunt anymore shoot 3d occasionally but not a competitive person I’m only trying to be better than I was before and have fun with it

From: Uncle Lijiah
Date: 08-Aug-19

#1. If i couldn’t bowhunt, I’d probably still shoot, but my main motivation & enthusiasm would be gone.

From: Sipsey River
Date: 08-Aug-19

Not on the list, serious 3d shooter. Make it #5.

From: Bootaka
Date: 08-Aug-19

Bootaka's embedded Photo

2 would be closest, I shoot more than twice a week. The only thing I'm serious about is entertainment. That said, 100yds+ entertain me the most.

You can ignore the compound arrows.

From: Tom McCool
Date: 08-Aug-19

1 and 2 with more practice days then noted.

From: Andy Man
Date: 08-Aug-19

Andy Man's embedded Photo

Mainly stump shooter, hunt quite a bit (kill less by choice)

some 3-D

shoot any distance that catches my eye

Mainly long roves with my stumping buddy

From: Jack
Date: 08-Aug-19


From: M60gunner
Date: 08-Aug-19

Guess I fall in ther somewhere. I do mostly “shooting” of animal targets with 3D and a little hunting thrown in. A couple times a week if it’s not blazing hot. Archery is one of my hobbies as well.

From: UpNorth Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 08-Aug-19

3, with alot of 1 sprinkled on top. I take targets seriously but I'm a bowhunter first.

From: 3D Archery
Date: 08-Aug-19

None of the above.

Just like to shoot, does not matter what it is (3D, Field, Horse, Stump, etc), how far it is or where it is.

Love 3D, because it combines two things I love the outdoors and Archery. Now if they could make fit that into a race with cars, well I would be in heaven. Rally 3D!

From: Pa Steve
Date: 08-Aug-19

1 but I also really enjoy building selfbows.

From: hawkeye in PA
Date: 08-Aug-19

# 3, like shooting the eighty yard field target and pretty much a ground hunter that likes the closer the better any more. Which, for me, is a tremendous challenge and keeps it interesting.

From: Big Mo
Date: 08-Aug-19

1 for me. But I am very competitive. Just for fun though, among friends.

From: Babysaph
Date: 08-Aug-19


From: ButchMo
Date: 08-Aug-19

#1 plus stumps.

From: grizz
Date: 08-Aug-19

#1 but I do practice past 20 for fun just limit huntin to 20 and under.

From: George D. Stout Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 08-Aug-19

I come from a field archery background so most of my practice shots fall from 20ft to 80 yards, but some may go over a hundred yards at times depending on my mood and the room I have to shoot. Archery has never been just bowhunting to me. Bowhunting is something I do that stemmed from me being an archer. If there was no bowhunting, I would still shoot as much as I do now, and likely spend as much time in the woods. How far I shoot at an animal is dependent on each situation, not on yardage numbers.

From: papadeerhtr
Date: 08-Aug-19

#2 used to compete seriously but lost the fun of just shooting took the joy away.

From: Riverwolf
Date: 08-Aug-19

Riverwolf's embedded Photo

#1....I do often shoot @ longer yardages for joy of watching the arrow fly and keeping the under 20 sharp . NOTHING better for the brains judgements on field distances than shooting in the fields....for me ;)

From: Wayne Hess
Date: 08-Aug-19

1 And 2, With some varieties. ? ;^)

From: DarrinG
Date: 08-Aug-19


From: HerbP Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 08-Aug-19

HerbP's embedded Photo

Well, the joy of traditional shooting is just that, shooting. I've never seen or heard of a compound shooter taking practice shots while out hunting. So I'm a hunter first, but love to shoot my bows and do so most days of the week during my lunch hour.

From: bigdaddy
Date: 08-Aug-19


From: Witherstick
Date: 08-Aug-19

In this family we are non-scoring “3’s” more than anything. We practice nearly every day working on form etc. We just attended our 17th 3D shoot this year and that is a typical spring/summer for us. We love hunting and being in that role in nature. However, we did the keeping score thing for a couple of years and did quite well. For us the scoring took away from the enjoyment of shooting and interaction with others.

From: badgerman Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member
Date: 08-Aug-19

I would say 1 and 2.

From: sake3
Date: 08-Aug-19

Don't hunt,don't walk much but there are woods in back of my house.Shoot mostly 20 and under,take lessons several times a month.Read about archery give lessons when i get the chance.Learning to shoot sitting down.OH,YEAH complain about USA Archery because i'm a luddite and it is an important organization.

From: Riverwolf
Date: 08-Aug-19

Us #1 gents are kinda getting a misleading answer option. I "Think" most of us hunter driven types love to shoot and do daily or almost daily . Just some of us aren't into crowds or 3d is all .;)

From: shade mt
Date: 08-Aug-19

bowhuntingg only never had much of an interest in trying competition shooting. Or archery shoots. I do shoot amost every day weather permitting. But I practice to hunt, but I want to be as accurate as I can and strive for it.

From: DanaC
Date: 08-Aug-19

2.5 ;-)

From: redbuffalo
Date: 08-Aug-19

I guess I would be a number 3. Only competition l worry about is my own shooting. I shoot for fun but also am my biggest critic. I enjoy spending time shooting and joking with others.

From: grizz
Date: 08-Aug-19

Ralph, you are correct where I'm concerned. I got into IBO competition years ago in barebow and compound, it sucked all the fun out of shooting after 3/4 years. I practice every day weather permits.

From: song dog
Date: 08-Aug-19

I am a little like Riverwolf. I am a #1. I love bow hunting but prefer to do it all by myself. Not to offend anyone just me. So any sort of shoots would not work for me. (songdog)

From: Smokedinpa
Date: 08-Aug-19

2 but shoot or work on it 4 or 5 days a week.

From: justinammons Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 08-Aug-19


From: badger
Date: 08-Aug-19

#1 would fit me closest but I am lucky to get out hunting once a year any more. I mostly enjoy just building primitive bows.

From: FireChief Jeff
Date: 09-Aug-19

I'm number one!

From: SHOOTALOT Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 09-Aug-19


From: Nrthernrebel05
Date: 09-Aug-19

1 & 2 I practice every day out to 25 yards, I like shooting 3D with my friends but don’t keep score.

From: sammyg
Date: 09-Aug-19

Nowadays I'm in the number one catagory, but years ago when all I shot were wheel bows, I would've fit into all of them.

From: Arkie
Date: 09-Aug-19


From: JusPassin
Date: 09-Aug-19


From: Leathercutter
Date: 10-Aug-19

Number 2 without the hunting any more. I'll shoot out to any distance my arrows will reach. Just love archery. FUN FUN

From: Rutnomore
Date: 10-Aug-19


From: Dale Rohrbeck
Date: 10-Aug-19

1 and 2.

From: Missouribreaks
Date: 10-Aug-19


From: 4t5
Date: 10-Aug-19


From: longshot
Date: 10-Aug-19


From: cacciatore Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 10-Aug-19

1 first but 2 too. Anyway my goal when hunting is to see how good I am to get very close to games. For me Bowhunting is not how well you shoot but how much of a good hunter you are. 3D is another face of the sport.

From: Troy Frasier
Date: 10-Aug-19

just to have fun

From: nomo
Date: 10-Aug-19


From: Sarge
Date: 10-Aug-19

Jimmy Crackcorn, Just a Bowhunter,no 3D around me and nothing local. I love people,mostly,and would like to visit but I have to do it here because I have no one to visit with and have to stay home and care for my wifeother than an hour or two on a Motorcycle ride away.

My list would be, I like to have fun and am not PUSH ing anything on anyone. Not advertising, only participating. I have nothing for sale or would put it in the Swapand trade. Am PUSH ing any certain shooting method per say, like I am the END all of archery.

Some actually believe theior way is the ONLY way, and I do not like or adhere to denominational archery.

Like a doctrine or belief, however you want to shootand whatever target or method is fine with me. We all are not driven to compete but I think those who do, should have every right to say their method is the right way and we do not have to all or in part agree that they are right or wrong. Shalom

From: Shawn
Date: 10-Aug-19

1 with a but, I practice at a lot of unknown ranges. I shoot broadheads when shooting targets all the time but I shoot judos when I just go out to shoot. If I were to guess 5 to 60 plus yards. If the shot feels right I will shoot at a whitetail as 40 to 50 yards. Shawn

From: Sarge
Date: 10-Aug-19

One more thing, I make videos and post them here on the LW but have no intentions of selling anyone anything nor do I care if I ever do. I have no desire to monotize or make money on anything archery. I have nothing for salein methods or outcomes, only an opinion. The only I do try to project is that I am simply passing on things I have learned on my own or from others. Shalom

From: Will tell
Date: 10-Aug-19

No hidden agenda was just curious about the folks on here. One thing I see is a lot of people on here shoot often whether they're shooting for fun or competing.

From: Johnny Koester
Date: 10-Aug-19

Number 1. Shoot a lot in back yard targets but it's just fun and staying ready for hunting.

From: Nimrod
Date: 10-Aug-19


From: GLF
Date: 10-Aug-19

None of the above. Used to be serious target/3d archer and serious bowhunter. Who practiced every day out to 80 yards. Now I shoot some 3d without scoring and serious bowhunter who practices 2 to 3 times a week out to 80-100 yards

From: zonic
Date: 10-Aug-19


From: Wild Bill
Date: 11-Aug-19


From: George Tsoukalas
Date: 11-Aug-19

I make and shoot my own bows and arrows.

I shoot mostly in the backyard. I like ti sumo shoot and hunt.

I like to play at archery.

I didn't seem to fit into any of the numbers.


From: Tradarcher4fun
Date: 11-Aug-19

3D, Target and stump shooter.

From: newt
Date: 11-Aug-19

#1. That's me for sure

From: Jinkster
Date: 11-Aug-19

If the end result is me getting to relax and enjoy watching arrows fly through the air?...I'm all about it.

As far as hunting goes?...I'm not sure which has diminished my desires more...excessive regulations?...luck-of-the-draw WMA lottery hunts or?...the unwillingness to expose myself to tech hunters using drones to find their quarry and swamp buggies to run it down. :(

But if I ever lucked into a reasonable offer to pitch in on a lease in GA or AL?...

meanwhile I'm happy (and blessed) to shoot my backyard to my hearts content and hit a 3D here and there with a handful of close friends. :)

From: mangonboat
Date: 11-Aug-19


From: TradBrewSC
Date: 11-Aug-19


From: 69 super kodiak
Date: 14-Aug-19

I am a 1.5 -the hunting.

From: Eriebuck
Date: 14-Aug-19

#1 although I practice out to 30 yards and beyond to tighten things at shorter ranges. Stump shoot and shoot at leaves, etc in the yard with Judos that match my broadhead weight then shoot at a deer silhouette with broad heads as the season approaches.

From: algstick
Date: 14-Aug-19

#1 for sure, mostly because of limited space to shoot right now.

From: Krag
Date: 14-Aug-19

#1....but most of my shooting is form work at 5yd in my garage since I can do that anytime.

From: Bowguy Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 14-Aug-19

I ain’t none of them exactly. I every day. Sometimes multiple times a day. Hell I’d call in qwork and stay home n shoot if I had more time. I’m very serious bout form. No way no how to repeat easily without it. I keep my hunt shots close. 20 and under but love long shots be it 3D or just winging one from say 40 or more yards. Nothing is better than putting it exactly where you want after a long flight. All this being said I could care less bout competing punching paper. I have done some 3D leagues. When I was younger, Jerry Plypchek or some sort of spelling was something like 1 spot from making the olympics numerous times. I was shooting an indoor club at 30 yards. I had just gotten there and he showed up wanting to shoot 25 meters. I told him we could take turns as only one bay would accommodate us. He told me no but needed the bay as tomo was a big shoot. I told the idiot he needed to wait now as I wasn’t leaving and the invite was gone. Seems he figured shooting paper was more important than deer. He is wrong and it gave me a bad taste for target guys

From: SuperK
Date: 14-Aug-19

#1 plus stumping.

From: wingman
Date: 14-Aug-19

#1 comes closest but enjoy stumping as well.

From: Live2hunt
Date: 14-Aug-19

#1 Mostly.

From: trad47
Date: 14-Aug-19

1 but would be happiest to go roving ..

From: Sasquatch73
Date: 15-Aug-19


From: Beginner
Date: 15-Aug-19


From: timex
Date: 15-Aug-19

1 with trad bows plus lots of roaming & practice out to 50 with compound but shots at critters usually under 30

From: Pappy 1952
Date: 16-Aug-19

#1 mostly, but do like 3d, just not very serious about it. Pappy

From: RymanCat
Date: 16-Aug-19

Just a killer there is no combination for this. Sharp heads, sharp eye ball and bare down. That's all she wrote.

I feel bad about this when my granddaughter comes over at times and asks me where did all these animals you get .

I said oh London I'm just a killer not even thinking what might go through her head?

What if she goes to school and tells oh her grandfather is a killer. My 1rst wife asked me that.LOL Watch what you say to her.LOL

How's that going to go over. Just listen to it hear the jealousy that goes on. LOL

It is what it is. I also tell her that the Lord has blessed me with many fine animals, fish and birds over my years.

She said I can see that grandpop.LOL

From: woodsman
Date: 16-Aug-19

Number 1..


From: tecum-tha Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 16-Aug-19


Date: 16-Aug-19

#1 all the way, but I like to let arrows fly out there at 30-50 yards for fun and to watch a perfect spiral.

From: Treeman
Date: 16-Aug-19

Well I don`t know what's to choose. I practice like I am going to hunt but do not go. If I go I will use a different weapon not my recurve. I practice 35 yards and in and rarely will shoot a 300 round. Never been to a 3D shoot, never shot in an Archery range. I just shoot by myself for the pure joy of watching arrows fly.

Date: 17-Aug-19

Mostly number 2 ,I belong to archery club so Ill shoot our courses for fun ,and also when we have trad shoots.Once in while Ill turn my score card in but mostly just shoot to keep sharp for hunting.

From: WV Mountaineer
Date: 17-Aug-19

You left an option out.

5. I shoot a trad bow simply to be a hunter. No romance in it for me. I practice a few arrows every month because I shoot very well doing it that way. I will/do take shots far beyond 20 yards because I hit what I shoot at.

That is the generalization for me. This 20 yard and under stuff blows my mind

From: Riverwolf
Date: 17-Aug-19

...if one can't except , understand anothers thoughts-feelings- beliefs- behaps its a sign one needs to "broaden" ones thinking....Perhaps .

I believe this thread was simply a way to show a overture/generalization of the differances in our "choices"...Not so much to judge or contemplate.

From: RJH1
Date: 17-Aug-19

3. Hunter, 3D shooter, and Target archer who practices often and is serious about form and competing

Pretty much me, I will add that i shoot a lot of compound too.

From: wonderbowman
Date: 17-Aug-19

Number 0.

Don't hunt, compete and only shot one 3D shoot ever. I rove and shoot. My competition is me and either I'm happy with the shot or not.

From: Will tell
Date: 17-Aug-19

Thanks for all the responses, the one thing I see that makes us all the same is we all love Archery and shooting our bows.

From: MStyles
Date: 17-Aug-19

Kind of a number 2, but no longer hunting. I compete with myself. I enjoy shooting wood arrows with a longbow/recurve/selfbow.

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