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FIRST SHOT.........Thursday, May 16th

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CD 16-May-19
Nemophilist 16-May-19
Whisper shot 16-May-19
RonG 16-May-19
1/2miledrag 16-May-19
JRT51 16-May-19
Jim Keller 16-May-19
3putter 16-May-19
moleman 1 16-May-19
moleman 1 16-May-19
moleman 1 16-May-19
bowkill32 16-May-19
grizz 16-May-19
Zagnee 16-May-19
TrapperKayak 17-May-19
From: CD
Date: 16-May-19

Today's shot will be 18 yards with your toes pointing at the target. Sorta awkward, but the hunting situation may arise.

God Bless,


From: Nemophilist
Date: 16-May-19

Nemophilist's embedded Photo


18 yards with my toes pointing at the target.

Definitely an awkward shooting postition for me.

1990s Bear Hunter TD, 60#@28", Aluminum arrow.

From: Whisper shot
Date: 16-May-19

Whisper shot's embedded Photo

Shot as called thanks for the call. Got my shot in between the rain drops.

From: RonG
Date: 16-May-19

RonG's embedded Photo

I must be weird, other than shooting a little high, it felt fine, I have been practicing this one. It was weird in the beginning. I twist my upper body away from the target so it isn't much difference than shooting normal except I can't get my full draw.

Jim Keller, how are you doing today.

Shot as called, thank you CD

Bow Yew

Arrows Douglas Fir.

From: 1/2miledrag
Date: 16-May-19

1/2miledrag's embedded Photo

Good shooting guys--I shot as called but low--thanks for the call!

From: JRT51
Date: 16-May-19

JRT51's embedded Photo

I'll save that position for quarry I have little respect for like crows , carp and foam turkeys. Felt lucky to even hit the bird.

From: Jim Keller
Date: 16-May-19

Ron, I’m more sore than I anticipated but I feel like I’m turning the corner on the pain. Thanks for asking and great shooting. Jim

From: 3putter
Date: 16-May-19

From: moleman 1
Date: 16-May-19


From: moleman 1
Date: 16-May-19


From: moleman 1
Date: 16-May-19

moleman 1's embedded Photo

Good shooting everyone! Got my shot in just before the toad strangler hit. It wasn't pretty but I hit it. Tough challenge but a good one. 63 Bear Cub dogleg.

From: bowkill32
Date: 16-May-19

bowkill32's embedded Photo

From: grizz
Date: 16-May-19

grizz's embedded Photo

Well, other than the back pain, that went pretty well. Thanks CD and a great day to all.

From: Zagnee
Date: 16-May-19

Zagnee's embedded Photo

That was tougher than I thought. Didn't take Enough time on the first two, yellow fletch was first

From: TrapperKayak
Date: 17-May-19

I did the shot today but the picture would not was almost dead. Hit the edge of the black circle though.

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