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The Toughness of Turkeys Revisited(2019)

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Gvdocholiday 12-May-19
Gvdocholiday 12-May-19
Gvdocholiday 12-May-19
Fnshtr 12-May-19
Pa Steve 12-May-19
Jim Keller 12-May-19
Clydebow 12-May-19
BATMAN 12-May-19
Joe2Crow 12-May-19
Gvdocholiday 12-May-19
ground hunter 12-May-19
Riverwolf 12-May-19
swampwalker 12-May-19
SJR Bows 12-May-19
hookman 12-May-19
Wapiti - - M. S. 12-May-19
RymanCat 13-May-19
Wudstix 13-May-19
Orion 13-May-19
Orion 13-May-19
Buglmin 13-May-19
GUTPILE PA 13-May-19
smokey 13-May-19
Bushytail 14-May-19
Bassman 14-May-19
Kingwouldbe 16-May-19
bluesman 16-May-19
Will tell 17-May-19
From: Gvdocholiday Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 12-May-19

Gvdocholiday's embedded Photo

I wanted to thank the Leatherwall and it's members for the advise offered after my 2017 turkey hunt. If you recall, I was pretty bummed about a lack of penetration on a turkey I wounded.

Here's the thread for a reminder: d2.cfm?threadid=288134&category=88#4200930

I took many steps this season to remedy the short comings of my setup.

Arrow weight is now 603grains with a 250grain Grizzly single bevel broadhead.

Draw weight is now down to 45lbs though.

Regardless, the wing bone didn't stop my arrow this season here in Northern Michigan. The single bevel head and heavier arrow shattered the wing with ease as it made it's way through the vitals putting him down for the count in less than 20'.

From: Gvdocholiday Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 12-May-19

Gvdocholiday's embedded Photo

From: Gvdocholiday Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 12-May-19

Gvdocholiday's embedded Photo

From: Fnshtr
Date: 12-May-19

Congrats on the turkey. I got my first this year after a few very frustrating "encounters". Penetration has been a problem for me.

This year I practiced more... shooting tennis balls from 5 to 15 yards. Once I was hitting the ball 4 out of 5 times, I felt pretty confident.

I chose to wait on the shot I wanted... quartering away at no more than 15 yards, but actually set up for more like a 5-10 yard shot. I aimed just slightly forward and above the leg joint.

Result was he went down within 10 yards. My penetration was not a total pass through... as the arrow came back out the way it went in... probably due to him flapping his wings hard for about 5 seconds. However, I got heart and lungs.

I was shooting carbons with 175 grain Simmons Tigersharks… about 520 grain total arrow weight.

Congrats again on the dandy gobbler!

From: Pa Steve
Date: 12-May-19

Congrats! That's a beautiful gobbler.

From: Jim Keller
Date: 12-May-19

Way to go. Nice bird.

From: Clydebow
Date: 12-May-19

Nice, congrats!

Date: 12-May-19

GREAT SHOOTING! Glad that You found the equipment that would work. STAY SAFE & BLESSED BE! Batman

From: Joe2Crow
Date: 12-May-19

Congrats. I was just discussing the setup you described with Frank San Marco for improving penetration on big game animals when using lighter weight bows. I’ll call it the Ashby setup. Makes good sense for turkeys as well apparently. I normally chase them with my sxs shotgun instead of a trad bow because I get bored hunting them from a blind unless it’s raining. But I will use a similar setup next time I do. Thanks for sharing.

From: Gvdocholiday Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 12-May-19

Thanks guys. Yeah, it had been frustrating to get great shots at 5yds and less, only to have a single bone completely stop the arrow on a turkey...out of a setup that has never had a deer slow the arrow down on full pass throughs.

As it stand I'll continue to use this arrow setup for whitetail as well. No such thing as too much penetration.

My bow is a St Joe River Classic Longbow. Just had it made this winter. It's a bow that's a couple of years in the making as I had been prodding the bowyer to use carbon for the outer laminations. The bow I had used the past 7years has also been a 60" SJR Classic at 50lbs with elm limbs. The carbon drastically changes the draw force profile, insanely smooth and quick. The riser is BW Ebony with a Ace Hinge takedown. I also requested a very subtle thumb rest. This will be my primary with my other classic being the backup for the foreseeable decade.

From: ground hunter
Date: 12-May-19

I shoot a 41 lb long bow, with bear razor heads, never had any issues,,,,

From: Riverwolf
Date: 12-May-19

Beautiful bird & Bow !

It looks like a turkey killer :)

Congratulations ...enjoy the gift given .

From: swampwalker
Date: 12-May-19

Yep, this is a much better outcome. Going out this week.

From: SJR Bows Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 12-May-19

Awesome job on the Turkey Bryan. Congratulations

From: hookman
Date: 12-May-19

Yes a heavy arrow and broad head is the way to go. I use about 600grain arrow out of 47#.

From: Wapiti - - M. S. Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 12-May-19

Congratulations on your Turkey!

From: RymanCat
Date: 13-May-19

Nice bird congrates.

I once broke a leg and a wind and that bird made me hobble after a bird hobbling what a site that fiascoes must have been if anyone was watching. I found the bird alongside a log that had a hole he tried to go into.

Turkeys are tuff when you hit them wrong but easy when hit right.

Another bird ran 75 yards on me and dropped dead. He ran himself out of blood. He had 2 holes in him and he had a terrible leek.

From: Wudstix Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 13-May-19

Hitting the wing or right at the top of the leg really puts them down quickly.

From: Orion Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 13-May-19

Congrats on the bird. Hit a turkey right and it will go down quickly, but the kill zone is quite small. The upper wing bone can stop an arrow, but not only because the bow/arrow might be on the light side.

Turkeys themselves are relatively light. When hit with an arrow, they are moved by the force of the impact, at least mores that a deer or other larger critter would be. Moving with the impact reduces the arrow's ability to penetrate. Too, the feathers are quite large with tough quills in that area. Hitting quills will also slow the arrow substantially and reduce penetration.

To compensate for these characteristics, a heavier, weight forward arrow is the way to go. I still prefer three-blade broadheads like Woodsman's or Snuffers though.

From: Orion Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 13-May-19

I should have added, more bow weight as well, but it that's not a possibility, then add the weight to the arrow and put it up front.

From: Buglmin
Date: 13-May-19

Buglmin's embedded Photo

In all respect, you don't need heavy arrows to kill a turkey. If you didnt get good penetration on a bird, I'd of looked at broadheads and tuning first. I've hit birds with a lil 45 pound recurve and had great penetration from lite 404 grain arrows. I've also hit birds with 60 pound compounds and 440 grain carbon shafts and not shoot through them. This bird was killed with a 419 grain carbon shaft from a 54 pound Rampart Legacy stick at 18 yards. I broke the right thigh/leg and he flopped and made it made seven steps.

Date: 13-May-19


From: smokey
Date: 13-May-19

Good job congrats.

From: Bushytail Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 14-May-19


From: Bassman Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member
Date: 14-May-19

Not easy to shoot a turkey with a trad bow. Good for you.

From: Kingwouldbe
Date: 16-May-19

Gvdocholiday, that’s wisdom right there, looks like you hit in almost the exact spot as the one you lost. More is better

From: bluesman
Date: 16-May-19

congratz ..I also like heavy arrows...600 grains ...I use woodsman for turkeys..but grizzly would be a great broadhead too certainly would be a great head for penetration when hitting bone.

From: Will tell
Date: 17-May-19

I shot a nice Gobbler through the chest getting a complete pass through and the bird still ran far enough to get into a swamp and get away. They're one tough bird.

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