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limb dimples

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Wild Bill 15-Mar-19
Orion 15-Mar-19
dkard 15-Mar-19
jhinaz 15-Mar-19
Elderly OCR 15-Mar-19
camodave 15-Mar-19
MStyles 15-Mar-19
JayInOz 16-Mar-19
From: Wild Bill
Date: 15-Mar-19

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I'm refinishing my Bob Lee and found on my top limb three dimples that I felt could not be sanded out, without affecting the performance of the limb. So, I filled the dimples with crazy glue dusted with baking soda.

I saw the technique explained on youtube as the method used to repair helicopter blades. I reduced the bumps created by the glue with 220 sand paper, but will further finish with 1500 before applying the spar urethane. What was once a jagged dimple is now smooth to touch.

This is my first attempt at refinishing a bow and am quite pleased with the results, so far.

From: Orion Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 15-Mar-19

I understand the glue part of it, but why baking soda as a filler/base? Just thinking other materials would work better.

From: dkard
Date: 15-Mar-19

Baking soda makes superglue set off. almost immediately. It should make superglue in a puddle harden all the way through.

From: jhinaz
Date: 15-Mar-19

"Baking soda makes superglue set off. almost immediately. It should make superglue in a puddle harden all the way through. "

That's good to know. Thanks dkard. - John

From: Elderly OCR
Date: 15-Mar-19

How well will it flex?

From: camodave
Date: 15-Mar-19

After fixing a lot of things with Super Glue (bows, tobacco pipes, gunstocks) I have come to the conclusion that strong is always better than pretty. I make no attempt to either make the glue set up quickly nor do I worry about overflow. I cannot remember the last time I looked at a bow limb while I was shooting that bow. I focus on the target.


From: MStyles
Date: 15-Mar-19

A friend of mine plays and repairs guitars. He uses superglue/baking soda to fill in the saddle or the nut and then he re-file’s those string worn parts.

From: JayInOz
Date: 16-Mar-19

A word of caution. If your wife gets limb dimples- also known as cellulite or hail damage- pretend you didn't see 'em. Don't mention them in front of her- ever. This tip brought to you by an old married dude:) JayInOz

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