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Advice on a Release Needed...Please

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Nalajr 14-Mar-19
fdp 14-Mar-19
T-Hawk shooter 14-Mar-19
SB 14-Mar-19
lowrider 14-Mar-19
longbowguy 14-Mar-19
Tlhbow 15-Mar-19
Wild Bill 15-Mar-19
K Cummings 15-Mar-19
Peej 15-Mar-19
JusPassin 15-Mar-19
Bowmania 15-Mar-19
reddogge 15-Mar-19
Nalajr 15-Mar-19
Sarge 15-Mar-19
M60gunner 15-Mar-19
twostrings 15-Mar-19
From: Nalajr
Date: 14-Mar-19

Hey all.

I’m trying to get my strength back from having some health issues last year that took a huge amount of my strength away. Even walking up stairs now is a chore. My bows are 45 pounds and right now I can’t draw any of them to anchor even 1 time. I’m much stronger right now than I was though. Thanks to a fellow member, I have been working with lighter ILF limbs and working my way up. Well now I’m trying to shoot my usual ILF limbs and backed all the way out, I can shoot it to full draw about 15 times but I have to take 30-40 seconds between shots.

I’d like to get a release aid to help me strengthen my arms and allow me to shoot more than I can now.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on a release aid that I could get and use for a few weeks that will help me build up strength in my arms and get me where I want to be? I’d say I’m probably 5-6 pounds shy of my draw weight in my other bows that I miss shooting so much. Ideally I’d like to get to about 47 pounds so I can draw and hold and not worry about any strength problems.

Any ideas for a release aid I should look into??

Thank you all Larry

From: fdp
Date: 14-Mar-19

Nalajr….a release aid isn't going to help you strengthen your arms.

You need to keep doing exactly what you're doing and build your strength back up gradually. changing the muscle function by going to a release (and you have to do that) could in fact cause you to injure yourself.

Maybe add a workout that uses light weights, or exercise bands. That will be more beneficial. If you are seeing a PT, ask for advice from them.

From: T-Hawk shooter
Date: 14-Mar-19

I agree with FDP. I don’t want to tell you what to do, but patience patience patience.

I was diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer in Jan 2016. Fought for my life man, and won even though it has left its mark on me. 18 month battle. Just getting back into shooting. I know it’s hard, but patience, determination, and positive thinking.

From: SB
Date: 14-Mar-19

I tried one once due to some issues . It was a no go for me.

From: lowrider
Date: 14-Mar-19

I finished Chemo on October 1, 2018. I was so weak I could barely walk from the bedroom to the den. I am now back up to drawing my 51 pound bow. I actually draw to 27 3\4 so I'm not drawing the full poundage. I did exactly as others have said. It is frustrating because you want to shoot but just take your time and slowly build yourself back up. It will happen. Good luck.

From: longbowguy
Date: 14-Mar-19

Good luck to all you guys with your recoveries.

You do not need to pull 45 or 50 pounds. 40 will do about anything that needs doing with a bit lighter arrows. 35 will, but is not legal for deer hunting in some states. Most every man will shoot the lighter bows more accurately. - lbg

From: Tlhbow
Date: 15-Mar-19

Nalajr check out the Winn freeflight release . You use more of your hand and it adds like 20% to your pulling ability . It's a hole nother can of worms though . A thicker tap with a deep hook will make a difference also.

From: Wild Bill
Date: 15-Mar-19

Shooting your bow should be secondary to building shoulder muscles in a balanced way. Stretches are important also and will assist in muscle building. Stretches condition the points where the muscles attach to the frame, and frame translates to form.

"Even walking up stairs now is a chore."

Work on total body fitness first.

From: K Cummings
Date: 15-Mar-19

K Cummings's embedded Photo


There was a fellow here on the LW a while back that was making a wrist strap "release" that essentially transferred the draw weight from the fingers to the larger muscles in the arm and back.

I was unable to find his posts here but the idea is not new. It has been around for at least 50 years. Here is an advertisement for one from a magazine from decades ago.

It doesn't look like it would be too hard to make, and it might be just what you need to get you over the hump.


From: Peej
Date: 15-Mar-19

I used a release for a time when I suffered from tennis elbow. Just get the type of release that straps around your wrist that all the compound shooters use. It takes a while to get used to it but you can actually shoot quite well with it.

From: JusPassin Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 15-Mar-19

I believe Morrison sells them on his website.

From: Bowmania Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 15-Mar-19

You should take at least 30ish seconds between shots. It takes about that long for muscles to recover and it's a good idea because it give you time to think about the good and the bad of the last shot and the GOOD of the next shot.

One of Vipers ideas is to hold your position after the shot for 5 seconds. That's a long time it give you time to think of what just happened. Was really a good suggestion for me.


From: reddogge
Date: 15-Mar-19

There was a guy on here that made the release called "The Talon" which looked interesting. I can't seem to google it though.

From: Nalajr
Date: 15-Mar-19

Thanks all.

I’ve been counting to 20 or 25 between shots. It’s prolly longer than that as I am counting slower...I’d bet. It is taking a long time, that’s for sure. I just want to be able to shoot my bows that are still sitting in the corner. I miss shooting my Dave Johnson hill style longbow so much. I’ll get there’ll take more time than I’d like though.

Have a great weekend guys.

I Prayers sent to you guys battling illness and in recovery!! I’ll learn my future Monday at 2 pm when I have my heart cath. Keep me in your prayers please. I can use them.


From: Sarge
Date: 15-Mar-19

Winn free C-12.

From: M60gunner
Date: 15-Mar-19

The talon website isn’t working, just tried.

From: twostrings
Date: 15-Mar-19

Shoot every other day. Drink milk, drink plenty of water, be patient.

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