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Thank you “nystateland”

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T-Hawk shooter 14-Mar-19
Rough Run 14-Mar-19
Gcg2 14-Mar-19
Jim 14-Mar-19
mgmicky 14-Mar-19
Carcajou 15-Mar-19
swampwalker 15-Mar-19
NBK 15-Mar-19
MCNSC 15-Mar-19
From: T-Hawk shooter
Date: 14-Mar-19

I have always been weary of buying a used bow without seeing it first. This week, I bought a bow from “nystateland” and just wanted to say thank you for an excellent bow, and transaction!

The bow arrived today just as advertised. And he was excellent to communicate with. I wish all transactions could be like this. Good on you bro!

From: Rough Run
Date: 14-Mar-19

I agree - have dealt with Stacy a couple of times and, nothing could have gone more smoothly. And his descriptions and details were spot-on.

From: Gcg2
Date: 14-Mar-19

Good for u guys to let it be known. I love the classifieds and have bought, sold, and traded at least a hundred bows on here and a couple other sites with not one bad deal. I hate that everywhere else is cutting off their classifieds because of one or two bad people.

From: Jim Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 14-Mar-19

Thank you all for sharing!

From: mgmicky
Date: 14-Mar-19

Yep, I’ve had several great transactions with Stacy also

From: Carcajou
Date: 15-Mar-19

Stacy is as good as they come, Great Dude

From: swampwalker
Date: 15-Mar-19

Never done a deal. Seems like a good dude.

From: NBK
Date: 15-Mar-19

I've dealt with both Stacy and mgmicky... both great guys to deal with.

Date: 15-Mar-19

I sold him a PCH about a year or so ago. Smooth sale and good communication.

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