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3 awesome trade deals!

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Trader 06-Dec-18
bearfootin 07-Dec-18
hunterbob 07-Dec-18
D.Lewis aka tonto59 07-Dec-18
George D. Stout 07-Dec-18
Bassman 07-Dec-18
nystateland 07-Dec-18
crookedstix 07-Dec-18
bowbert 08-Dec-18
From: Trader
Date: 06-Dec-18

Recently did trade deals with bearfootin, bowbert and one in the works with 2 bears. All great guys, true gentlemen and a pleasure to deal with!

From: bearfootin Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 07-Dec-18

Thanx Trader, same with you. All good trades, purchases and sales on the Leatherwall,........Lloyd

From: hunterbob
Date: 07-Dec-18

Good deals are not a thing of the past on this site. The good far out weigh the bad on this site.alot of great people around here.

From: D.Lewis aka tonto59
Date: 07-Dec-18

I have made a few trades on here over the years. I have traded with guys that have been here a very long time and I have also made trades with newbies. All trades always went well. I enjoy trading. And sometimes you hear a great story about a trade you made. Like when a guy Posts "PDK25" he shoots a hog with an old Green Paul Bunyan bow you traded him. It just don't get any better! I'm looking forward to my next trade as always.

From: George D. Stout Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 07-Dec-18

Never made a bad trade here and all have been with contributing members. I've even received stuff free from some and have given away freebies to others. It's the most comfortable place to do things like that. As for new members, if they are willing to talk to you on the phone, you are pretty good to go. No communication is a deal killer though with me. So far I've not had a single issue.

From: Bassman Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member
Date: 07-Dec-18

No issues here either.Good bunch of guys.

From: nystateland
Date: 07-Dec-18

I have a lot of great deals here but recently (even today) there are a few good bows too cheap from guys with no history here. You must do your due diligence.

From: crookedstix
Date: 07-Dec-18

Where else can two guys trade a Deathmaster and a Groves Spitfire, both in mint condition, just on faith? That's what Bighorn and I did just this week, and we're both very happy with the deal. Never had a bad experience dealing with 'Wallers.

From: bowbert
Date: 08-Dec-18

Steve (Trader) was great to make a trade with. Made many a good trade on the leatherwall.


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