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Barebow52 06-Dec-18
KDdog 06-Dec-18
George D. Stout 06-Dec-18
reddogge 06-Dec-18
Skeets 06-Dec-18
John Horvers 06-Dec-18
Osage Outlaw 06-Dec-18
Vaguely 06-Dec-18
ron w 06-Dec-18
Silverback 06-Dec-18
HedgeHunter 06-Dec-18
76aggie 06-Dec-18
Nemophilist 06-Dec-18
todd 06-Dec-18
elknailer 06-Dec-18
DanaC 06-Dec-18
Tal McNeill 06-Dec-18
benzy 06-Dec-18
YH2268 06-Dec-18
Bugle-up 06-Dec-18
Bugle-up 06-Dec-18
David Mitchell 06-Dec-18
Jim Keller 06-Dec-18
Jim 06-Dec-18
Sipsey River 06-Dec-18
Buglmin 06-Dec-18
hawkeye in PA 06-Dec-18
Bodark 06-Dec-18
murph 06-Dec-18
Babysaph 06-Dec-18
Squirrel Hunter 06-Dec-18
ground hunter 06-Dec-18
Andy Man 06-Dec-18
Leathercutter 06-Dec-18
RJH1 06-Dec-18
HerbP 06-Dec-18
Pa Steve 06-Dec-18
Thor 06-Dec-18
Jeffhalfrack 06-Dec-18
monkeyball 06-Dec-18
StikBow 06-Dec-18
stykman 07-Dec-18
Tradarcher4fun 07-Dec-18
reb 07-Dec-18
eddie c 07-Dec-18
South Farm 07-Dec-18
saltydog 07-Dec-18
Iowacedarshooter 07-Dec-18
Bassman 07-Dec-18
Tradarcherychamp 07-Dec-18
Deno 07-Dec-18
HunterSioux 07-Dec-18
Rik Davis 07-Dec-18
hawkwing 07-Dec-18
Babbling Bob 07-Dec-18
Coyote 07-Dec-18
Chuck Simpson 07-Dec-18
Drewster 07-Dec-18
chamookman 08-Dec-18
monkeyball 08-Dec-18
Red Beastmaster 08-Dec-18
SB 08-Dec-18
Barebow52 09-Dec-18
Bjrogg 09-Dec-18
RD 10-Dec-18
Stix 10-Dec-18
BigStriper 10-Dec-18
HedgeHunter 11-Dec-18
LongbowArchitect 11-Dec-18
Tater 11-Dec-18
ModernLongbow 11-Dec-18
Ron LaClair 11-Dec-18
andytradbowhunter 11-Dec-18
huntmaster70 11-Dec-18
From: Barebow52
Date: 06-Dec-18

With the new year approaching I would like to hear from others what your favorite shoot is. Name one competitive and one fun shoot

I'll start off

Sherwood traditional rendezvous ASA London KY Pro-Am

From: KDdog
Date: 06-Dec-18

Little Beaver 3D shoot , Dulce NM for completion Any 3D traditional shoot at SCBA for fun

From: George D. Stout Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 06-Dec-18

Field round shoot in May each year at Mountain Bowmen in Berlin, Pa...Somerset County. My fun shoots are stumping outings. This year I went to ETAR as usual but didn't shoot one target. I have never shot a competitive 3D.

From: reddogge
Date: 06-Dec-18

Mine is the Baltimore Bowmen Traditional Classic in May, a fun shoot. I don't know of any competitive shoots in the area.

From: Skeets
Date: 06-Dec-18

Compton's in Berrien Springs, Mi. I don't shoot competitive anymore anyway. Lots of good friendly vendors there, too.

From: John Horvers
Date: 06-Dec-18

The “Western States Traditional Shoot” in which ever western state host it. Next year in California, is always a very fun shoot.

From: Osage Outlaw
Date: 06-Dec-18

They are all fun shoots for me. My only bow competition are the deer in the fall. As far as a favorite, I can only narrow it down to 2. The Tennessee Classic and the Marshall, Michigan primitive shoot. I went to Mojam this past summer and had a blast. The only bad thing about it is the drive time to get there. I hope to attend the pre spring fling and Comptons this year.

From: Vaguely
Date: 06-Dec-18

Cloverdale Traditional Nationals

From: ron w
Date: 06-Dec-18

Compton, Baltimore Bowmen, The muzzy shoot, and just stump shooting in general.

From: Silverback
Date: 06-Dec-18

Traditional 3D shoot put on by the Hawkeye Bowmen near Marilla NY. Great shoot and great bunch of guys at that club.

From: SHOOTALOT Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 06-Dec-18

The most fun for me is the High Country Shoot in Colorado. I enjoy and like to compete in the Texas State Longbow Shoot in Fort Worth.

From: HedgeHunter
Date: 06-Dec-18

Twin Oaks Classic

Twin Oaks Classic


From: 76aggie
Date: 06-Dec-18

My favorite shoot is generally the shoot I am currently at. I really don't have any favorites. I would really like to attend some of the shoots I read about on this site that are in other parts of the country but there are a lot of fine shoots in my own home state I have yet to shoot. They have all been fun to me.

From: Nemophilist
Date: 06-Dec-18

One of my favorite shoots was by a club called Powder Monkey in Leechburg, Pa. The club closed down many years ago but once a year they had a real nice shoot there. They had refreshments in the club house, a pole building with numerous vendors, a 3D course, a stationary target range, novelty shoots, etc. The people there were great. I sure do miss that club.

From: todd Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 06-Dec-18

For me it is Cloverdale, Indiana. I have always loved the way they set up the targets and the course. I did shoot Twin Oaks Classic last year and was fun. Hope to get to Etar this year.

From: elknailer Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 06-Dec-18

Sticking close to home, Compton and Kalamazoo.

From: DanaC
Date: 06-Dec-18

I enjoyed shooting two state IBO shoots last year, will probably shoot 3 or 4 in 2019. Plus the New England shoot. (Someone has to give Wild Bill some competition, he's been dominating STRD for too long ;-) )

Skipped the 'White Mountain Traditional Rendezvous' in 2018, hope to go back in 2019. Also there was a shoot down in CT that I had to miss, hope they do that again. Good reviews!

From: Tal McNeill
Date: 06-Dec-18

IBO Trad Worlds.

From: benzy
Date: 06-Dec-18

"Sticking close to home, Compton and Kalamazoo."

Wow, we made the list! lol Thanks elknailer.

Those two are my favorites also and yes close to home.

I do miss the indoor tourney that Detroit Archers hosted in the winter. That was a fun weekend getaway for the wife and I.

From: YH2268 Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 06-Dec-18

You just can't stop at one or two. Since I live in Ohio, it's gotta be "Cloverdale", "Compton", "ETAR", and all of the 3d shoots at "Farmland", and lets not forget the "Trad Bow Expo" coming up next month in Kalamazoo, MI. See you all there!!!

From: Bugle-up
Date: 06-Dec-18

The Eagle Cap Traditional Archers "Rendezvous on the River" shoot. La Grande, OR. Complete with the William Sundance Tell novelty shoot. Competing archers get three arrows (wood only) to hit the apple.

From: Bugle-up
Date: 06-Dec-18

For some reason this won't let me post a picture of the mannequins with apples on their heads.

From: David Mitchell
Date: 06-Dec-18

Cloverdale has been a must-do for me for 28 years. They set the best 3D range I have shot any where. But I must say that next to that one, Baltimore Bowmen Classic is hard to beat.

From: Jim Keller
Date: 06-Dec-18

Etar is the highlight of my summer.

From: Jim Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 06-Dec-18

Any shoot that I don't have to wait in line 30 minutes to shoot at a target.

From: Sipsey River
Date: 06-Dec-18

Fun ETAR was, but now that there is no ski lift it is becoming more and more difficult for my old knees to get me around those mountains. For competition, I enjoy them all but the Kentucky Tradfest is an especially fun one.

From: Buglmin
Date: 06-Dec-18

Bow cast on the Bird, Sunrize Bowshoot, ASA shoots in Texas, ASA qualifiers in New Mexico, Bowhunter Happening in Arizona. I shoot the small 3D shoots for fun and practice.

From: hawkeye in PA
Date: 06-Dec-18

ETAR, Poke n hope, Strictly Sticks, but any day at a shoot is a great day.

From: Bodark Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 06-Dec-18

Teen. classic and Comptons

From: murph
Date: 06-Dec-18

The funnest for me is the Iowa Traditional Bowhunters Society Annual Rendezvous. Last weekend in May. Traditional only gear. No score keeping for me.

From: Babysaph
Date: 06-Dec-18

ETAR, a shoot is a shoot to me. Shot one 3-d target you have shot em all.,I go to camp with my buddies from NJ

From: Squirrel Hunter
Date: 06-Dec-18

Best competitive shoot in the galaxy, hands down, is the Texas State Longbow Shoot in Fort Worth.

There are a lot of good fun/noncompetitive/semicompetitive shoots, but my favorite is the Colorado Traditional High Country Shoot.

From: ground hunter
Date: 06-Dec-18

My favorite shoot is 2 of them, and yes I think they are better than Compton. Both in Wis. The people there are twice as friendly, great food, and welcome new shooters and have great instruction ..... Its Ojibwa in New Berlin Wis and the other is the Horicon Shoot in Wis

I love going to those shoots,,,,,

From: Andy Man
Date: 06-Dec-18

Baltimore Bowmen Traditional Classic in May,

and the STAR shoot in Roanoke VA (best target setup through the mountains) I have seen anywhere

From: Leathercutter
Date: 06-Dec-18

Being on the east coast I can't say if there is any thing but here, I really like the Baltimore shoot. I have also been lucky enough to be in Florida the past couple of years and the TBOF is both a fun and score keeping event.

From: RJH1
Date: 06-Dec-18

Hill Country shoot out

From: HerbP Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 06-Dec-18

I'll second Comptons, Ojibwa in New Berlin, WI and Horicon, WI, but I might add Eau Claire, Wi too! Herb

From: Pa Steve
Date: 06-Dec-18

Don't really have a favorite. I've enjoyed every trad shoot I've attended. Mixed shoots not so much...too competitive for my liking.

From: Thor
Date: 06-Dec-18

For shame........Lol .No ones mentioned the North American Longbow Safari.This year is in B.C.It will be my fourth one,ca hardly wait.I don't do as many actual 3-d shoots like I used to.Now me and my grandsons like to play archery golf on a old abandoned golf course and do rovi g and stump shooting.Can hardly remember the last time I kept score at a 3-d shoot.

From: Jeffhalfrack
Date: 06-Dec-18

Hawkeye bowmen trad shoot my favorite of all jeffw

From: monkeyball
Date: 06-Dec-18

monkeyball's embedded Photo

My favorite one is.........always the next one. It is just fun getting to different shoots and shooting different courses.

Good Shooting->->->->Craig

From: StikBow
Date: 06-Dec-18

Longbow safari out west. When i lived back east, baltimore

From: stykman
Date: 07-Dec-18

That looks like Whittingham, Monkeyball. I think it's been shot to pieces.

From: Tradarcher4fun
Date: 07-Dec-18

I love ETAR and Baltimore Bowman.

From: reb
Date: 07-Dec-18

Don't shoot competitive. ETAR is my favorite shoot.

From: eddie c
Date: 07-Dec-18

right now the Tennessee Classic. ask me again this time next year. retiring at my current job and going to try to pull the camper and attend more shoots this upcoming year.

From: South Farm
Date: 07-Dec-18

Coon Rapids, every Fathers Day!

From: saltydog Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 07-Dec-18

My wife and I try to get to 6 or 7 shoots every year but two that we always make time for are Conococheague Archers in Greencastle, Pa. (Memorial Day weekend) and Hawkeye Bowmen in August.

From: Iowacedarshooter
Date: 07-Dec-18

always enjoyed the spring fling in alabama and the tbof shoot in florida. met some lifelong friends at both of these shoots!

From: Bassman Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member
Date: 07-Dec-18

Indoor winter shoots at 3 different local clubs is my favorite time to shoot, and Denton Hill.

From: Tradarcherychamp
Date: 07-Dec-18

tennessee classic is the best for competition and for fun

From: Deno
Date: 07-Dec-18

Whittingham and TBOF


From: HunterSioux
Date: 07-Dec-18

Pa. Longbow shoot at Trout Run, Marsh Hill, Pa.

From: Rik Davis
Date: 07-Dec-18

TBOF Charity Shoot in January and TBOF Championship in March.

From: hawkwing
Date: 07-Dec-18

When able to overcome social anxiety, I have got to shoot the Traditional Archers of Oregon annual Pope & Young shoot. This includes the clout, the wand , and a good 3D animal round. Novelties also find their place and test archers and arrows. Clout is 6x flights of 6 arrows each down and back 3x on a 180 yard course. target is a stake and scoring is using a color coded rope with 9/7/5/3/1. Standing and watching a flight of arrows from maybe 30 plus archers is inspirational. Wand is 6 ft post x 4 inches wide with 1inch"2? down the middle at 100 yards. 6 down and 6 back x 3 . Some archers hit the thing 4 times or even more. This is the last weekend in July yearly. In June over by Camp Sherman,is the Stick and Sage . Very nice location with challenging 3d course. Novelties include a flying goose shoot and one that pits the best against the best is a milk jug shoot, where each arrow on target makes a hole letting the water out of the jug until the winners jug lifts up and the runner up has jug lowering down. Saturday night is potluck dinner and afterward is a Blue Grass concert from local musicians. I think that Oregon is home to some world class traditionalists.

From: Babbling Bob Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 07-Dec-18

A fun shoot - TBOF charity (one day) event the third week of January just north of Ocala, FL. Used to have a BBQ vendor who served pecan smoked pulled pork sandwiches but he was not there the last few. Used to go for the BBQ as much as the shoot. Fantastic scenery, and targets are set for family fun. A great group of folks putting it on too.

Get there early as they take up the targets as soon as they get a chance in early afternoon. Reminds me of those old time 2-D shoots along the creek banks where folks would drink a cup of coffee early in the morning, then get down to business, then the targets were picked up...but with kids and families enjoying it too. It does a lot to promite our sport as family it's a real good'un.

From: Coyote
Date: 07-Dec-18

Coyote's embedded Photo

Toss up between longbow safari and Trad Bowhunters of BC annual shoot at Rock Creek. As luck would have it both shoots are at Rock Creek this year. This target will give you the shivers.

From: Chuck Simpson Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 07-Dec-18

Rock shoot in Moses Lake, WA also Western State Traditional Rendevouz, moves every year between WA,OR,CA,ID & MT.

From: Drewster
Date: 07-Dec-18

TN Classic and Carolina Traditional Archers monthly shoots.

From: chamookman
Date: 08-Dec-18

Tennessee Classic at Twin Oaks !

From: monkeyball
Date: 08-Dec-18

If I had to pick one ,and only one in my home state, I am with Hunter Sioux. Marsh Hill hands down.

Good Shooting->->->->Craig

From: Red Beastmaster
Date: 08-Dec-18

Favorite Fun: Strictly Sticks, Alverton PA Favorite Competitive: Block Shoot, Herminie PA

From: SB
Date: 08-Dec-18

The most fun for me was always the Longbow Safari. Don't live out west anymore so too far for me now.

From: Barebow52
Date: 09-Dec-18

A lot of good suggestions here. I hear great things about the tn classic. I've been to twin oaks but haven't made it to the classic yet

From: Bjrogg
Date: 09-Dec-18

I love shooting and building selfbows. I love getting together with other guys and gals that build and shoot selfbows even better. I haven't made it to all the meets I'd like to but Marshall Michigan Primitive Archery Meet is a must for my wife and I. It's a very nice place and the people are fantastic. Lots of Osage shavings made. Some really good bowyers sharing their abilities with anyone asking for it. A really nice 3-D course and lots of things for everyone in the family. Great place the buy or trade for all kinds of supplies. Not to big not to small. It is all natural materials shoot so that does limit the size but certainly not the quality of the meet.

I've meet Pappy at Elm Hall traditional shoot and would like to see him and his crew at Twin Oaks someday.

I've also meet a bunch of the guys from MoJam and promise I'll make it there someday to. Great bunch from there to.


From: RD
Date: 10-Dec-18

3-D Coon Rapids,Mn Traditional and Rochester,MN Traditional are the 2 I make each year. Fun shoot is any Milk jug shoot.

From: Stix
Date: 10-Dec-18

CTAS High Country Shoot, but I have been to only a handful of other shoots to compare it to. The CTAS shoot is fun mainly for the camaraderie.

Since I retired June 2018, I'm planning on attending the Western States and the NALS shoots in 2019.

From: BigStriper
Date: 10-Dec-18

Pappy's--Tenn Classic at Twin Oaks in early May or Cloverdale Nationals in June, both Great shoots.


From: HedgeHunter
Date: 11-Dec-18


Damn, I thought you had been to the Tenn Classic? See you Ck Life is Gud all the time. It's purdy much a full week of bow making, talking, shooting, eating with some of the best folks on earth.


From: LongbowArchitect
Date: 11-Dec-18

CTAS High Country Shoot, Colorado

From: Tater Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 11-Dec-18

CTAS High Country shoot

From: ModernLongbow
Date: 11-Dec-18

My favorite competition course for the year was IBO Worlds, but Trad worlds was close second and much easier to hang out with people and more like minded shooters obviously.

Favorite fun shoot is tough cause i typically just do comps, but i heard ETAR was not to be missed. TAS was good fun for sure. Its def an organization im getting behind and supporting.

From: Ron LaClair
Date: 11-Dec-18

Ron LaClair's embedded Photo

This is a picture from the first Great Lakes Longbow Invitational that I was instrumental in getting started in 1985. It is still going today and is still my favorite shoot.

From: andytradbowhunter
Date: 11-Dec-18


From: huntmaster70
Date: 11-Dec-18


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