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Oregon Elk Hunters 2018

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yahooty 04-Dec-18
BlacktailBowhunter 04-Dec-18
yahooty 05-Dec-18
BlacktailBowhunter 05-Dec-18
yahooty 07-Dec-18
From: yahooty
Date: 04-Dec-18

I'm just trying to follow up on a group of guys (possibly gals too) that planned on hunting elk in the Silvies unit in Eastern Oregon.

It sounded like several LW'ers were going to meet up and try to arrow and elk or two. Just wondering how things went.

From: BlacktailBowhunter
Date: 04-Dec-18

A group of trad guys including me hunted in 2009 and 2010 and got into elk daily. A guy named Larry headed it up and it was fun.

It burned in 2012 or 13 and I was there in 16 and didn’t see an elk and there was almost no sign in the area we hunted.

The deer herd exploded though.

I’d be interested if the guys get a group going there again

From: yahooty
Date: 05-Dec-18

Might be the same guy. I think he was from Washington State. There was a group last spring trying to get together.

From: BlacktailBowhunter
Date: 05-Dec-18

That’s him

From: yahooty
Date: 07-Dec-18


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