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GF 01-Dec-18
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GF 01-Dec-18
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Gunner 01-Dec-18
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stick&string 02-Dec-18
stick&string 02-Dec-18
stick&string 02-Dec-18
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Rick 3 16-Dec-18
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From: Phil Magistro
Date: 01-Dec-18

As you read the rules please remember this thread is intended to swap something you have, or are looking for, to another person for something they have, or are looking for. It is not a place to clean out your closet.

When folks post a photo with seven or eight items to trade management of the thread gets difficult as things are traded off. With that in mind, please try to limit what you are offering and be very specific about what you are looking for. Thanks.

Please follow the rules. Pay attention to number 3. Things have been getting a little lax in this area.

Here are the ground rules for the swap.

1) Trades only NO SELLING, I REPEAT – NO SELLING (apparently it needs to be repeated). Sales MUST be placed in the classifieds.

2) After posting, all follow up communication should be via PRIVATE MESSAGE or E-MAIL. This applies to interested parties also.

3) ONE photo, please, for your trade items. If a person shows interest additional photos should be sent via email.

4) Please limit the number of items you are looking to trade. As mentioned above, this is not the place to clean out your closet.

5) Please list the item you are looking for in return. Please be as specific as possible rather than saying "whatcha got?"

6) Please limit your ads to five active posts.

7) If an item is gone please make a post stating xxx from mm/dd (date) is traded. This is for clean up/editing purposes.

8) You can swap non archery items if, and ONLY IF, you are looking for traditional archery items in return.

If you have multiple items in a single pic/post don’t post a single item is gone. Yes, we know it causes you more “sorry it’s gone” replies, but, since you have a multiple item post it can’t be removed without removing all of your items, so your note just adds to the thread length.

Thanks for your understanding.

Swap 'em if ya got 'em!!

From: JamesPB
Date: 01-Dec-18

I have 3 Centaur LW 160 grain broadheads. Great condition only one has been shot

I have a dozen 45-50 Spine Cedars from lost nation with 6 125 field points and 6 with 125 grain magnus broadheads 31". Never shot

I have a kme sharpening jig in great condition.

Looking for a spine tester, simmons landshark broadheads,howard hill broadheads, 5 inch lw parabolic feathers, Asbell wool size Large or XL, Thanks for looking


From: bboaldin
Date: 01-Dec-18

WANTED: Big Jim Thunderchild for my DAUGHTER.

Needs to be Right Handed and 30-35# @ 28" and the shorter the better.

I have a Big Jim Buffalo bow that is 43" @ 28" and is 62" and MANY other bows I am willing to trade.

PM or TEXT or Email:


From: allegheny
Date: 01-Dec-18

allegheny's embedded Photo

8 Doug Fir arrows. Shooter quality. BOP ranges from 26 to 27. 11/32 40/45 spine. Sealed with water based poly. Looking for 1816 shafts, size medium archery gloves, adhesive calf hair material, brush buttons 60" amo endless loop dacron string.

From: Ihunts2much
Date: 01-Dec-18

I have a set of 26# Uukha medium EX1s in very good condition. Would like to trade for a set of 34 or 36# long EX1s.

From: DarrinG
Date: 01-Dec-18

DarrinG's embedded Photo

Eight Carbon Express Maxima Hunter 250 arrows. 4-Fletch with 2" vanes, nock collars and nocks/inserts installed. 28 inches from valley of nock to back of point.

Trade for Easton XX75 2314 aluminum arrows/shafts with uni-bushings installed and inserts included. Arrows/shafts need to be at least 28" VON to BOP. Thanks!

From: Biathlonman
Date: 01-Dec-18

I have a great condition Zipper quiver and a 6 pack of left bevel 200 grain Grizzly Kodiaks. Looking for long or extra long ILF limbs.

From: GF
Date: 01-Dec-18

GF's embedded Photo

Start with these....

1 dozen brand new, “old stock” Beman ICS Hunter for 400s with “Vibrake” inserts, 27” BOP and a Bear bolt-on quiver Pat. No. 2,464,068. Leather (?) hood is in such good shape that I’m not sure it’s really leather, although the foam inside is pretty well shot. Holds 3 arrows on the front and a 4th on the back, just so long as it’s a 2-blade.

Still looking for a good lightweight recurve or LB for my wife and/or 13-year-old - probably around #30@28 or a bit lighter.

Could also use arrows/shafting in 500-600 range or wood/aluminum equivalent, or fletchings/chopper - 4”- 4 1/2” shield or (better yet) French Curve preferred. If you don’t have any of that, the only arrow-making tools I have are a couple of pencil-sharpener taper tools and a fletching jig, so a scale, spine tester or other tools would make sense.

More pics upon request, or if you have anything else to trade that might make sense, just try me ;)

From: joej0711
Date: 01-Dec-18

2009 Bear Super Kodiak 60# Perfect condition....Trade for 50# same bow---same condition

From: GF
Date: 01-Dec-18

Oh - also still have once-fired brass for 7-08 Rem and .45/70....

From: Gunner
Date: 01-Dec-18
Gunner is a Sponsor - Website

Gunner's embedded Photo

Have a high quality Woolrich cold weather jacket. It is in like new condition, very goose down filled, size XL, color is putty. If you live in a cold place, you want this warm and very well pocketed jacket. It was given to me from a friend, but I currently live in San Diego, and nowhere near cold enough to need this baby!

Wanted, 1-high quality bow #25- 42# bow, or 2 med quality bows. I teach kids archery and am needing some more training bows. Appreciate the donation and trade. Promise you will love the jacket, it is very warm and top quality.

From: Gunner
Date: 01-Dec-18
Gunner is a Sponsor - Website

Gunner's embedded Photo

Woolrich jacket for bow or two, see above add.

Sorry previous picture was done on my daughters bedspread, made it look pink. It is a light putty color, and very sharp looking and extremely warm!

From: stick&string
Date: 02-Dec-18

stick&string's embedded Photo

Black Swan for trade. RH 52" and 49#@26". My metal lathe when out, looking to trade plus cash. Bench top lathe 8"-9", 110 V. OR??

From: stick&string
Date: 02-Dec-18

stick&string's embedded Photo

Uberti model 1885 45/70, BRAND NEW IN THE BOX!! Never fired, special ordered with 32" octagon barrel. Case hardened metal. Have box, paperwork and 5 boxes of ammo. Same as above for metal lathe.

From: stick&string
Date: 02-Dec-18

stick&string's embedded Photo

Taurus 44 Mag (NEW in Box), .357 Mag (new in box), and 454 (used in box). All have paperwork and boxes. Looking for metal lathe as above. Must go through FFL.

From: stick&string
Date: 02-Dec-18

stick&string's embedded Photo

TC Encore in 460 S&W. 16" barrel with muzzlebreak. Also have original grips but comes with customs as well. Same as above needing a lathe. Must go through FFL have ammo as well.

From: Lhskyguy
Date: 02-Dec-18

Lhskyguy's embedded Photo

Lh 40@29 more like 42@29 snowshoe yukon longbow. Wtt for other long bow in 45# range nothing over 50@28. Would take a nice cresting machine as well.

From: Orion Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 02-Dec-18

I have three longbows -- a J.D. Berry 66-inch Vixen, a 68-inch J.D. Berry Valor and a 68- inch Belcher Union JaCK. All are 45-46# at 28 inches. Would like to trade for a longbow i haven't yet tried, a Sunset Hill, Northern Mist, David miller. Perhaps others. In the same weight range. Would also trade for a 66-inch Valor.

From: sir misalots
Date: 02-Dec-18

I have a like new EFA 3 strap on quiver. New foam core

Interested in a mini cat or side quiver

From: Reviveourhomes
Date: 02-Dec-18

Reviveourhomes's embedded Photo

I have a Martin Rebel Recurve 50” 40@28” that I would like to trade. It has a Bubinga riser and black glass limbs, pretty simple bow. I can take more pics, just Message me. I would like to trade for something below....

——set of nice woodies (50-55’s) ——single bevel (LW) broadheads ——nice knife ——Exotic wood lumber ——Open to all offers. Whatcha got?

From: Bojack
Date: 02-Dec-18

Bojack's embedded Photo

I’ve got two full left turkey wings in the freezer plus 18 ground and chipped 5” shield cut feathers. They are a light yellow. I was playing around with dying with Kool aid. I would like the same quantity in right wing feathers if full length or chopped. Thanks

From: Ben
Date: 02-Dec-18

I have about a dozen (more than I can use) Pendleton, Woolrich and Eddie Bauer wool shirts and shirt jackets. Mostly size large, but a couple mediums. All are used in good to very good condition. I'm looking for some 2213 and 2215 shafts or arrows 30" plus in length. If you have something else that would make an interesting trade hit me with it. I'll keep trading till all are traded as I have too many. I'll text or e-mail pictures when we decide the size and color your interested in.

From: Slayer
Date: 02-Dec-18

Slayer's embedded Photo

Trade a predator classic 52#@28 60” long for a bear a handle takedown, black widow takedown, or the right super k

From: Rhett Parish
Date: 02-Dec-18

Rhett Parish's embedded Photo

Brand new medium Asbel wool timber ghost!looking to trade for Montana longbow Kodiak magnum Martin x200 Kodiak hunter around 50lbs open to all offers tho also have 11 easton axis 500 spine I could throw in for right deal.

From: Spartanbuck
Date: 06-Dec-18

Spartanbuck's embedded Photo

Have some black eagle instincts 500 cut to 27 with an outsert at 28.25”. They are glued on with insert weld and heat reversible. There are 27 of them they are used but in great shape. Shoot me any reasonable offer. Would like 2016’s or 2013’s or 2114. Those would be preferred. Thanks for your interest

From: 56' Kodiak
Date: 06-Dec-18

I have a Left Handed reproduction 59 Bear Kodiak 45lbs and a set of #1 bubinga limbs 50lb on a B riser. Want to reduce weight with both. Looking for 40 lb bubinga limbs and Kodiak. Both are in excellent condition.

From: Biathlonman
Date: 06-Dec-18

I need some 160 stos to pay a debt, anyonw have any they can part with? Have lots of other heads, shafts, or a zipper quiver I could trade.

From: Slambo
Date: 06-Dec-18

Slambo's embedded Photo

Medalist SilverMax in Realtree. 2 pair- Men’s XL (40-42) pants 1 pair- Men’s XL (46-48) hooded jacket No rips or tears. Soft, quiet outer with odor neutralizing inner. elastic on waist. Wrists, and ankles. Zip up lower legs. Trade for Asbell wool, RH American Leathers shooting glove, 500 GT’s, lighted nocks, tree stand.... will consider offers.

From: Tim Finley Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 06-Dec-18

I have some Bear Razorheads greenies unused I would like to trade for 6 or so Simmons glue on Tigersharks actually any amount of Tigersharks .

From: guzman4505
Date: 07-Dec-18

guzman4505's embedded Photo

Hey all. I have black bear riser with hawkeye plates that have never been used or attached. Unfortunately i do not have the grip for the riser so I used some tape to fill in the grip some. i was looking to trade it for a bushcraft type knife in carbon stee. i can send more pictures if you're interested. Thank you.

From: bradkabible68
Date: 09-Dec-18

bradkabible68's embedded Photo

I have a camo 54# BROWNING EXPLORER 62"that shoots like a rocket, hits like a Mack truck and handle like a Cadillac.

I've had this animal for quite a while and LOVE it. However, I have not been shooting bow for probably a year. That said, I have 51# longbow that is too draw weight much for me to be starting out with. Fact is I also have a 44# Red Wing Hunter that takes quite a bit out of me, sad to say. Anyway, I am looking to trade this Explorer for a 38-40# bear grizzly, or something such as this, nothing under 58" preferably 60-62". I hope this photo comes out, if not and you are interested, please contact me via text: five70-5four1-275seven

From: Festivus
Date: 10-Dec-18

Festivus's embedded Photo

I have 15 broadheads I would like to trade for other broadheads.

They are 3 150 grain original Woodsman, 3 135 grain Zwickey Eskilite, 3 165 grain Zwickey Eskimos, 6 170 grain Zwickey. All are in very good condition, none have been actually used on an animal unfortunately. They have been sharpened and most do need to get touched up, can still see some of the marker on the edges of a few heads, have been on a few arrows and quivers. You can consider these new but sharpened. Many of the heads have had a tanto tip put on them. One of the Zwickey Deltas had the insert come out. I would like to trade for Magnus Classics or Stingers or fingers crossed Simmons. Need 125 to 150 grains, will look at 170+ grains.

Also have several brand new never shot Zephyr Siroccos in 135 grain, they are about 170 grain with the adapters. Razor sharp and have never been in the field. Want to trade for brand new Magnus Black Hornets in 100 or 125 grain, prefer the 4 blades.

Also have a set of ILF limbs, W&W Pro Accent shorts 34#@28" on a 25" riser, excellent limbs and are very close to Winex speeds. Want a set of short ILF limbs in 38# to 42# or a trade for a 13" or 15" ILF riser, prefer metal but will look at other materials.

Also have a Hoyt Gamemaster II riser that I would trade for a 13" or 15" ILF riser, prefer metal but will look at other materials.

Would trade the Hoyt and W&W set up for a Martin Bamboo Viper, Venom, or Savannah.

From: Matt R
Date: 10-Dec-18

Matt R's embedded Photo

Four zebrawood bears up for trade. Would like to trade some or all for one bow. Grizzly is 44#, 3 tigetcats are 34#, 44#, 42#. All in good to excellent shape. Looking for a GN ghost or fireball less than 50#. Might be interested in other GN's or higher end bows as well. Pm me with offers, questions or for more pics. Thanks! Matt

From: Festivus
Date: 11-Dec-18

Forgot to add I'd trade all of the broadheads for a lansky sharpener with 5 stones and hopefully a base.

From: bowbert
Date: 11-Dec-18

Bear Kodiak (59 Repro) 40#@28", purple heart, satin finish. The bow is two years old and in excellent shape. Would like to trade for a Super Kodiak. Thanks,


From: PECO
Date: 11-Dec-18

PECO's embedded Photo

Super Necedah, 45# left hand, 54" AMO. Beautiful bow. Looking for a Martin Mamba 45#ish. May be interested in an older Martin Hunter, Viper, Savanah, or? Does not have to be a Martin, does need to be left hand. PM for more pictures and details.

From: PECO
Date: 11-Dec-18

When I say Martin above, a Damon Howatt is included.

From: Bowcrazytw
Date: 11-Dec-18

Bowcrazytw's embedded Photo

I have a very nice Kota Kill-um I'd like to trade for a set of ILF short limbs in the 40 lb range. The kill-um is 49@28 and 60" long. It is in very good shape. The riser has some bleaching in the finish but that is the only flaw in the bow. RH and the grip is a little thicker for a med to large hand I would say. My first choice would be Uukha limbs but definitely open to others.

From: TradFan
Date: 11-Dec-18

TradFan's embedded Photo

16 inch Bushmaster AR upper. 1/9 twist. HBAR. Comes with bolt and charging handle. AK style flash hider. Will trade for Bear takedown B riser. No FFL required for AR uppers.

From: sagebrush
Date: 11-Dec-18

sagebrush 's embedded Photo

I have a 46 lb Rh tanasi warrior,trade fora low poundage Bob Lee signature Rh,40 lb give or take a couple

From: 1/2miledrag
Date: 12-Dec-18

I would like to have an ILF rig back in my stable, so looking for a Satori, 21" preferable. I have a couple very nice longbows that I would trade for the right bow. PM me if you are interested in talking.

From: Coueskiller
Date: 13-Dec-18

Coueskiller's embedded Photo

will trade Brand new Bear takedown riser A or B , RH or LH for very nice original 1962 Kodiak Special or !960 Grizzly

From: Bloody Delta
Date: 14-Dec-18

Bloody Delta's embedded Photo

Looking to trade this Browning Cynergy 12ga shotgun.

I’m looking to trade for Schafer Silvertips only. Take downs or one pieces 60” only, preferred old school camo limbs #55–#65 @ 28”

Pm me


From: 56' Kodiak
Date: 14-Dec-18

Left-handed reproduction 59 Kodiak great condition looking for green stripe takedown riser left handed.

From: bboaldin
Date: 15-Dec-18

For Trade is a Big Jim Thunderchild.

It is 50# @ 28" and is 54" and a Takedown with black and white ebony veneers with leadwood riser and horn tips.

This bow was made this year.

Looking for a 56" Thunderchild Takedown in 42-46# range. I would even consider a left-handed takedown that is 54 in and 50#.

Text me 325-451-7728.

From: GF
Date: 15-Dec-18

Shoot, Bobby - too bad you didn’t bother to have Jim make it purty!!

Wow! OK - eyeballs back in sockets!

From: SdDiamondArcher
Date: 16-Dec-18

SdDiamondArcher's embedded Photo

I have three Magnus and 1 woodsman to trade. Snuffers are 218-220 with insert and 135 without. Woodsman is 135 with the insert.

I am looking for a helical clamp for a Bitz, doesn’t matter which direction, or single bevel broadheads in the 220 grain range, direction doesn’t matter.

From: 56' Kodiak
Date: 16-Dec-18

56' Kodiak's embedded Photo

Left-handed reproduction 59 Kodiak from 2013. Will trade for green stripe handle.

From: Rick 3
Date: 16-Dec-18

I have 2 bows that I would trade.

1. LH Fox Breed 2 piece recurve. Bow is 62" and 50#@30". Has bownsleeve takedown system. I am not sure what the riser wood is but the limbs are red elm under clear glass. Bow is in excellent condition and has never seen the woods.

2. LH St. Joe River 1 piece recurve. Bow is 60" and 48#@29". Bow has only been shot very few times (less than 50 arrows). I am the 3rd owner but the bow was never shot by either of the 1st 2 owners. I think the riser is spalted maple and the limbs are beautiful flat cut Bocote under clear glass.

I can send pictures of either / both bows if interested. The website wouldn't let me attach pics.

I am looking to trade for a LH 62" recurve or LB or Bear Takedown A or B take down handle (with or w/o limbs). Any bows would need to be around 50# @ 29".

Good shooting!

From: Rick 3
Date: 16-Dec-18

Rick 3's embedded Photo

Pic of SJR and Fox Recurves

From: Biathlonman
Date: 16-Dec-18

I have 4 dozen 60ish vintage Easton .312 shafts I'd like to trade for long ILF limbs or other useable shafts 1916, 2016, 2018, 2117, .400 or .500 spine carbon.

From: Renewed Archer
Date: 17-Dec-18

Renewed Archer's embedded Photo

I'd like to trade this beautiful Saxon Kadiak, 62" 50# (scales about 52#). Sort of a 59 Kodiak replica. Brown glass on the back, veneer on the belly, in good to excellent condition. No holes, straight. It's just too heavy for me. I'd trade it for a lighter 64" 59 or 60 Kodiak, Kodiak Deluxe or Super Kodiak (all in 64" only), or a 59-62 Kodiak Special or Kodiak Special Deluxe. Prefer 45# or less, but I'd consider 45-50#.

From: oletrapper
Date: 17-Dec-18

oletrapper's embedded Photo

2018 Northern Mist Skanee. Only shot a few times. 3 piece take down longbow. Bolivian rosewood handle. American Elm Limbs. Locator long bow grip. Antler Tip overlays. 44# @ 30" draw, 66" long. LEFT HANDED. looking to trade for other nice left handed longbows or nice shotguns.

From: Turkeyman
Date: 17-Dec-18

Turkeyman's embedded Photo

Two tabs are a large Widow and Screaming Eagle cordovan leather. I believe the AAE might be a medium (not 100% ). All in excellent condition. Looking for a dozen Delma MA-3 Penetrator Broadheads . The newer heads 125 grn. Thanks

From: Sipsey River
Date: 17-Dec-18

Sipsey River's embedded Photo

I have 2 dz new Carbon Express Predator II 700 spine full length shafts, including nocks and points. I fletched one shaft with with 3" feathers for testing. I would like to trade these for Gold Tip Entrada or Warrior shafts in either .600 or .700 spine.

From: oldhunter1942
Date: 20-Dec-18

Hi, anyone want to try shooting right hand, I have (2) rh Maddog longbows (1) TwoTracks rh and (1) Toxocraft recurve all in the (38-43)lb range would like to trade any or all of them for a lh longbow. Text me if interested, I am having problems with sending pictures today. Five one 3 467 zero two six 4 Thanks LLK

From: southofheaven
Date: 20-Dec-18

southofheaven's embedded Photo

62" Wing Archery Falcon it's 30# @28 Would trade for heavier bow or set of woodies. Maybe anything idk

From: Avid Archer
Date: 21-Dec-18

Avid Archer's embedded Photo

For trade is this RW Bohning fletching jig clamp.

I’m needing a dozen uni-bushings for 2215 aluminum shafts.

From: Rhett Parish
Date: 21-Dec-18

Rhett Parish's embedded Photo

Bingham takedown bow is in excellent shape 60" ata 50@28 looking to trade for a newer Mathews compound or other compound bows!

From: dkard
Date: 24-Dec-18

I have 2 quarts unopened of Copper Flethc LAc, 1 quart unopened of clear Fletch lac, an brand new Eco Dip, 2 long Little Dippers (new) and a large tank for dipping lots of arrows at once.

Trade for just about anything archery related, never really got into dipping and cresting. Looking knives, carbon shafts, broadheads, ILF limbs, plungers, sights etc

From: Phil Magistro
Date: 28-Dec-18

Please read the rules for the swap, especially number 5. This thread is for folks wanting to trade something for a specific item. Otherwise items can go on the classifieds as a trade or for sale.

From: Justin
Date: 30-Dec-18

4 dozen Doug fir shafts Full length


Trade for 2219s

From: bowlovingman
Date: 31-Dec-18

bowlovingman's embedded Photo

Want to trade my LH GN Bush Bow 60” 55# @ 27” for a LH Hill style 66” or more at 55#-65# @28”....

From: Bassman Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member
Date: 31-Dec-18

Red Head back pack lots of pockets. Will trade for carbon 600 arrows.Back pack is as new.

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