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Anybody shoot a Sierra Blanca recurve?

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ruintfletch 08-Nov-18
ruintfletch 08-Nov-18
George D. Stout 08-Nov-18
Wayne Hess 08-Nov-18
B arthur 08-Nov-18
Bxrecurve15 08-Nov-18
boatbuilder 08-Nov-18
Shawn Rackley 08-Nov-18
Gator1 08-Nov-18
KDdog 08-Nov-18
Longbeard 08-Nov-18
TGbow 09-Nov-18
jjs 09-Nov-18
Buglmin 09-Nov-18
Bowbaker 09-Nov-18
uphuntn 09-Nov-18
bluefin 10-Nov-18
gluetrap 10-Nov-18
From: ruintfletch
Date: 08-Nov-18

Just purchased a 56" 42# Sierra Blanca on a whim. Wondering how they are for quietness, smoothness etc? I've never had a chance to shoot one. Any dislikes about them? Thanks, Bob

From: ruintfletch
Date: 08-Nov-18

Anybody have input?

From: George D. Stout Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 08-Nov-18

Seems a little late to be asking how good a bow they are eh? You pretty much know that what someone else likes, you may not. You may love it and I hope you do. Who makes the bow anyway?

From: Wayne Hess
Date: 08-Nov-18

Jess Stuart, www.

From: B arthur
Date: 08-Nov-18

I purchssed a youth longbow from Jess for my son. Jess is a great guy to deal with and my son loves the bow.

From: Bxrecurve15
Date: 08-Nov-18

I purchased a war hawk youth bow for my cousins son and mentioned to Jess I was looking for a 66” recurve. He happened to have one in stock and offered to send it for a tryout. Bow was 43@28 and an absolute joy to shoot, quick and quiet. He ain’t getting this bow back. Can’t go wrong with one jesses bows.

From: boatbuilder
Date: 08-Nov-18

I have 5, 3 recurves 1 youth longbow and 1 of his new 3 piece longbow. All great bows plenty fast, plenty quiet and Jess is great to deal with.

From: Shawn Rackley
Date: 08-Nov-18

I coulda swore years ago I shot a "Jess stuart" 3pc longbow. It was a reverse set up kinda like a widow, but longbow limbs. My buddy Roy Williams "mudd" had it. Seems like it was a good shooting bow. It was a good while ago, at least 10 years or so. Now I'm curious lol.

From: Gator1
Date: 08-Nov-18

Bob. They are fantastic. Let me know when you get it. I want to shoot it.

From: KDdog
Date: 08-Nov-18

Bowbaker is his handle. Pretty bows. Great prices.

From: Longbeard
Date: 08-Nov-18

My son has one and it's a dream. He had a choice when he graduated Grad school. A custom muzzleloader by Marvin Wotring, who makes the Muzzleloader for the West Virginia University Mountaineer, or a Jess Stuart Bow. He chose the bow. Jess also put he and his best friend up and took care of them while they were on a cross country road trip.

From: TGbow
Date: 09-Nov-18

Jess Stuart makes the SB. Jess makes a good bow and is a gentleman to deal with. His bows shoot good to me.

Of course as with any bow out there you will have to shoot it for yourself, it's a subjective when it comes to bows...very personal when it comes to what a person prefers.

From: jjs
Date: 09-Nov-18

I've owned several of Jess's bows and are very fine bows, thought they are a step better than Rocky Mnt. Recurves from John Morris (deceased) which I owned also. Jess is a complete gentleman and customer service is top notch.

From: Buglmin
Date: 09-Nov-18

Love my Sierra Blanco recurve. Jess makes a great bow, no felt vibrations, no hand shock, and no stacking. Bow us smooth and shoots were you look. It's not a speed bow, wasn't built or designed to be. The finish is great, and the bow just looks good. I have nothing bad to say about Jess's bows.

From: Bowbaker Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member
Date: 09-Nov-18

Thanks for all the nice words guys! I might have to get a new larger hat, you guys gonna give me the big head. LOL

From: uphuntn Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 09-Nov-18

Love them... I have had several and all shot and looked amazing...

From: bluefin
Date: 10-Nov-18

I called Jess Stuart today due to the positive comments. A pleasure to talk with him. Im considering a bow from him and at a base price of $575 its amazing value.

From: gluetrap
Date: 10-Nov-18

mine is the same specs. as the op , just not as fancy woods. has good mass weight, fast as any other bow I got, its the smoothest bow ive shot. it is very well behaved at the shot. hope the op keeps us posted,would like to see if he agrees...ron

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