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Need a good hunting chair

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Birdy 11-Oct-18
RymanCat 11-Oct-18
Hatrick 11-Oct-18
ground hunter 11-Oct-18
Philip West 11-Oct-18
Keefers 11-Oct-18
Bowmania 11-Oct-18
Birdy 11-Oct-18
col buca 11-Oct-18
Frisky 11-Oct-18
dnovo 11-Oct-18
Kelly 11-Oct-18
J B 11-Oct-18
Gofish 11-Oct-18
StickandString 11-Oct-18
handle 11-Oct-18
TGbow 11-Oct-18
Andy Man 11-Oct-18
LongTrad 11-Oct-18
Burly 11-Oct-18
Orion 11-Oct-18
LBshooter 11-Oct-18
Andy Man 11-Oct-18
ButchMo 11-Oct-18
swampwalker 12-Oct-18
grizzly 12-Oct-18
Babysaph 13-Oct-18
From: Birdy
Date: 11-Oct-18

What would you recommend for a ground hunting chair/stool.

Needs to be light and easy to carry/pack up. Comfortable, and not cost 200 dollars.

If it had a back that would be a big plus. My currant chair is a 3 leg stool with no back.

It's easy to carry but not easy to sit in for long.

From: RymanCat
Date: 11-Oct-18

Not many chairs around that are small and light i haven't found. I have a cabelas 360 and its heavy but to sit in it is a blessing if your a big boy.

I have a number of other chairs and I can't sit in them and be comfortable.

Guys will tell you all sort of things but are they comfortable really?

The heavy chairs seem to work better but you have to drop them off. I had my buddy carry in for me the last season. he took big time care of me but he died.

And if you have a permanent blind it might be good to put down a piece of plywood no matter what chair you decide on.

skinny guys can get away with smaller chairs than a big butt that needs the fluff.

You get a butt ach your going to be moving around.

From: Hatrick Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 11-Oct-18

Food for Thought! Fighting joint arthritis and A lower back that aches most all the time I was also looking for something light, comfortable, has a back, swivels silently, and would adjust to uneven terrain. Tried a couple of inexpensive chairs and non worked well for me. I decided to spend the money ($200) and get a Millennium G100 hunting chair. It meets ALL my criteria. I figure I could have saved about $80 if I would have bought it in the first place.

From: ground hunter
Date: 11-Oct-18

I have tried every chair that is out there, and some good ones but 8lbs is the lightest I could find...... I do hunt bluff country and went with a Millenium Tree Seat,,,,, love it

159.00 and it weighs 3.8 lbs on my back,,,, get rid of their single strap, put on some light back pack straps, and your set

From: Philip West
Date: 11-Oct-18

Waldroup pack seat.

From: Keefers
Date: 11-Oct-18

The Best I sat in so far after many I've tried is the Huntmore 360 which isn't being made no more. Cost me $199.00 and have used it about 9 years now and I continue to thank Scott Hoffman and Mike Mitten who told me how it kept his dad seated and they both could enjoy hunting together. Money well spent and that is my deer stand so to speak.

From: Bowmania Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 11-Oct-18

I could sit in a Millenium for 14 hours pronghorn hunting. Aside from naps on the ground. I thought they were 200. Maybe their 199.95, then they'd qualify.


From: Birdy
Date: 11-Oct-18

The millennium gets good reviews buts that's a lot of cash for a glorified camp chair

From: col buca
Date: 11-Oct-18

I use an original Double Bull 3 legged stool w/ a back . Light , semi comfortable for long sits , has a caccy strap . I usually fold it and strap it to my fanny pack ( w/ shoulder straps ) and it carries easily

From: Frisky
Date: 11-Oct-18

I still use my 3-legged Walmart stool. Cost me $16 and one deer when it squeaked. After 1 hour, my butt begins to hurt. So, I started taking off my home-made sniper cape and using it for padding. Now I can sit for 1.5 hours, in relative comfort. After scaring a deer when it squeaked as I drew, I learned to sit perfectly still on it, especially on the draw, so I still use it and just limit my hunts to a little under two hours or I just sit on the ground during dry conditions. I did just buy an observing chair, as I like to observe the heavens in complete comfort. It's a matter of priorities.


From: dnovo Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 11-Oct-18

I've tried a few different ones. About 3 years ago I bought the Milleniun chair. Best thing I ever did. It's expensive but worth it. A year ago I had it hunting mulies in CO. Several other guys used it and everyone of them swore that when they got home, they were going to buy one. It's fantastic.

From: Kelly
Date: 11-Oct-18

I’ve tried a bunch of the cheap stuff but I need back support and like swiveling. Found the Redneck hunting chair several year back and have not needed any other. Can sit as long as I need to, but it’s a little heavy for a really long haul.

Going to try the Waldrop PAC Seat for those long walk ins, don’t have it yet so we’ll see.

Comfort is essential for sitting still so don’t mind paying $$ to achieve that.

From: J B
Date: 11-Oct-18

Go to Rural King, nice 3 cornered stair with back rest for 12.95 used it on my Moose hunt for a week, never had a problem even in that spongy moss ground. It's light and fold's up with a Velcro strip.

From: Gofish
Date: 11-Oct-18

Waldrop pac seat expensive but light, strong, and comfortable. Very versatile

From: StickandString
Date: 11-Oct-18

I have the DB 3 legged stool. I also use a 5 gallon bucket with swivel top. Problem with both is they are only 16 inches high and that puts my legs at an odd angle. And that gets uncomfortable quickly for me.

I need something that sits higher. Anything needing a tree won’t work well here. Most places I hunt don’t have trees.

And I need something light. I walk in a long way.

I checked out a relatively new swivel chair, can’t recall the name. Independently adjustable height legs, back and it swivels. But it makes noise when the chair swivels and it was $200.

From: handle
Date: 11-Oct-18

I bought a "Banded" brand hunting chair last year for about $49. It's portable, stable, padded, has a back and is comfortable enough to fall asleep in. It also swivels 360.

From: TGbow
Date: 11-Oct-18 sports-portable-tripod-camo-chair- 15macucmpdddtrpdsodr/15macucmpdddtrpdsodr

I bought this chair last yr. Seems to work fine, no problems so far. It's not heavy. Hard to find light weight chairs that are comfortable but this one works good for me...but I do stand a good bit when I'm in my stand.

From: Andy Man
Date: 11-Oct-18

Andy Man's embedded Photo

waldrop pack seat

light as a feather ,easy to carry, can set up leaning against a tree or free standing

comfortable with back support little costly , but worth it in the long run have tried hammock seat, walk about stool and nifti seat ,& summit tree seat

eats those alive for comfort and convenience

From: LongTrad
Date: 11-Oct-18

What is best between the Waldrop pack seat and the millennium?

From: Burly
Date: 11-Oct-18

Would the Waldrop be a good one for someone with a bad back and over weight ?

From: Orion Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 11-Oct-18

I use a Millennium for long sits in the turkey blind, but it's neither light nor compact.

For moving around on the ground for deer or elk, I use a hammock seat. Weighs less than 2#, is easy to set up and very comfortable. Of course, it does require a tree.

From: LBshooter
Date: 11-Oct-18

Well if your going to be attaching to trees I vote for a hammock seat, awesome portable.

From: Andy Man
Date: 11-Oct-18

Google (David Waldrop_ pack seat) for web site and watch his vidieos of different ways to set up not sure about back if bad back

kinda like those old sling beach chairs of yesterday but comfortable definately light and easy to carry like a pack frame on your back

From: ButchMo
Date: 11-Oct-18

My problem with the Pac seat, other than price, is it sits too low to the ground.

From: swampwalker
Date: 12-Oct-18

Waldrop didn't work for me. Millennium all the way. Its not a glorified camp chair. Unless you've tried. Don't know what you don't know.

From: grizzly
Date: 12-Oct-18

I got tired of seats squeaking, ripping and not being made of quiet enough material. I was in a Good Will store and saw a plastic seated shower stall chair with metal tube legs. It was cheap, doesn't squeak, is solid and dependable as all get out. Just doesn't have any cushion to it. I bring an extra sweater to put on it and I am very happy with it. It does not fold and is more conducive to blind location but that is all I use it for.

From: Babysaph Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 13-Oct-18

I just use a ladder stand. Use extra padding and it's comfy

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