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What size glue on nock 2016

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Flyman 13-Sep-18
JFH 13-Sep-18
Andy Man 13-Sep-18
Jon Stewart 13-Sep-18
Flyman 13-Sep-18
2 bears 13-Sep-18
GF 13-Sep-18
sammyg 14-Sep-18
N. Y. Yankee 14-Sep-18
strshotx 14-Sep-18
barredfeather53 14-Sep-18
Flyman 14-Sep-18
nrthernrebel05 14-Sep-18
From: Flyman
Date: 13-Sep-18

What size and glue on nock do the 2016 legacy aluminum shafts take thanks

From: JFH
Date: 13-Sep-18

5/16.... if they glue on the 9/32 or 11/32 can also be used if trying to size nock fit to string. not all nock openings the same...........

From: Andy Man
Date: 13-Sep-18

5/16" fit perfect

From: Jon Stewart
Date: 13-Sep-18


From: Flyman
Date: 13-Sep-18

Ok thanks for the help.

From: 2 bears
Date: 13-Sep-18

20/64 is 5/16. You might go a size smaller but not bigger. You don't want a lip from the nock being bigger than the shaft. Just my 2ยข worth. >>>----. Ken

From: GF
Date: 13-Sep-18

What Ken said. I like to go slightly undersized, myself.

But I still buy nocks specifically for my 1816s and 1916s and 2016s - three different colors so I can tell them apart without having to read the fine print on the Tributes....

From: sammyg
Date: 14-Sep-18

Like others I use a 5/16 nock for my 2016's and if the nock end is tapered I use the same size on my 2117 shafts as well. Been using the same brand nock for the last 35-40 years,they are called Plasti-nocks and were made by Arizona Archery Products. I tried them years ago and liked them and bought a bag of 100,probably still have half of them left.

From: N. Y. Yankee
Date: 14-Sep-18

2016 is 20/64" diameter. Divide both numbers by 2 = 10/32". Divide again, 5/16" The shaft size numbers were one reason why I liked aluminum arrows.

From: strshotx
Date: 14-Sep-18

It depends on which 2016,I have had some Legacy that used a 5/16" ans some Camo Hunter's that were necked down the last part of the shaft where a 9/32" fit perfect.

From: barredfeather53
Date: 14-Sep-18

2016 Autumn Orange were also necked down. 9/32" fits perfect as well.

From: Flyman
Date: 14-Sep-18

Got it,I got 5/16 and they work great on legacy 2016..Thanks to everyone.

From: nrthernrebel05
Date: 14-Sep-18

I prefer 9/32 on my 2016. I just like it smaller then the arrow, but both work.

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