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Walker River Bowmen

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Beacon 11-Jul-18
StikBow 12-Jul-18
Nocklow 12-Jul-18
Beacon 12-Jul-18
Beacon 12-Jul-18
From: Beacon
Date: 11-Jul-18

Walker River Bowmen of Yerington, Nevada is hosting a bow shoot this coming weekend in Bridgeport, CA (Twin Lakes). Starts this Saturday July 14th @ 8 a.m. - all are welcome!

From: StikBow
Date: 12-Jul-18

Where. I might come down as i have no classes scheduled. Two day shoot?

From: Nocklow
Date: 12-Jul-18

Skip let me know if you go down, we may join you.

From: Beacon
Date: 12-Jul-18

I'm going to try & embed a link within this thread, but if for some reason it does not work - copy & paste the web address (below) into your browser for more info.

Skip & Jeff - if you go, I'd love to shoot w/you guys! Rich sides.pdf

From: Beacon
Date: 12-Jul-18

I don't think the link worked (sorry).

Try going to Walker River Bowmen web page

& click "News", then 2018 Eagle Creek Extravaganza flyer.

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