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KME BH Sharpener

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Avid Archer 10-Jul-18
76aggie 10-Jul-18
Stealth2 10-Jul-18
Therifleman 10-Jul-18
Preston Lay 10-Jul-18
Kodaman 10-Jul-18
Avid Archer 11-Jul-18
Jim B 11-Jul-18
From: Avid Archer
Date: 10-Jul-18

Avid Archer's embedded Photo

In the pic you can see that the nylon o-ring/washer is split. Is this normal or is it broken?

I back out the brass nut in the roller assembly to eliminate any in and out play, but after only a few strokes the in and out play returns and I have to back out the brass nut more until eventually it comes out. Is this caused by a worn/broken washer?

From: 76aggie
Date: 10-Jul-18

I honestly never paid that much attention to mine. I bet they can answer your question in a heartbeat if you call them and ask.

From: Stealth2 Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member
Date: 10-Jul-18

Give Ronnie a call at KME. Good friend of mine and excellent guy to deal with.

From: Therifleman
Date: 10-Jul-18

I believe the split is there to tension the two pieces when you join them. KME is a great product. I know Ron would answer any questions if you call him. Very good guy.

From: Preston Lay Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member
Date: 10-Jul-18

Just took a look at mine. Its split also would believe it's supposed to be that way. Good sharpener BTW

From: Kodaman
Date: 10-Jul-18

Agree...split is ok...mine is that way.

From: Avid Archer
Date: 11-Jul-18

I talked to the good folks at KME this morning and they are sending the parts I need to make my BH sharpener as good as new.

Thank you KME for the great customer service. I really appreciate it.

From: Jim B
Date: 11-Jul-18

They are the best.

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