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Little Rock Here I Come!

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Chance 09-Jul-18
Deno 09-Jul-18
DanaC 09-Jul-18
JAbbott 09-Jul-18
BowAholic 09-Jul-18
Shawn Rackley 09-Jul-18
Roadrunner 09-Jul-18
Dave Lay 11-Jul-18
Dave Lay 11-Jul-18
Bojack 11-Jul-18
From: Chance
Date: 09-Jul-18

I will be starting a new career in Little Rock at the end of the month. I'm excited that I'll be exploring and hunting new places but unfortunately I have not located a single spot where I can shoot my recurve. Are there any local archery clubs? any suggestions from the local archers? I'll be an apartment dweller. Thanks for reading this.

From: Deno
Date: 09-Jul-18

Quick search found a trad place to shoot


From: DanaC
Date: 09-Jul-18

Click on the Bowsite tab at the top of the page and on the right side, of the page look up any state forum. They list 3D shoots etc. and have 'local' discussions.

Best of luck on the new job.

From: JAbbott
Date: 09-Jul-18

Archers Advantage, one of the best trad shops I’ve ever visited. Indoor range also.

From: BowAholic
Date: 09-Jul-18

we have one of the best state G&F there is... they have a free gun and archery range at Mayflower, which is not far outside LR. There are several clubs that shoot there and at there other range a few miles away. You might check out the Traditional Bowhunters of Arkansas... we like new members. Our longbow shoot will be the first weekend in September.

From: Shawn Rackley
Date: 09-Jul-18

I live in North East Ar (Ravenden Springs). But make it to mayflower several times a year. The conservation course at the gun range by mayflower is free and a lot of fun. I am down that way occasionally. If u are ever up my way let me know. I hit some field ranges in southern Mo also.

From: Roadrunner
Date: 09-Jul-18

I live in Conway and this state is a great place for traditional archery.

From: Dave Lay Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 11-Jul-18

Agreed.. lots of trad shooters in the area like said above go visit archers advantage on 12th st good family run business that caters to a lot of trad guys. As Bob ( bowaholic) said there is a G&f ran range at mayflower . The TBA has 3 shoots a year there. Holla bend bow hunters in Russellville has 2 traditional shoots a year with the next one Aug 11 I believe

From: Dave Lay Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 11-Jul-18

Also lots of public land to hunt with the WMA,s and ouchita and ozark National Forests

From: Bojack
Date: 11-Jul-18

Archers advantage is in Little Rock. The owner is a traditional shooter as well. And he has a huge inventory of traditional bows and gear. As a matter of fact I just received a gift certificate for there today. I live about two hours south of Little Rock. Lots a great public land hunting just down the road from my house.

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