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Summit stand accessories deal

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Laserman 13-Jun-18
Lowcountry 13-Jun-18
Clydebow 13-Jun-18
neuse 14-Jun-18
soldier 14-Jun-18
rallison 14-Jun-18
thunderchicken 14-Jun-18
Laserman 14-Jun-18
Lowcountry 14-Jun-18
From: Laserman
Date: 13-Jun-18

Summit stand webpage has dirt cheap deals on stand accessories. I just got front bag for $6 and a pair of side stand bags for $11..

From: Lowcountry
Date: 13-Jun-18


From: Clydebow
Date: 13-Jun-18

Thanks for the heads up.

From: neuse
Date: 14-Jun-18

I have never bought a climbing stand, but it looks like the ones at Summit are for rifles, with that bar in front.

From: soldier
Date: 14-Jun-18

They have several open front models. I shoot trad bows out of my closed front tree stand with that rifle rail. They even have some hang on models.

From: rallison
Date: 14-Jun-18

Some good deals there...but...I already have what's listed (or needed)

From: thunderchicken
Date: 14-Jun-18

they never have padded shoulders been looking for avery long time

From: Laserman
Date: 14-Jun-18

I replaced my straps with padded quick release Alice straps from the army navy store

From: Lowcountry
Date: 14-Jun-18

My only complaint on the Summitt climbers is that the shoulder straps SUCK!!!

The last time this came up, someone on here posted (and I apologize for not remembering who) about looking online and buying a MOLLE pack and shoulder strap system. They helped me with picking one out and installing it, and let me tell you, it is the the best accessory you can possibly buy for packing a Summitt Climber. Lots of info online concerning Summitt and MOLLE.

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