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how/use to fill holes in wood

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S.M.Robertson 13-Jun-18
4nolz@work 13-Jun-18
Bassman 13-Jun-18
Dao 13-Jun-18
unhinged 13-Jun-18
4nolz@work 13-Jun-18
grizzley21 13-Jun-18
fdp 13-Jun-18
Phil Magistro 13-Jun-18
From: S.M.Robertson
Date: 13-Jun-18

Wanted some waller opinons. What do you use to fill holes in bow risers? And how to fill them?

From: 4nolz@work
Date: 13-Jun-18

Depends on size.If you are going to refinish you can mix some of the colored glass dust with epoxy to fill smaller holes.

From: Bassman Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member
Date: 13-Jun-18

if it a selfbow sanded wood from the bow and crazy glue. put the glue in hole first pack it with the saw dust press in tight repeat until hole is filled.i have had it work good on some petty large limb knots and holes on selfbows. if it fiberglass bow then ad 40.

From: Dao
Date: 13-Jun-18

I use cheap different colored/stained chopsticks from asian market. they are tapered, so I can usually find a section of chopstic that'll fill the hole perfectly. cut that section out, fill the hole with glue, push the chopstick in, wait then sand it down flat. easier with darker color wood, with darker colored chopsticks.

From: unhinged
Date: 13-Jun-18

Epoxy.Use wood dust of the same species or similar color

From: 4nolz@work
Date: 13-Jun-18

Great idea Dao

From: grizzley21 Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 13-Jun-18

try some quikwood exoxy putty. comes in different colors also. It is sandable and you can strain it to almost any color. you can find it at the woodcraft stores.

From: fdp
Date: 13-Jun-18

The different colored chopsticks is the best plan. I many times pick up scraps at the Woodcraft store in Austin and use those as well. Looks far better than most other methods.

From: Phil Magistro
Date: 13-Jun-18

For bigger holes I cut a plug. For smaller ones I use different methods. The real trick is being able to stain or paint the material so it blends into the riser wood. Rich Lopez is great at that.

Date: 13-Jun-18

I've been using "Dao's" chopstick method, too, along with toothpicks. 2-part epoxy as the adhesive. Magic marker, or Testor's model car paints to "attempt" to match the rest of the surroundings after the plug has been sanded. Every now and then, my "colorblind" eyes actually get it right.

Grizzley21: thanks for telling about "Quikwood Epoxy Putty". Didn't know such a product existed.

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