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New/Old Hoyt CAMO Gold Medalist for 3D

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jk 13-Jun-18
S.M.Robertson 13-Jun-18
George D. Stout 13-Jun-18
KyPhil 13-Jun-18
jk 14-Jun-18
George D. Stout 14-Jun-18
From: jk
Date: 13-Jun-18

Just traded my way into a 64/50# Hoyt Gold Medalist, likely 1984.

I already had a 70/38 Buck Rogers-looking Gold Medalist..a sweet bow but I wanted more zip.

Camo edition-reportedly part of aspecial order by a now defunct New Mexico Hoyt dealer who wanted this kind of bow but didn't think hunters would buy Hoyt's flashy coloration).

The gent who's now paying big money to restore the sweet Browning .22 auto he got in trade for this Hoyt.

I unbolted the sticky-outy-brush-snaggy, two awkward for 3D Spig rest and applied an AAE ST300 (without plunger).

Fabric baseball bat tape on the plastic grip has already proven itself sweat-wise at 100deg.

An ugly brute. Weighs a ton.

This baby is for sure going to be my dedicated 3-D bow. Wow! Startlingly accurate: Happily I'm fit enough to haul it around some fierce 3D shoots.

From: S.M.Robertson
Date: 13-Jun-18

Lets see some pics! A Hoyt fan.

From: George D. Stout Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 13-Jun-18

Hoyt took Gold medals in 1972, 1976 and 1984...and many other Olympic medals. Little wonder you can shoot it well. )

From: KyPhil
Date: 13-Jun-18


From: jk
Date: 14-Jun-18

Photos coming eventually.

George, I'm proud to say I'm capable of shooting any bow badly ??

From: George D. Stout Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 14-Jun-18

I can do that as well jk. )

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