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Shout out to Turkeyman

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jrh24 11-Jun-18
Turkeyman 12-Jun-18
nomo 12-Jun-18
Turkeyman 12-Jun-18
From: jrh24
Date: 11-Jun-18

I had a trade in the works with Mike for some arrows and Snuffers for a jacket. He decided to keep the arrows and not do the trade.(well within his rights)But, he sent me the Snuffers anyway. THANKS MIKE!! John

From: Turkeyman
Date: 12-Jun-18

Thanks for the compliments guys.

From: nomo
Date: 12-Jun-18

Stand-up thing to do Turkeyman. Good for you.

From: Turkeyman
Date: 12-Jun-18

Thanks Nomo

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