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Tell me about Sitka recurves...

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GF 10-Jun-18
GF 11-Jun-18
Kelly 11-Jun-18
GF 11-Jun-18
fdp 11-Jun-18
From: GF
Date: 10-Jun-18

Saw one for sale. 1973 with a massive, rosewood riser. Nice looking finish on the riser with Camo sleeves on the limbs. Not a bad price, either.

But my last “bargain” bow is a make most people have never heard of because there are almost none of them left due to a gluing issue that caused many of them to delam. Not sure if I should even try to shoot it, but I’m only out $5.....

From: GF
Date: 11-Jun-18


Not even George knows??

From: Kelly
Date: 11-Jun-18

Herter’s Sitka?

From: GF
Date: 11-Jun-18

That could be it...

But of course I’m having trouble posting a picture, so the world may never know!

From: fdp
Date: 11-Jun-18

The description with the giant piece of Rosewood sure sounds like a Herter's Sitka.

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