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Ernie Root's First Bows

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thevienneau 10-Jun-18
twostrings 10-Jun-18
T4halo 10-Jun-18
Bassman 10-Jun-18
Blackhawk 10-Jun-18
bodymanbowyer 10-Jun-18
longbowguy 10-Jun-18
From: thevienneau
Date: 10-Jun-18

thevienneau's embedded Photo

Since 2012 I have been researching and writing about the many contributions Ernie Root made to modern archery. I have written 60 blog posts about every model of Root and Shakespeare Archery. This last post is about Ernie Root’s earliest longbows. Very little is known about them so this one is a tough one to write. This blog will be constantly updated with new information and photographs, so please add comments and send information if you happen to own one of these bows. THANKS A LOT. 06/ernie-roots-first-bows-king-longbows.html

From: twostrings
Date: 10-Jun-18

Link didn't work with Pale Moon 27.9.2

Took out the space just before 06

From: T4halo
Date: 10-Jun-18

I have a root longbow. Loved to shoot it. Smooth and quiet. It blew up on me last year. It was a sad day.


From: Bassman Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member
Date: 10-Jun-18

my brother and i bought 2 kaibab shakspere bows together off of ebay about 7 years ago. Smooth drawing nice shooting bows,shot them alot for about 2 yrs, and they both blew up.Maybe it was the glue they were using at the time.Really nice bows for as long as they lasted.

From: Blackhawk
Date: 10-Jun-18

Blackhawk's embedded Photo

I have one of Ernie's Target Masters from 1958-59 and it is one of my favorites. This recurve is 70", pulls 50#, and is deadly accurate... when I do my part.

When someone with the stature and reputation of Fred Anderson gives kudos to Ernie Root, I know his bows deserve the praise they receive.

From: bodymanbowyer
Date: 10-Jun-18

bodymanbowyer's embedded Photo

Still shooting this Root Target King 68" 28# @ 28" This bow deserves a refinish. I already did the Tip overlays in reverse colors. I need decals before I sand it down and make it look better than new. JF

From: longbowguy
Date: 10-Jun-18

I had a recurve similar to Blackhawk's pictured above. 50# & 70". It had a pistol grip similar to bodymanbowyer's above. An excellent bow by any standard. I still much prefer long recurves. - lbg

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