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wipe-on poly for arrow finish

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Rusty Hatter 09-Jun-18
Mountain Man 09-Jun-18
aromakr 09-Jun-18
longshot 09-Jun-18
Bill Rickvalsky 09-Jun-18
nocking point 09-Jun-18
2 bears 09-Jun-18
Andy Man 09-Jun-18
fdp 09-Jun-18
Bud B. 09-Jun-18
Kodiak 09-Jun-18
Nemah 09-Jun-18
Deno 10-Jun-18
Deno 10-Jun-18
Therifleman 10-Jun-18
Mr.Griz 10-Jun-18
wytex 13-Jun-18
Jimmy Blackmon 13-Jun-18
Michael Schwister 13-Jun-18
snipehunter 13-Jun-18
chazz847 13-Jun-18
RymanCat 13-Jun-18
M60gunner 13-Jun-18
Archergreg 13-Jun-18
MStyles 14-Jun-18
Bowcrazytw 14-Jun-18
jk 16-Jun-18
KDdog 16-Jun-18
KDdog 16-Jun-18
rusty 16-Jun-18
MStyles 17-Jun-18
Dkincaid 17-Jun-18
Jeff Durnell 18-Jun-18
From: Rusty Hatter
Date: 09-Jun-18

Those who use the wipe on poly for an arrow finish... Do you prefer the satin or gloss poly? Thanks

From: Mountain Man
Date: 09-Jun-18

Gloss But dont dip in poly,,,put it on with foam brush,,orher wise itll get bubbles in the finish I like a color Minwax puts out,,,,Honey,,,really makes ceders pop

From: aromakr Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member
Date: 09-Jun-18

The gloss finish will always be harder the a stain.


From: longshot
Date: 09-Jun-18

I always use gloss. Wipe it on with a little square of microfiber cloth after staining. I usually wipe on 4 thin coats then hit it with 0000 steel wool and synthetic car wax, dulls it a little and makes it easier to pull. Follow up with car wax after a couple of weeks and periodically thereafter keeps them easy to pull and adds a little protection.

From: Bill Rickvalsky
Date: 09-Jun-18

I use the water based polycrylic in a gloss finish. I have applied it with brush, foam brush and cloth wipe and don't see any difference in the end result. I agree with the 0000 steel wool if you want to take the edge off the shine. I have arrows 20 years old that were finished with it that are still in fine shape.

From: nocking point Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 09-Jun-18

I dip poly all the time with no bubbles,I thin it some and dip.

From: 2 bears
Date: 09-Jun-18

There is a big difference in the Minwax Poly urethane and the Minwax Poly crylic I was just looking at them in Home Depot today. Don't recall the Polycrylic coming in a wipe on. Both come in satin and clear Gloss. Might check to be sure your on the same page with advise. I know I was confused.>>>----> Ken

From: Andy Man
Date: 09-Jun-18

always have dipped with the oil base minwax poly , in gloss all I have ever used

From: fdp
Date: 09-Jun-18

I use the Wipe On Poly in gloss quite often when I don't want to wait on spar varnish to dry.

From: Bud B.
Date: 09-Jun-18

I dip in oil poly gloss cut 50/50 with mineral spirits.

No bubble problems. I dip at least 2x, sometimes 3x. It creates a smooth hard slick finish. Duco for fletching.

From: Kodiak
Date: 09-Jun-18

Use a rag.

From: Nemah
Date: 09-Jun-18

Minwax Poly....oil based...thin with paint thinner.....dip.....let dry....steel wool....dip again. I use satin. Richard

From: Deno
Date: 10-Jun-18

Water based Minwax gloss poly. Cut and dipped. I built an easy dip/dry rack.


From: Deno
Date: 10-Jun-18

Deno's embedded Photo

From: Therifleman
Date: 10-Jun-18

Gloss. 4 coats wiped on.

From: Mr.Griz Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 10-Jun-18

My process is the same as most of the above, except I use a sayin finish from Ace. It is water base .

From: wytex
Date: 13-Jun-18

Raptor Finish from Raptor Archery. Foam brush.

From: Jimmy Blackmon
Date: 13-Jun-18

I use the satin now. I used to use the gloss, but I like the dull finish better now. It's so much easier than lacquer.

From: Michael Schwister Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 13-Jun-18

I use helmsman spar urathane in a gloss, 3 coats wiped on with a cloth, 0000 steel wool or 220 sanding between coats and duco cement to fletch. After I use 0000 to smooth and wipe on/off johnson floor wax to quiet arrow draw and further improve wx resistance. Been very happy with this setup for over 20 years

From: snipehunter
Date: 13-Jun-18

on wood i use minwax, and trewax floor wax

From: chazz847
Date: 13-Jun-18

I am going to try a new poly made from whey. It's made by Vermont Natural Coatings. They use it on wooden flooring, so I figured it should do well on arrows.

From: RymanCat
Date: 13-Jun-18

Gloss I use a sponge brush it flows out.

From: M60gunner
Date: 13-Jun-18

MinWax waterbased Polycrillic. I use a foam brush. I used to apply in cap dip, cresting area only. Last arrows I made I did the whole shaft. I expected some target burn but hasn’t happened yet. I do wax my arrows, maybe that helps. Our targets are the compressed carpet. Oh, I use gloss.

From: Archergreg
Date: 13-Jun-18

I dip with the wipe on variety with no issues. The thicker the poly, the longer you should let it sit in the dip tube so the bubbles will rise and break. Bubbles in the finish are usually picked up on the way out of the tube. In most cases they run off. All Min wax products work for arrows. Try the floor poly it's in a class of its own.

From: MStyles
Date: 14-Jun-18

I made a a dip tank out of 3” pvc and minwax gloss wipe on. I dip bows, and arrows in it with excellent results. By dipping, you get a nice, even, all over coating, and I like that.

From: Bowcrazytw
Date: 14-Jun-18

Just did a dozen doug fir with the polycrylic semi gloss. I used a foam brush for 4 coats and am pleased with the results.

From: jk
Date: 16-Jun-18

Doesn't anybody use gasket lacquer anymore? That stuff was great (back before I switched to carbon).

From: KDdog
Date: 16-Jun-18

Make sure you're watching what you're using , if it matters to you. Most wipe-ons are interior, not exterior. I've used marine spar successfully. Both wiping and spraying.

I'd give gasket lacquer a try if you have any jk? But then again, the carbons are working well.

From: KDdog
Date: 16-Jun-18

What Michael Schwister said , X2

From: rusty
Date: 16-Jun-18

i tried it, i like the spray on much better

From: MStyles
Date: 17-Jun-18

The wipe-on isn’t as thick as the outside poly, but it’s easy to re-dip your shafts once a year. (If you shoot them outside alot).

From: Dkincaid
Date: 17-Jun-18

I use a paper towel and wipe it on no problems done about 20 dozen or so.

From: Jeff Durnell Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 18-Jun-18

You don't need wipe on Poly. Regular polyurethane wipes on just fine. I use a piece of cotton cloth, and do like Michael Schwister said.

Wiping on the regular gloss poly makes it come out like a satin finish for some reason and it dries fast. I like it. You can find that stuff and/or Helmsmans just about anywhere.

Dip tubes, gaskets, and such.... never again. All an unnecessary pita.

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