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Selway Longbow

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Eric Lechleitner 09-Jun-18
Eric Lechleitner 01-Jul-18
BowAholic 01-Jul-18
bigdog21 01-Jul-18
lefty4 01-Jul-18
From: Eric Lechleitner
Date: 09-Jun-18

I traded a Selway longbow a couple of years ago to a fella on this site. I would like it back if at all possible. Eric

From: Eric Lechleitner
Date: 01-Jul-18

no luck

From: BowAholic
Date: 01-Jul-18

those were cool little bows, as were Montana Bow Works (or something like that)...I think Dan Toelke made them...?

From: bigdog21
Date: 01-Jul-18

jim neaves of centaur archery built them when he was working for selway

From: lefty4
Date: 01-Jul-18

I owned a Selway Lil Magnum that was a very good shooter.

Unfortunately I haven't seen yours. Good luck in your search.

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