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keeping ILF strung

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jk 04-Jun-18
Whitetails2 04-Jun-18
M60gunner 04-Jun-18
Viper 04-Jun-18
jk 05-Jun-18
From: jk
Date: 04-Jun-18

I've kept 4 50-60 glassed bows strung since January (indoors, room temp). Also a Hoyt with foam limbs, 38#.

Measuring brace height there's been zero change (the Hoyt wears B55, all of the rest 450+ ).

I think this proves something about glass limbs.

It's easy for me to string/unstring all those bows, including a 50# recurve, with step- through...only the Hoyt is challenging because of the hooks.

I'm mostly concerned about the foam limbs because I plan to do the same thing with my new/ancient 50# Hoyt foam limbs.

Am I living in a fool's paradise?

From: Whitetails2
Date: 04-Jun-18

No need to unstring glass backed bows.

From: M60gunner
Date: 04-Jun-18

I leave the bows I shoot most often strung. I cant remember when I strung up my ILF bow with carbon/wood limbs. Even with B-50 which might stretch some it will not hurt your bows unless you keep the in a garage or attic. I left an old “72”Bear SK strung for 6 months with no issues. That foam is supposed to take the natural material part of the limbs out of the equation as for temperatures and other climate conditions.

From: Viper
Date: 04-Jun-18

jk -

Let me tall a little story.

It's true, you can keep most laminated bows strung forever with no undue harm. A good friend of mine who owns an archery range always keep his uber high end Oly rig strung on the side of the range. Never had a problem ... until there was a slight mishap with a new compound shooter and a field tip ended up in his lower limb.

As far as foam itself is concerned, since most will destabilize with heavy use over time, it seems to me that keeping it strung all the time might in fact hasten that. But as I've mentioned before, most people won't notice that destabilization, it's pretty subtle. And no, maple/glass limbs don't seem to have that problem.

Viper out.

From: jk
Date: 05-Jun-18

Thanks gents. I thought as much, but I've also been feeling a little guilty. As we all know, "feeling a little guilty" is nature's way of telling us we're having fun.

My longbows have a lot more wood in them, of course, so that's where I'd have expected more opinions.

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