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A&H 1 pcs bows

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gradymaci 27-May-18
silverarrowhead 27-May-18
Caughtandhobble 28-May-18
From: gradymaci Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 27-May-18

Who shoots a A@H 1 pcs bow exclusively.. I've owned 7 of the 3 pcs but would like to try a one pcs... Anyone that has shot both chime in.. Not interested in OL's as I had one and he is MIA.. Thanks folks..

From: silverarrowhead
Date: 27-May-18

I have owned both. I shot the 3 piece a little better. I’m pretty sure that was just due to the weight difference in the riser. No hand shock in either. Both had almost identical specs. Both shot the same arrow only 1 ft per second difference. I liked the lightness of the 1 piece, for carrying afield. I personally didn’t think either was very forgiving . Only reason I sold both was that “ping” sound from the carbon limbs. Both were outstanding performers in the speed department.

From: Caughtandhobble
Date: 28-May-18

The one bow that I wish I had back was a one piece A&H. The bow was 43@28 66" and shot the same arrow as my 51# Horne. I have owned several three piece A&H bows and never missed them, once sold or traded.

I suppose that I should add that I have rather large hands. It seems that every three piece that the feathers would tear up my index finger. I never had that problem with the one piece, the grip is a little longer with a wider shelf.

The performance seemed to be identical between the two. I did find the one piece to be more forgiving, and comfortable to shoot. I truly wish I had never traded that bow.

They normally have a sale in the Summer, so keep your eyes open. Larry is a very nice guy to deal with and really knows his stuff.

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