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Unable to register on Stickbow..

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Nemah 27-May-18
Rick Barbee 27-May-18
Nemah 27-May-18
gmisltr 18-Nov-18
From: Nemah
Date: 27-May-18

I'm writing this on our home computer, but I'm unable to register on our I-Pad. I enter my e-mail....everything is fine. I enter my says welcome back. I close that window, hit the refresh symbol, and always get the "guest account..If you wish to register, click here" message. What's up? Richard

From: Rick Barbee
Date: 27-May-18

Your I-Pad isn't accepting/storing the cookies set by the site in your internet browser.

You'll need to change the settings in your browser to allow the cookies to be stored.


From: Nemah
Date: 27-May-18

Thank you Rick! It worked perfectly! Richard

From: gmisltr
Date: 18-Nov-18

I am trying to register as gmisltr, Under the 1st tab where it says creat password there is my bd and mothers initials, and that's all, no place to type a pw

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