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Bow Repairs??.......See One of Our Own!!

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Nalajr 21-May-18
BigStriper 21-May-18
Pa Steve 21-May-18
BATMAN 21-May-18
jimreed 21-May-18
Car54 21-May-18
KDdog 21-May-18
Homey88 21-May-18
fdp 21-May-18
chazz847 21-May-18
2 bears 22-May-18
Ron Carlson 22-May-18
Let 'em fly 22-May-18
2 bears 23-May-18
Nalajr 25-May-18
jrh24 25-May-18
2 bears 27-May-18
Bassman 31-May-18
From: Nalajr
Date: 21-May-18

Hey all.

I'd like to pass on some info to other members about my experience.

I needed 2 of my bows reduced in weight about 5 pounds so I could shoot them more comfortably. One was a 1971 Bear Grizzly that my Mom gave me years ago AND my Johnson ASL Longbow. I was just about to the point I was going to sell them and get others in the weight I needed. Then I had a member contact me and talk about how he could take some weight off of it for me. I decided to check it out. All the info he gave me satisfied me that he knew what he was doing. Another bonus that came in handy was that he lives about an hours drive from me so I didn't have to pay shipping.

The Members handle is 2 BEARS and his name is KEN. He is a straight up guy, honest and he does awesome work. He done both of my bow and they turned out beautifully. He also showed me some of his other work on bows where they had various ailments and such, and every one I looked at looked like it came from the factory last week.

I was really impressed with 2 Bears and his work. He is a really nice guy and knows his stuff about fixing damaged bows. I know if I ever need other work done, I'll drive them straight down to 2 Bears. I will always support Stickbow members first when I can.

If you are needing some work done on your bow, whether minor stuff or major work, give 2 Bears a shout and talk to him and see what he says about them.

Thanks guys and gals. Have a great day.


From: BigStriper
Date: 21-May-18

That sounds real nice,good to have somebody that talented close by. Never know where and when you are going to find a nice person to help you.


From: Pa Steve
Date: 21-May-18

Good deal. A lot of times you hear about the rats but not so much about the good guys. Hope you can enjoy your bows again.

From: BATMAN Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 21-May-18

2 BEARS is GOOT PEOPLE! ( 'Course there is LOTS of GOOT PEOPLE on the WALL!)

From: jimreed
Date: 21-May-18

Larry, thanks for the info.

From: Car54 Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 21-May-18

Dang, might have to reduced one of my bows weight too. Good to know this since were in the same state.

Thanks for the info.

From: KDdog
Date: 21-May-18

Yup, there's still some good folks around.

From: Homey88
Date: 21-May-18

2 bears is a great guy! Very knowledgable and make beautiful knives. I bought one off of him earlier this year.

From: fdp
Date: 21-May-18

Ken is about as good as there is when it comes to doing that stuff.

From: chazz847
Date: 21-May-18

That's nice to know. Always found good people on here.

From: 2 bears
Date: 22-May-18

Thanks guys. Long time retired and like to stay busy. I just offer to help when I can. >>>----> Ken

From: Ron Carlson
Date: 22-May-18

Mr. Bears My I suggest that you post a weight reduction work along?

From: Let 'em fly
Date: 22-May-18

Second the work along comment by Ron.

From: 2 bears
Date: 23-May-18

I would be happy to do a work along. Thanks for the invitation. The problem is I am severely computer challenged. I finally got a bow rack picture posted and haven't been able to do it again since. I can exchange pictures by email but don't know how to put them in files. I have to scan through hundreds to find a picture. Documenting the work would be much harder than doing it. I will try to write more about it if you are interested. Have a good day. >>>----> Ken

From: Nalajr
Date: 25-May-18

I'll help you Ken. Be happy to do it after all the work you done for me on my bows and holsters. Figure out how you want it and we'll get 'er done!!

One more thing about Ken. He's being modest, he is a craftsman on several things. He makes and repairs knives and leather goods. The holster work he done for me was great. It turned out exactly how I wanted it. I saw some of his knife work and they were beautiful! Seems like 2 Bears can do just about anything.

Anyway, I'm here if you need some computer help. Just send me an email.

Have a great weekend everyone!

P.S. It's Ken and many other members just like him that lets me know I made the right decision when I decided to come back to TRAD archery and be a member here. Simply the BEST people I have ever found in a great forum. Thanks to the Head Honcho here that gives us this outlet to learn and help each other in times of need!! Members here have helped me through some very trying times and I'm so grateful for them!

From: jrh24
Date: 25-May-18

Ken did a re-finish on my '73 Super Diablo last year, we talked the whole process thru on e-mail, we decided to keep the gloss finish on the riser, but he put a duller satin finish on the limbs. It turned out great!!Both Ken and I are computer dumb, but his wife Donna makes sure everyone is on the same page. You will not find a better guy to work with than 2 Bears!! John

From: 2 bears
Date: 27-May-18

Nalajr, I sure will take you up on that. The next time you are on this side of town if you could show me how to arrange and put stuff in files so I don't have to look through all of them and maybe even to post pictures on this site. That would be great.

jrh24 good to hear you are still flinging arrows with that beautiful Super D. >>>-----> Ken

From: Bassman Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member
Date: 31-May-18

2 bears i have reduced bow weight on several of my bows also with good results.i am old now and can no longer shoot the bows like when i was a younger man.i have reduced some of them by at least 10 lbs with good success.i used to shoot 55 lb. now i can only shoot 45 lbs.i learned to do this with a couple of beater bows that i have.they turned out good so i progressed from there.still shooting the horse bows that jozef monus built you?i may have spelled his name wrong but you know who i mean.what an archer and bowyer that man is.i will never understand how the troll ocr thinks.any waythanks that whole thing started because i asked about siyahs on selfbows and you were the only one to give me an answer.the answer was design.

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