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Carbon arrow nocks?

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Pfranchise 15-May-18
fdp 15-May-18
Terry J 15-May-18
2 bears 15-May-18
M60gunner 15-May-18
George D. Stout 15-May-18
Smokin Joe 15-May-18
strshotx 16-May-18
eddie c 16-May-18
Sipsey River 16-May-18
flyguysc 16-May-18
BACKYARD 16-May-18
Birdy 16-May-18
BigJim 20-May-18
JimPic 21-May-18
JimPic 21-May-18
Mpdh 21-May-18
Kenwood 21-May-18
From: Pfranchise
Date: 15-May-18

Hey guys I am just getting into the carbon arrow world. It seems to me that the nock fit on all these carbon arrows is garbage. They are all snap nocks. I use Bohning Classic nocks on my aluminum arrows. Looks like these carbon nocks will need a skinny string with small serving to make them fit. Much smaller than what I am used to. The carbon nocks seem like they are suited to compound shooters not finger shooters. Is it just me? What do you guys think? Please share your thoughts.

From: fdp
Date: 15-May-18

When I shoot carbons from my recurves and longbows I use standard "carbon" nocks. And I don't shoot strings any skinnier than I do with any other arrow. I just serve the string to fit the nocks.

From: Terry J
Date: 15-May-18

Gold tip nocks do not fit as tight as the Bohning for me. shop around...

From: 2 bears
Date: 15-May-18

I use Gold Tip's mostly and haven't seen a problem. I only use B55 to make strings so no skinny strings either. I just use the size serving that gives a good fit.>>>----> ken

From: M60gunner
Date: 15-May-18

If your using GT Trads 500 spine get thenock inserts and use your Bohning nocks. Although I have not had a “Robin Hood” the insertswill help keep the shaft intact. You can get them from 3Rivers or Big Jim

From: George D. Stout Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 15-May-18

You adjust the serving to fit the nock. I don't use push-in nocks, but the principal is the same anyway.

From: Smokin Joe Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 15-May-18

You could use glue-in nock inserts (3-Rivers has them) and then Bohning classic nocks. I have done that for years and it really works well.

From: strshotx
Date: 16-May-18

For your standard carbon arrow with a .246 ID try Easton 3D Super nocks,they have the largest and smoothest throat of push-in type nocks I have found.These are different then the regular Easton Super nock that has more of a snap type feel.

From: eddie c
Date: 16-May-18

emery board when necessary.

From: Sipsey River
Date: 16-May-18

I serve my strings to fit the nocks.

From: flyguysc Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 16-May-18

Easton pin nocks and carbon express come in two string sizes.Maybe others as well.

Date: 16-May-18

Anybody put the nock in almost boiling water for 10 seconds and nock the arrow and lightly pinch until it fits the string well.Hold until it cools and seems to work fine on any brand I've tried.

From: Birdy
Date: 16-May-18

Yep make the string fit the nock

From: BigJim Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 20-May-18
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The vast majority of shooters are using carbon arrows and most of the nocks fit similarly.

If you are using wood arrows or glue on style nocks, you will find the they are considerably larger.

We have an issue buying strings for sale because all the b50 strings are served to match the larger nocks, where as most all the fast flite strings are designed for carbons.

Big issue since there are many, many bows out there being shot that need b50 but are using carbons... so we make our own strings so we can have it the way our customers need them. We do have a hard time keeping up with the demand.

As George said though, adjust serving to suit the nock type. BigJim

From: JimPic
Date: 21-May-18

Nock adapters and glue on nocks

From: JimPic
Date: 21-May-18

JimPic's embedded Photo

From: Mpdh
Date: 21-May-18

I bought a B55 string for my 68lb H Hunter at the Kazoo Expo. I shoot 2219s with this bow, and could not get an arrow on the string without pushing very hard. I ended up having to reserve the string myself to get the right fit. These are original Camo XX75s with the tapered nock end.


From: Kenwood
Date: 21-May-18

I fold up 180 grit sandpaper and make em fit how I want.

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