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From: dagaboy
Date: 15-May-18

I'm sure this has been asked before, but I'll ask again. Has anyone bought a bow from the classifieds and not been ripped off? I see a lot of bows for sale from accounts with different names and from different states but some have the same contact email address. Also some accounts are selling multiple bows. Maybe I'm just paranoid, but my red flags are going up like crazy. How do you verify someone is legit on this site?

From: nomo
Date: 15-May-18

Get their Ph.# and call them. There is many, many good folks on here. Like always, buyer beware, but I' never been ripped off by anyone on this forum and I've been here since, at least 1999 and done many trades. None on the classifieds, but I'm sure it's the same way there. You can pretty much tell a lot about a person in a phone conversation.

From: DanaC
Date: 15-May-18

Do a 'handle' search and see if they are regular contributors to the discussions with a history of participation. If not, tread warily.

From: Skeets
Date: 15-May-18

I only bought one, about 3 years ago and I still have it. A Black Widow PLX and it is a nice bow. I have sold 2 bows also.

From: GF
Date: 15-May-18

There are a lot of guys here who have literally hundreds of bows on hand at any given time, so the fact that someone has a half a dozen for sale probably doesn’t mean very much... I suppose there is a CHANCE that it means they do this as a profitable sideline, rather than just managing their list of Shooters, but if you don’t like their prices you can always walk away from the deal…

But if you search the thread titles for “SCAMMER ALERT”, I’d say about nine times out of 10 it turns out to be a completely legitimate seller and someone being a little too reactive to something like an overdue phone call.

I’ve had nothing but GREAT luck making deals here… Just don’t fall for anything that feels completely wrong.

From: Babbling Bob Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 15-May-18

Bought three here on LW and two on another archery forum with no problems. The sellers purchased from on here were members of LW'ers with history. All had good communication skills with one making several phone calls. One seller, even allowed me to take a business trip that was happening the day after I contacted him with my purchase interest and make final arrangements when I arrived back home. That person also had an excellent information sheet with photos he emailed immediately to me when I told him of my interest.

Another seller with multiple bows for sale was contacted when I was in Japan heading towards home, and they kept up emails with very rapid responses the entire time. I bought two from him. One of the bows listed and soon after another he told me about over the phone when he called to check on the first bows arrival. He had some injuries and was selling his bows, but he also had a long history on the LW with interesting and informative replies. I even contacted him later to tell him how much I appreciated the bows.

COMMUNICATIONS is the key to success. That's how you get to know the seller.

From: Tboughty
Date: 15-May-18

People have different handles so they can sell more than one bow at a time via separate ads. Call them and talk to them if you're paranoid.

From: Thumper
Date: 15-May-18

How do we know you are legit? :)

But really, I've had nothing but excellent interactions with the people here. Bought a few bows, sold a few. Ask for their phone number and chat with them on the phone. It will clear up a lot.

From: Draven
Date: 15-May-18

I bought and I did not have a problem. This thing pops up frequently and I start to believe that a lot of kids are posting here because a mature person KNOWS how to deal with this.

From: George D. Stout Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 15-May-18

If scamming wasn't profitable, scammers wouldn't do it. Beware. It's sometimes hard to separate the grain from the chaff. Most here are honest folk, but they all aren't. You have some good advice, and a phone call can help defray worries. I've never bought a bow from the classifieds, but I do trade here on occasion and always with folks with history, or have personally talked with them on the phone.

From: Vtbow
Date: 15-May-18

I had a great experience within a month of signing up here. Got a great bow at a fair price and the gentleman shipped it fast and well packed. Was very happy. I paid via paypal, which I think helps.

From: bigdog21
Date: 15-May-18

as scammers grow and try harder. If I had a bow for sale. I would not be offended if you ask people on this site if anyone has sold trade are bought from me. if it would help a sale are a buy and make you fill better about a deal. and I hope others would not be offended either. ask if anyone has dealt with them before. I would think if they do get offended they mite be hiding something.

From: thorn
Date: 15-May-18

Being scammed can come in many circumstances. I have good luck on here until recently. A seller listed a bow as excellent. I asked about scratches or marks, and got some pictures. Unfortunately the pictures and description did not show the many scratches, and removed finish. The bow was in rough enough shape where I needed to send it back to the bowyer to have it refinished and evaluated before shooting. Misrepresentation is a form of scamming too.

From: Catskills
Date: 15-May-18

I have bought several bows from classified. Always communicated by phone, never a problem. Still, you need to keep your ear tuned for the signs of a scammer, such as unusual shipping or payment arrangements, or weird back stories that somehow would affect the deal.

From: NormF
Date: 15-May-18

Never had a problem dealing with people who had a history on this site. If you use PayPal and have to file a grievance I believe you will get your money back eventually. Just don't send PayPal payments as a gift.

From: 2 bears
Date: 15-May-18

I have bought sold and traded with good results every time. Maybe I have just been lucky but all this talk is scaring me. It usually results in making a new friend. >>>----> Ken

From: Nemophilist
Date: 15-May-18

I've bought and traded a few things here. I've dealt with Cameron Root, Bob W., Nimrod, spikehorn, Kstframer, and Jorge Coppen and all have been great to deal with. I also see if the person has a history, and/or I'll talk to them on the phone. When I buy I always use Paypal. If I'm selling an item I have no problem with the buyer calling me and asking me questions.

From: Muskrat
Date: 15-May-18

I have sold two or three and bought four or five on this site and have been nothing but pleased with the transactions. All came across as honest, courteous people.

From: deerhunt51
Date: 15-May-18

I have bought and sold with ZERO problems. I do a 'handle' search as recommended above, if there are post from the seller often and back at least a few years I feel confident in dealing with that individual.

From: stickhunter
Date: 15-May-18

Hey Mike,

I’m the guy that you have been messaging about a bow. Type my handle into the search and check out my posts.

Like suggested above, I like to call on the phone to discuss a purchase or sale. I’ve made some friends on this site by doing just that.

From: Shawn
Date: 15-May-18

I have bought and traded for well over 100 bows here and on TG, never an issue. Flea bay I had one issue and that's it. Literally close to 150 deals none bad!! Emails and phone conversations and your good!! Shawn

From: Scoop Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 15-May-18

I've bought 10-12 bows here and many numerous items from feathers to quivers and shafts and more. I have never sold anything (too many grandkids to give my bows to!). There has never been a problem and I exclusively use postal money orders because I am too old to mess with Paypal and I'd just as soon the seller keep the 3 percent or whatever. None of the buys have ever been a "steal," nor was I ever expecting such. Good, fair prices for something I wanted and a little trust on everyone's part, plus I check the state and history of seller. Never has the item been less than the advertised.

Maybe I will get burned someday, but I would rather trust someone until they prove otherwise, that the other way around, but that's just me.

From: tinecounter
Date: 15-May-18

I've made several purchases without any problems. Good advice above; handle search and phone call.

From: Oly
Date: 15-May-18

I've bought, sold and traded many times using the classifieds and all have been positive experiences. I almost always speak to a person over the phone and/or exchange multiple messages with an individual before closing the deal and if there is a rat, then it usually becomes evident pretty early that something isn't quite right. Doesn't matter to me if a person has a lot of history on LW or not... there are a lot of members that only use the site for buying & selling (lurkers) but never post. That's alright with me, as long as they pass the litmus test after we've talked.

From: 2 bears
Date: 15-May-18

My My the good transactions have outnumbered the bad by far. Seems like a lot of the bad are just rumors. >>>----> Ken

From: gluetrap
Date: 15-May-18

as already been said,condition is often in the eye of the beholder..if you entend to go over it with a magnifying glass and a flash lite..don't buy nothing off me :)

From: crookedstix
Date: 15-May-18

I just had a great deal, selling Bentbow a Tuktu. After a couple of PM's we both had a high degree of confidence; he sent off the money order, and as soon as he texted me a photo of it I shipped the bow. Nothing but good deals here on the 'Wall, in my experience. PM's or phone calls are the key; it's easy to, I post often enough so that I know who the regulars are, and they know me...and in spite of my handle, they buy my bows!

From: tommy 2 feathers
Date: 15-May-18

i have bought 12 bows through this site with never a problem and traded a few and sold a few ,most people are honest but you should call and talk with the person , i have bought many items on here also and always good and i live in canada Tom

From: born2hunt
Date: 15-May-18

Made many a great deals on here with zero negatives. I like to hope the depravity of society at large will take some time to infiltrate the trad community. Don’t disrupt my bliss lol.

From: Barber
Date: 15-May-18

I have bought , sold , and traded lots and lots of bows on here. Been great every time ! Get a phone number and talk to them. Then go from there. Lots of great folks on here.

From: RJH1
Date: 15-May-18

I have never had a bad transaction here or on any other site for that matter. Even have swapped with someone on this site with no history. I may get burned one day, but I have made at least 50 transactions online and never had an issue. Most in the 300 dollar range but some up to $1000

From: LightPaw
Date: 15-May-18

I have purchased and sold/ traded many times on this forum. Go with your gut. Requesting additional images, phone number and phone call are good ways to confirm a good transaction.

I have also been approached by a few scammers, but they are easy to identified with little digging.

From: BigHorn
Date: 15-May-18

Ive been nothing but impressed with everyone ive dealt with here.

From: RymanCat
Date: 15-May-18

I probably sold over 50 bows and stuff on classifieds here and never been ripped off. Everyone is great as it should be. If you can read between lines who are bow kickers and we have them on here then it lessons the fake news stuff and bull.

You don't have to talk to someone on phone to get an arrangement but when you do you gain a friend on here so that's a big plus.

This is a good place but watch out for Frisky. Selling him any quality bows then he will say that bows the best also. Lol

I love Joe Boy though. LOL

Just know there are guys on her who don't get involved and do lurking and they are great guys so don't get side ways on someone who don't have history. Take it as it comes and search it out with the guy who wants to sell or buy. This is not hard so just steady as she goes and use common sense.

If someone is a scammer they will slip up on the conversation somewhere along the line just listen to how they talk to you and respond to the negotiations.

From: tonto59
Date: 15-May-18

I have only ever had great deals on here. I have bought, sold and traded. And I will again.

From: Big jack
Date: 16-May-18

I bought a bow my son bought one also great experience on both purchases .Talk to the seller helps in your confidence with the transaction.

From: nybubba
Date: 16-May-18

I've had great luck with every transaction from multiple bow trades or purchases to bow strings and broadheads. When I inquire about something I'm interested in i give my cell phone # to text or email to let the seller know I'm a " for real want to by person". If they don't respond on those formats or something seems wonky I'll just pass on it. nybubba

From: KY..Rob
Date: 16-May-18

I’ve lost count of the deals made here. Bought sold traded everything from Bows to Broadheads. Never a worry or bad deal. Do your homework, ask for images only they can provide. Phone calls work great along with a history search. You’re on the right track by asking questions. And never be afraid to ask if someone else has done business with them. Just my two cents worth.


From: Sipsey River
Date: 16-May-18

I have made dozens of honest transactions, never been ripped off on this site. If things looks suspicious, ask a few questions. I have upset one buyer on another site and lost the sale because I offended him with the questions, but I had no intention to offend him, I was just being cautious.

From: nybubba
Date: 16-May-18

In fact on several occasions the seller has wound up throwing in a little something extra above and beyond what has been bargained for. Good people here, just gotta make sure you are dealing with the people here. Kinda like knowing the difference between the 2 big S's We here are "shinola". nybubba

From: sake3
Date: 16-May-18

Bought a bunch from the Leatherwall classifieds.Some of the sellers have been so good i wish they were my friends.Always have been very satisfied when i bought bows here.On the big auction site i've gotten junk a couple of times.One came apart the first time I pulled it.I was lucky to get my $ back.//Selling on the classifieds is weird.I had a hard time getting rid of 2 great bows.I think i priced them too low.

From: snareman
Date: 17-May-18

Ive bought two bows on here and both were great bows and great people!! Talk on the phone and you really get a feel for the person, I know its a chance you take but most people on here are honest anyway...

From: Brad Lehmann
Date: 17-May-18

It seems like we rehash this subject every few weeks. Same question, same answers. If you are worried, get the money in hand prior to shipping the bow. It is slow, but a postal money order is absolute and final once it is converted to cash. Even a disgruntled buyer can't force you to give the money back like can be done when using Paypal. I prefer to use Paypal because payment is nearly instant. I hate to wait a week for payment to get to the seller, then wait another week for the bow to arrive. Quite often, when selling and paypal is used, I will ship the bow within an hour of closing the deal.

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